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The Have And Have Nots -- Someone Dies...Actually A Few Of Them Die!

Updated on September 24, 2015

It's the season finale where Wyatt may just get his parents and Jeffrey's arrested for protecting his worthless hide a few seasons back. While Jim wants revenge for what Veronica did to Wyatt. And Quincy is getting ready to make his move on Candace.

Jeffrey and Candace are at Candace's house. Jeffrey points out she didn't see her son. She said she was so scared she had to get out of there. Jeffrey's worried Quincy could be out to get them both and maybe they should get a gun. The doorbell rings and both think it's Quincy. Jeffrey goes to answer the door. When Candace finds out whose at the door she may wish it was Quincy.

Jeffrey lets Benny and Hanna in. Horrible Hanna suggests Candace burned down her house. Horrible Hanna demands to know where Candace got the money from. Benny confronts Candace about lying about working in that office.

Candace admits she doesn't work in that office after Heifer Hanna harangues her. Candace says she came into 7 million dollars.

Wyatt wants Jeffrey to tell him what he knows about the car. The punk won't tell him he's planning to put their parents in prison. Wanna bet if he told Jeffrey the truth that Jeffrey would tell him spit?

Benny is now siding with Hanna, because Candace won't tell where she got the money from. When Candace shows the Hag and Benny her bank account she discovers she has a zero balance and realizes Oscar did it. She calls him and asks him to call her back.

When Hanna the Hag and Benny leave, they don't see Quincy pulling up outside of Candace's house. Jeffrey tells Wyatt he'll come and meet him. Oh, great, so Candace will be alone and for the picking.

Candace tells Jeffrey that Oscar took her money and she won't let him get away with it. Jeffrey suggests the person she got the money from put Oscar up to it. Oscar claims he doesn't know what she's talking about and he wants his money back. Candace says she's going to get her money back. So it seems Jim has two ex-scorned numbers who may be out to get him.

Hanna refuses to come into Benny's house and cries that she doesn't understand why he and Candace can't do right. She says she'd rather live in a doghouse than live in that house and not knowing where Candace got the money.

Benny calls V up. He says he needs some legal advice. She says she'll meet him at the tow yard.

V goes in to see David and tell Maggie to leave. Maggie's happy she's there because she knows she's going to convince David to run for governor. V now claims she wasn't really going to let him die when she set him on fire. It sure didn't look that way to me. David brings up all the stuff V has done, but she wants him to keep his eye on the prize and run for governor.

Oscar shows up at Candace's house. He swears he didn't take her money and doesn't know Jim. He finally admits he did take it. Then he jumps her and Quincy pulls him off. Oscar runs off as Quincy starts strangling Candace and punching the crap out of her. And in that act he earns the title of the biggest lowlife around. Seriously, I don't think even Jim or David would have done that.

Hanna goes back to her ruined house. The dumb social worker calls Hanna to tell her she's getting guardianship of Q. Yeah, but where's she going to take the kid to live. Jeffrey wants to get the car, but Wyatt wants to leave it where it is. They see V arrive.

Benny wants V to tell him if the deed he has to the tow yard is legit, cause unlike his bible thumping mama wants, he intends to keep Candace's gifts. V asks why Benny really called her over, since he could have checked the records without her. He starts wanting a little V loving from her. V says it over and they can't do it, again. Then Benny starts really coming on to V and she succumbs. Jeffrey sees V and Benny going at it and Wyatt films it.

Hanna arrives to get Q, but she doesn't tell the dumb social worker her house is toast. She tells Q they're going on an adventure. So, whose the liar and con now, Hanna? But I'm sure it's okay when she does it.

Oscar wasn't working for Jim, he was working for David. So he didn't lie when he played dumb about Jim. Oscar's name is really Brandon. He takes off without one word to David what was going on when he last saw Candace. What a lowlife bastard. He took off knowing a woman might be beaten to death.

Hanna takes Q to a motel. Since she knows social services will be paying her a home visit, wanna bet she's going to take on the run so they don't take the boy away from her?

David goes to Jim with the money he got back from Candace. Jim isn't impressed and won't even speak to David. When he leaves Jim gives the order to do it now.

The DA claims neither Wyatt nor Jeffrey will get jail time and Wyatt agrees to give her the car.

Jim starts his resignation speech. As he speaks, the prison guard has his throat slashed and Toxic is taken out. Jim gives a speech that Maggie didn't write. Celine is watching Jim on TV as he tries to talk himself out of the mess she and her sons made for him. The professor is shot as he's heading to his car. The police are at Benny's tow yard seizing the car. To Maggie's horror she realizes Jim is not giving a resignation speech. He's turning it around so he can still run for governor.

David says he's still going to run against Jim. Jennifer arrives saying they're all under arrests and their sons have agreed to testify against them. Wrong, only one has, the other has no clue what's going on. Wyatt's problem is he thinks he's got Jeffrey so wrapped around his finger he'll even send his parents to prison to make Wyatt happy. Sorry, boyo, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. No way is he going to send his father to prison. His father is more supportive of Jeffrey's sexual preference than that nasty little prick ever has been.

Jeffrey comes back to Candace's and finds her being attacked by Quincy and hits him on the head with some flowers, unfortunately that doesn't knock this bull moose out. Then she grabs a knife and stabs him, but he attacks Candace again. Jeffrey ends up stabbing Quincy multiple times and killing him, hopefully. A bloodied Candace and Jeffrey look at each other in horror as Quincy lays in a pool of blood.

And that's it until January. Here's my predictions for what will happen next:

Jeffrey and Candace will cover up Quincy's death.

Hanna will disappear with Q.

DA Jennifer will lose her job when her flimsy case against the Cryers and Harringtons falls apart when Jeffrey won't support Wyatt's story and she has no proof against them to prove her charges.

Everyone will turn on Wyatt. He'll finally have gone too far with all of the people that once cared for him.


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