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The Have And Have Nots -- Mama Rose Declares War On War

Updated on July 11, 2017

And Jim's stuck in the middle...

Last week, the aftermath of the shooting revealed Little Q had been killed, which put Hanna in a state of shock. Benny called Kathryn for her. Veronica was a total dog. And Candace let David in on the secret Ronnie from the Hood was holding over Jeffrey's head.

Kathryn throws in Ronnie's face that Jeffrey is gay when she declares that Jeffrey's future wife had an accident. Kathryn tells Jeffrey what happened to Q. Veronica claims Kat has no friends and has to pay for them. Kat and the hood rat continue trading barbs. Jeffrey and Kat go running when they see Wyatt wheeled in. Veronica taunts Kat about killing the DA because of Wyatt. When Kat learns Wyatt trying to go through rehab, Veronica says it will fail. Ana, Wyatt's potential new girlfriend says Kat should be proud of Wyatt for calling on his own. Jeffrey claime Kat is what agitates Wyatt. Maybe if you told him it was YOUR MOTHER that had him raped that wouldn't be the case. Jeffrey says he'll call her with updates.

Back to Benny and Hanna. She's still in shock. Hanna asks how they can bury Q with no money. Mitch says he'll get her the money for it. Kat comes up. Benny and Mitch leave and leave Kat alone with her. Hanna says War shot Q because he was looking for Candace. She won't see him grow-up or be happy. Kat tries to relate to Hanna through what she went through when Amanda died and repeats what Hanna said to her at that time. Hanna says she doesn't feel anything. Hanna says there's nothing normal to this much struggle and this much pain, when Kat says she'll have to get used to the new normal without Q. Hanna says God has some explaining to do. She says she tried her best to do her best, but what good is it? The numbness goes as Hanna starts feeling the pain of Q's death and starts screaming and yelling. Kathryn holds her as she cries saying she'll take her home, after Benny is unable to comfort her.

Oscar sitting in Candace's room. He says he can help her with the warrant out for her. Oscar says he's being paid by powerful people who want Walmart Obama out of the race. He suggests she could be First Lady of the United States. He says it could happen in eight years, after the man paying him wins the race. Oscar says he wants to be her partner. He wants her to give him what she has on him. Of course, Bimbalena starts thinking about that after he leaves.

Hood rat is told the baby is fine and she makes it clear that's all she cares about. I was hoping they'd say there was no baby. Hood Rat can't understand why Jeffrey wants to see Melissa. Jeffrey refuses to leave with Hood Rat.

Mama Rose beckons Jim to sit at her table. She says she's not a happy woman. She asks him if he remembers the race riots and that's how mad she is. He tells her how War kidnapped him for Candace. He got David get him out so War could get the pictures Candace had of him. She says she's going to declare War on War. He tries to talk her out of it and she becomes suspicious why he's trying to talk her down. He says they're in deep together. If she goes down, he goes down. Jim offers to talk to War and tell him what he did. Rose says she should blame him for this. She says she's doing it to show the Malones are not to be messed with. She orders Jim to call War. He does. Jim shocked to learn War shot Q. War doesn't care that he shot at a Malone. War hangs up on Jim. Rose orders Jim give her the number to trace War. Rose says Jim better find him before she does. Jim tries to tell her this street thug isn't worth her trouble. He brings up Jen-Jen's body and wants to know what her plans for the body are and she doesn't say a thing.

Jim calls David. He tells him that War took a shot at her grandson. Jim wants to put Oscar on finding War. Jim wants to make sure they have leverage over him. Jim says Oscar needs to find War. Jim heading to the hospital, too.

Justin and Detective Logan want to question Hanna. Hanna says War shot Q. The cops learn Mitch is a Malone. Benny asks all smart mouth and won't tell the cops anything. Benny is going to end up in prison and he deserves it. Detective Logan suggest it was Benny who helped Candace kill Quincy. Detective Logan has smart mouth Benny arrested. What a doofus.

What will it take for Benny dum-dum to turn on Candace? Him being arrested is the very last time Hanna needs right now. I was hoping Melissa wasn't really pregnant just to mess with Ronnie from the Hood and give this foul cretin a taste of her own medicine. And it appears Candace will be the last to learn Q is dead like she learned last that he was alive. Will his death have any kind of effect on her? Probably not. She only saw the kid a handful of times after learning he was alive.


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