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The Have And Have Nots: Veronica Gloats As Dumb David Goes On The Attack!

Updated on June 28, 2016

And Jeffrey wants to grow a pair and take down Veronica

It's the moment we've all been waiting for since last season's finale. Has Maggie lived her last day? Will Hanna be able to save Little Q from Candace's clutches? Is Wyatt dead? Can Veronica triumph over her growing list of enemies? Strangely enough I'm rooting for her to do just that. She's the only smart one in the bunch. And will Candace finally get what's coming to her? It's the time to find out those answers and so much more.

Maggie gets shot multiple times as the gunman empties his gun in her. Dude, you were supposed to shoot a black woman not Miss Lily White? But I suppose if you're committed to it you just go for it. The cop then takes down the gunman with multiple gunshots. Veronica starts putting on an act about her friend Maggie as she smirks that her plan went perfectly. If anyone asks anyone who knows Maggie they'll know she was not Veronica's good friend. She was the chick after her husband who publicly humiliated her by putting those smutty photos of her and Benny in the paper.

I don't really feel bad about Maggie getting blown away. I mean, if you're that dumb to go running when a woman that beat you up for messing with her husband and who you just publicly humiliated in print calls you kind of get what you deserve. The big lesson here is don't mess with a married man, especially when that man is married to someone like Veronica.

Back to Casa Candace as she tries to figure out how Veronica knows. Candace asks if Jeffrey told Wyatt what happened. Jeffrey thanks her for putting him in hell. She tries to blame it all on Jeffrey for saving her miserable life and Veronica for getting Quincy out of jail. Then he pops her balloon by telling her that Benny has been sleeping with Veronica and Benny may have told Veronica. Candace refuses to believe that Benny is sleeping with Veronica and tries to blame him for telling someone, while she continues to lie that she didn't tell Benny. She wants him to humor Veronica and go back to Melissa. Jeffrey thinks Veronica is tracking his car keys, but Candace refuses to dig Quincy up and tells Jeffrey to do it. This is Candace's mess but she wants some man to take care of it, per usual. Jeffrey tells Candace just how good Veronica is at finding things out. Jeffrey says he wishes he could think like Veronica and Candace and Wyatt and the cop do so he could be one-up on them all and free himself of them all. Then Candace plays friend and comforts him when he starts freaking out. Jeffrey says he's going to have to do Veronica before she does him. Good luck, chump. If you're anything like your Dumb Daddy it aint gonna happen.

The man taking Wyatt's vitals says Wyatt is dead and to call the police. Then he walks away. Is he really dead? If there was any small chance he might be alive these jokers aren't going to even bother to find it.

Back to Candace's House of Horror. Her phone rings. It Lloyd the banker, ready to put Jim's plan to get her into action. He says he's approved her loan request. She calls War telling him she'll have his money. War orders her to meet him at Benny's tow yard. Jim celebrates that she's taken the bait. Jim tells Lloyd to take everything she's got from her.

Hanna sitting on a bus bench. Benny stops his car in front of her. He says she missed the last bus. He asks if she'll let him give her a ride. He offers to let her stay in his house. Hanna brings up that Candace hit her. He says she hit her first. He says they're both wrong. She asks if he's going to sue those people. He says he'll do what she wants him to do. He says he wants to sue them for all the pain they put her through. Hanna says she taught him better than that. He already got his. Hanna says he's been given a second chance at life and greed is a deadly sin. She explains why she didn't say anything to the police about Wyatt. She says she's been watching the slow death of the Cryers and doesn't want the same to happen to him. She begs him to earn his own money. Take what he has and move on. He agrees to not sue. He says on the condition she moves in with him. She asks Benny to take her back to Candace one more time to ask about Q. She asks him to ask her to let Benny raise him. She agrees to go back to his house with him.

The Benny talking to Hanna this season actually sounds like season one Benny. Not the Benny post-coma that hasn't been very nice to be around. Whomever writes for Benny is bipolar since Benny flip flops for Original Benny to Post-Coma Benny every other season.

Dumb David drives by Veronica's house and starting yapping, “My wife. My wife.” And that is why I call him Dumb David. The idiot could at least take a peek at whose under the sheet. No darling, you're evil wife hasn't got a mark on her. She just manipulated your mistress into being gunned down. Not that you'll probably care you stupid loser as long as your precious wife is okay. I'm hoping David is the next one who gets popped. The dude is too stupid to live.

