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The Have And Have Nots -- This Isn't The First Time This Has Happened...

Updated on August 9, 2016

Kathryn tells the DA where to stick it...

Yep, the DA actually said Wyatt isn't the first alive person declared dead. No wonder Jim asked David to go and make sure Wyatt was really dead in case they made a mistake.

Jeffrey continued his road to self-destruction by confessing to Justin the cop. David went to see Wyatt's body and discovered he's not dead. Hanna enjoyed Veronica's discomfort and Veronica was virtually unharmed from Jeffrey's attack because he stabbed her in her fake boob.

Back at the Cryer house. DA Dirtbag starts giving Hanna crap for still being loyal to Kathryn. Then she wants to know why an ambulance was there and Hanna won't give her any info. She goes up to get Kathryn. Don't you just love how DA Dirtbag didn't have the decency to come and tell Kathryn that Wyatt was dead, but she can come to tell her he's alive and probably take credit for it, when it would have been discovered a long time ago if she hadn't kept his body in a hotel for 32 hours without having it removed in hopes she could say he was murdered and his parents did it.

Hanna tells Kathryn that the DA is downstairs waiting for her. When Kathryn hears that she storms downstairs. The cop she brought with her stops Kathryn from attacking her. Kathryn asks the cop for his gun so she can shoot the DA between the eyes. The DA says Wyatt isn't dead. Kathryn asks what kind of idiots she has working for her, and she says it's happened before. Seriously?

Kathryn doesn't hug her and say thanks, she goes on the attack and says she's her enemy until she brings Wyatt back through her door the way she found him. She also tells her she can stick her police escort up her butt and to get out of her house.

Kathryn tells Hanna because she looked at Amanda in the body bag tha was the last image she has of her, but she can't go to the hospital and see Wyatt like that. Hanna gets why she won't see him and offers to go to the hospital for Kathryn.

Erica tells Candace she's found Oscar. Candace asks Erica to stop him from leaving. She says she'll do her best, but she has a John named Grayson coming. She walks up to him. He blows her off when she tries to come on to him and says he's with someone. She goes back to her table as her john arrives and continues to keep an eye of Oscar at the bar.

This is the second episode Candace spent the entire time tooling around in her car. Erica tells her Oscar is leaving. She says she'll try to trace what car he has. Erica gets the parking valet to slip her phone in Oscar's car so she can trace him. She tells Candace she's got a plan.

Candace arrives home to see a police car parked in front of her house. She rushes to the backyard where Jeffrey and Justin are. Candace plays dumb. Jeffrey tells Candace to tell Justin what he did. Jeffrey says he's going to jail. Jeffrey says Justin knows he stabbed Veronica. Justin claims they're only in the backyard because of the radio reception.

Candace calls Benny up. She tells Benny that Jeffrey is in the backyard with a cop. She also tells him that Veronica knows. Benny rushes out. She drags Jeffrey inside the house. Jeffrey says he didn't tell Justin about Quincy. She orders Jeffrey to get Justin out of there and to use his weakness against him, not to let Justin uses Jeffrey's weakness against him.

Justin comes into the house. He tells Jeffrey that Veronica is not dead. Candace tries to send Justin away but Jeffrey won't let her send him away. Justin goes away on his own, saying he's just doing his job, and isn't Jeffrey's friend. Candace says Veronica is waiting for just the right moment to strike back.

Hanna finds David in Wyatt's room and he wants to know where Kathryn is. Hanna says she's not coming and she just came to represent Kathryn. The doctor says Wyatt will be fine considering all the drugs he had in his system. He says there's no sign of brain damage. The next 48 hours will tell the tale.

Veronica is still denying she has implants. David hears Veronica's yapping about not having any scars. That she gave birth without putting any marks on her body. Veronica tells David that Jeffrey stabbed her. David brings up a boy that bullied Jeffrey as a child and when Jeffrey had enough he beat the boy into a coma with a bat [so a knife isn't his only choice of weapon]. He warns Veronica that to Jeffrey she's just another bully. David knew she had implants and at first tells her to admit it so the doctor can stitch her up because the toxins from her fake boobs could kill her, but then he says on second thought don't do anything and let the toxins kill her.

Benny shows up at Candace's. Bet Pearl's at her window watching all the goings on. Benny wants to talk to Jeffrey. Candace tells Benny to leave Jeffrey alone. Erica shows up. Erica says she and Candace need to take a ride. Candace makes Benny leave before she goes so he'll leave Jeffrey alone. She even watches him leave. Then she and Erica leave to track down Oscar via Erica's cell phone.

Of course, Benny Boy returns as soon as Candace leaves. You know, dude, that tow truck is not very inconspicuous. He knocks at the door and starts calling for Jeffrey. Jeffrey lets him in. Big mistake. Jeffrey asks what Benny wants. Benny says Jeffrey needs to tell David to leave him alone. He thinks David doesn't know that Jeffrey is gay and threatens to tell David if Jeffrey doesn't do what he says. What a freaking idiot.

David calls and says he knows what Jeffrey did. Jeffrey tells David that Benny's threatening to tell him that he's gay. David tells Benny to meet him at his tow yard. Then he tries to get Jeffrey to tell him what Veronica has on him. Jeffrey still won't say and Jeffrey asks if Veronica killed Maggie and David won't tell. He also tells Jeffrey that Wyatt is alive.

Erica and Candace follow Oscar to Jim and David's campaign headquarters. Candace knows Jim is in jail, so she can't figure out who he'd be meeting there. Then Mitch shows up and tells her what David did to Benny's phone. He also brags about what happened to War, and she says she hopes he didn't do that for her, cause War will kill her. You know, Mitch isn't any smarter than Benny is. Is she finally going to get on to David as the one behind Oscar?

War is put in the cell next to Jim's. War says they meet, again. Let the games begin...


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