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The Have And Have Nots -- The Haves Get Booked

Updated on January 12, 2016

While a Have and Have Not try to cover up a murder

The Have Nots are back and we pick up where we left off. The Cryers and Harringtons headed to jail and Jeffrey and Candace in the aftermath of killing Quincy.

Jeffrey asks Candace if he's dead. Candace says he is. She won't let Jeffrey leave when he wants to run out the door. He freaks when he realizes he's covered in Q's blood and Candace tells him to calm down. She gives him booze to calm him down. She asks him to sit down when he asks what they're going to do. She tells him to drink more booze. Then she hears Jeffrey calling the police.

She pulls the phone out of his hand. She won't let him call the police and destroy Jeffrey's cell phone. Candace says the police won't believe them that it was self-defense. The police won't see it that way. She says because they stabbed him multiple times they'll charge them with murder. They'll say it was overkill because of how many times they stabbed Quincy. She tells him Jim and Veronica will make sure they both go down for this. They can't call the police. She says she doesn't know what she's going to do, yet. She tells him to sit and drink, that's she's got this.

V giving up all her jewelry and telling the cop booking her she'd better get all of it back. Then the cop makes V take off her wig. Then she takes Kathryn's things and demands Kathryn remove her girdle in front of everyone. I'd make Wyatt pay for this. V laughs, saying she's just getting pissed off more. V says they may have to sit in jail all weekend. The then orders V and Kathryn to have a cavity search because Kathryn doesn't want to take off her shoes and jewelry. Nasty cop better watch herself. She doesn't know who and what she's dealing with. V will get you and I'll be rooting her on every step of the way. If I was Kathryn the first thing I'd do when I get out, I'd kick Wyatt's worthless butt out on the street and cut the little worm off without a cent.

Jim and David are getting the same treatment as their wives are. Then they have to do a cavity search.

Dumb DA Jennifer says to put them in the same cell and to delay them being allowed their phone call. DA Dumbo is trying to contact Jeffrey. She better enjoy her moment of glory cause this broad is the one who is going down, next.

Maggie still trying to push David as governor while throwing Jim to the wolves. Dumb bimbo Maggie probably thinks this will finally get her David. She wants Landon to put all the blame on Jim and Veronica. She's a pathetic little worm. She's going to release the photo of V and Benny. What a spineless little guttersnipe. Enjoy it, blondie. Last times V came after you you cowered like the little sniveling coward that you are. Landon says Maggie wants David. She declares that David needs a good woman and she's it. He points out that she's not so good for what she's doing. Landon says this is stupid because V will come after her. How about going after a man that's available and that actually wants you, Maggie.

Okay, I'm officially Team V right now. I'm going to enjoy her taking down all these sniveling little guttersnipes. Especially, the moronic DA and the sleazy backstabbing blonde bimbo.

Sniveling Wyatt trying to find Jeffrey as his nasty little carcas stays in their house. Wyatt says they'll kill him when he gets out. DA Jennifer going to put him in a safe house. He wants to try and get access to his inheritance. DA Jennifer going to help him get the money. Yeah, loser, don't try to get a job, life off the wealth of the family you screwed who were just protecting your worthless hide.

This is so sick. She's protecting the murderer and punishing the ones who protected his worthless hide. Wyatt calls Jeffrey wanting papers says he's clean and sober. What a laugh. Has he been clean even 24 hours.

David still won't believe or admit V had Wyatt assaulted in prison. Jim isn't buying David's crap or his delusional belief in V. Jim points out that V tried to kill David. Jim says if David won't admit the truth this is the last conversation they'll ever had. And David says if anything happens to V he'll show Jim an enemy he's never known. David says Jim can't truly understand what it is to truly love a woman. David starts bringing up Amanda. Jim says love is even stronger in death. Jim isn't scared by David's threats. David tells Jim to call off what he has planned for V. I wouldn't be scared of David's threats, either. Like Jim said, David is like a baby that can't tear himself away from V's breast milk.

David is truly pathetic. V had his son beaten and Wyatt raped and still this freak is defending her. Jim needs to decimate this fool.

Hanna and Little Q in the no-tell motel. Benny calls her. Hanna says she doesn't want to talk to him because he lied to her. She says if Benny keeps trusting Candace he'll end up being locked up, again. Then Benny says he talked to V and then Hanna gets on her high horse when he says all the stuff Candace gave him is legit. He says he's going to make the tow yard work and it's enough money to pay their bills. But Hanna doesn't care about that, because the money is ill-gotten gains. She says it'll never work. She calls him Candace because she says he sounds just like her. She refuses to come stay in the house Candace bought. Benny says Miss DeLong knows that the house burned down is trying to find her. Hanna says the house is evil and she won't stay in it. She hangs up on him.

Candace tells Jeffrey they need to wrap Quincy in a garbage bag. Jeffrey says he can't do it. She tries to do it herself but he's too heavy. Jeffrey runs upstairs to shower the blood off of him. She said he protected her. She promises that no one will know about this. She's going to get rid of him. She says she knows he can't help her, but she's going to take care of it.

Quincy's sister trying to call him. V shushes Kathryn when she's about to talk freely. She makes Kathryn her client so anything Kathryn says she can't be forced to testify against her in court. V says there's a lot of dark history between her and DA Jennifer.

Jeffrey and Candace see the police outside her house.


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