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The Have And Have Nots -- Veronica Finds A Loophole

Updated on February 7, 2017

Last time, Jim ruined Kat's plan to frame V for her crime. War got out of jail and Benny got arrested.

Quincy being loaded on a stretcher as Justin watches. Candace and Jeffrey waiting for V to show up. Candace wants to leave and go see Benny. Jeffrey says V wants him and not her. Jeffrey's preparing for having to marry Melissa. Justin calls up Jeffrey and lets him know the body has been found. Jeffrey passes the news on to Candace.

Candace thinks V is bringing the police to them. Then they see V walking through the hotel with a bouquet of flowers as she goes up to the desk clerk. She's trying to find out Erica's last name. The clerk calls Erica who agrees to come down and get them. Then V goes to see Jeffrey and Candace. V wants Candace to get up and give her her chair. She wants to see Erica when she comes down. So Candace moves.

V insults Candace and her knock-off clothing. V says she's here to help...her son. V wants to know what Candace did with Quincy, but Candace won't cooperate, but Jeffrey does. V suggests that Candace gave blow-jobs to get her way through law school. V says it was overkill and a crime of passion. V wants to know how Candace got the money, but she won't tell. V realizes Candace blackmailed Jim. V says Candace was stupid for buying a house when she had no way of paying it with cash. V laughs when she learns they buried the body in the backyard. Then V learns Candace forged mortgage papers and lost the house. V tells Candace she was hoodwinked by Jim and Kathryn. Because of the foreclosure it changes everything; the warrant isn't legal and everything they found is inadmissible in court. Candace seems a bit impressed by Veronica saying she's brilliant.

Jim taking care of Kat's wound. Jim says what she's trying to do wouldn't work. Kat still trying to put the blame on V. Jim says if V gets Kat on the stand she'll tear her apart. Jim explains how all the forensic evidence will prove she did it. She admits she shot the bitch. Kat says it's all Jim's fault. Kat says she can go with an insanity defense. She suggests she shoot Jim. Jim says he'll handle it. Kat also says she wants him to have her rugs cleaned and then to get out of her house.

One of Wyatt's drug buds drops by to see him. Pete won't sell him anymore drugs. He doesn't want to get sent up for murder for selling him drugs. Even he tells him to get some help. Wyatt gets nasty saying he doesn't need him. Wyatt throws him out.

Benny not in jail. I'm kind of disappointed. He's with Hanna at the motel. He's whining cause Candace didn't come. He won't eat, either. Oh, grow up, Benji. Hanna suggests he look for a job in the morning. He whines it isn't easy to have to work and save up for a tow truck. Bitch calls Benny and tells him War is after Candace. Benny going to go to Candace's rescue. Hanna shocked War has threatened to kill Candace. Benny acts like an donkey's butt to Hanna and Little Q.

Wyatt goes to the hood looking for drugs. Quita sees him. Quita wants to go back to Candace's house to see if they found Q. Quita vows to kill Candace if something has happened to Quincy. Wyatt drives up and asks for some drugs. They pull a gun on Wyatt. They take his money from him. Quita finds out he's the guy who hit and killed the little girl. They're going to take him some where. Quita gets in the car with Wyatt. I'm so not feeling sorry for Wyatt.

The clean-up crew taking cares of the murder scene at the Cryers. Mama Rose is taking care of DA Jen. Jim says they're getting in too deep. Jim asks if he's all right. David says he's disturbed and this is going to come back and visit them. David says Jen-Jen's body is going to bevtaken back to her house and set on fire. Then someone Jen-Jen prosecuted in the past will take the blame. Jim tells David that V didn't do it. It was Kathryn. David relieved it wasn't Veronica. David says they're all in this mess together. Jim asks about Veronica. David says Veronica won't harm herself. David isn't sure how V's mental state is. Jim wants David to talk to V, but he won't do it, so Jim says he'll do it. David says he's through this time. David says he's more loyal to his commitment to be done with her then when he was loyal to her.

Jim asks the million dollar question, “What is it with these women?”

Erica calls David. Erica thanks David for the flowers. David tells her to throw them out of her room, but V is waiting at the door when she enters.


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