Benny's partner, Mitch, is about to screw a girl at the tow yard in the back of a tow truck. yeah, the chick must be hard up. They duck for cover when someone drives up. He watches Candace meeting War outside the tow yard. Candace dressed all pretty for War in a red dress. She says she'll have his money in two days. War isn't buying the bank giving her a loan in two days. She he's smart and she's dumb. War talks about how he held Jim hostage for her. He says it makes him mad when he thinks how she lied to him about how much money she got. He says she did this. War says he doesn't want to see her like this. She says she's trying to redeem herself, but he says she lied. She says he doesn't have to do to Benny. War says he doesn't want to hurt Benny. He mentions what he did to his father when he crossed him, even though he loved him like he does Benny. He gives her two more days. He asks what she has under her dress and she says nothing. He accuses her of dressing that way to try and control him through sex. Then he takes her up against the fence as Benny's partner watches. Candace sees Mitch watching them.

Jeffrey in a bar when a woman named Gabby comes up to him. He says he's not interested. She throws her drink on him. Another woman comes to her defense and starts trashing Jeffrey for what her trashy friend did when he told her no and she wouldn't take no for an answer. That is, until she hears his name and says she can't be talking to him. It's the judge in the case against his parents and the Cryers and it turns out she's also Justin the cop's wife. She asks Justin to apologize to Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him to come up to a hotel room with him and to not make him wait. Have to say Justin's wife the judge is a pretty big dummy. First, she doesn't know her hubby like dicks not janes, then she's trashing a guy because he wasn't nice to a drunken chick who wouldn't take no for an answer and threw a drink on him.

Candace should be happy. It appears Jeffrey is going to whore himself out to Justin the homophobic gay cop just like she wanted him to.

Benny waiting for Candace when she comes home. I'm surprised she can walk straight after the screwing she got from War. She says she wants to talk to Benny and shows him in. Benny asks what she's wearing. Benny says he's sick of her lying to his face and demands to know where she got the money from. She admits she got the money from Jim. She says he gave her the money. She invites him into her bedroom and opens her safe. She shows him the pictures she took of Jim, claiming that's what he's into, not revealing those are pictures of her having Jim raped against his will. She claims she's Jim's woman and he's taking care of her. Again, she lies to Benny. She offers to show the fake video she made of Jim, as well. sugar, your nobody's woman. You're just some cheap trick and that's all you'll ever be.

Benny pops her lying balloon and tells her he's not suing Jim. The greedy slag tries to convince him to change his mind. He says he wants to talk about Q. Ask where he is. She says Q is fine. He's in the hospital, but she's too busy to go visit him. Benny says Hanna can take care of the baby. When she says no, he asks her to let him have Q. She won't let Benny have him, either, cause then Hanna will get him. She doesn't like that Benny seems to think there's something wrong with her. Sweetie, there sure aint nothing right with you. Then she asks about him and Veronica. He decides to leave when she wants to know about him and Veronica. she has the nerve to act all judgmental.

Justin arrives at the hotel room where Jeffrey is waiting for him. He attacks Jeffrey wanting to know why he was talking to his wife. He accuses Jeffrey of setting him up. Jeffrey says he's paranoid. I really don't want to see Jeffrey screwing this gross pig. Jeffrey accuses Justin of stalking him. He suggests that Justin needs rules and that's why he married a judge. Jeffrey says Justin is intrigued by him. Jeffrey says his wife seems a little old for him. Justin starts threatening Jeffrey again. He says Jeffrey crossed a line when he talked to his wife and Jeffrey says Justin crossed a line when he touched his butt. Justin threatens to make Jeffrey disappear. Jeffrey asks what all this machismo he's putting on is for. He says he doesn't need to impress him. Jeffrey says Justin is disgusting and hides behind his badge. Jeffrey says he doesn't like him. Justin asks why he's there. Jeffrey says he thinks they can help each other out.

David goes to the jail to see Jim. He's going to make him pay for killing his woman. He pays the guard to let him into Jim's cell. I want Jim to knock this dimwit on his prissy butt. At least Jim gives as good as he's getting. Unfortunately, Dumbo manages to beat Jim up. Hey, idiot, next time check under the sheet before you go on the attack.

And that brings to close the first episode of the new season. For some reason I don't think Wyatt is really dead. Any rootability I had for Candace to have Q instead of Hanna is gone. The kid's in the hospital and she'd rather toss him on some stranger who could abuse him so Hanna can't have him. I really don't want to see Jeffrey and the creepy cop getting it on. And I really wanted Jim to beat the crap about of Dumb David? Wonder what the big dummy will do when he realizes Veronica sat Maggie up to die? Will the fool even care as long as his woman is okay? What a waste of space.


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