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The Have And Have Nots -- Veronica Pushes Jim Too Far!

Updated on September 8, 2015

And David Still Won't Get A Clue...

So Jim's dirty little secret is finally out. Just how crazy is this man to want to run for office when he had that kind of secret in his past. Is he that arrogant that he thought he could keep his dirty little secret in the closet? Especially after he gave Celine the boot. Everyone keeps saying Veronica is insane, but Jim and David aren't particularly sane themselves. So is Jim's run for governor finally over? Or will he rise above this like other candidates who were caught with their pants down.

Celine is playing the, “I don't really want to do this” card. Carlos says he's the one who wanted Celine to do it. Helpful Celine brought DNA to prove her kids are his kids. Well, if you didn't want to do it, you wouldn't have done that. Apparently, Jim was having an affair with Celine for as long as he's been married to Kathryn. [I'm calling continuity error, or Celine is out and out lying, cause she was Jim's 4th mistress not his first] Jim and Kathryn refuse to say anything. Seriously, I can't believe Celine and Carlos are putting that innocent little boy through that. Carlos puts the nail in Jim's coffin by saying he shouldn't be governor. Okay, how long before good old Celine is scratching at Jim's door saying, “I love you, Jim.”

Diana says Jim should apologize to Celine and Carlos. He does, sort of, but dear old Celine better watch out. Maggie puts an end to to the interview by pouring coffee on Dastardly D's broadcast equipment. Veronica can't stop from getting in Jim's face and gloats to Jim what she did to Wyatt. Jim tries to strangle her but Dumb David pulls him off and says to never touch his wife again. Kathryn wants to know what's going on.

Quincy's evil sister lies to the police that she's never taken care of Q, while ordering Quincy to get Q back so she can get back her welfare money. I got an idea for you, beyotch, go out and get a freaking job and stop piggyback riding on the kids backs that you abuse to get easy money. I really don't think I want to see the woman that produced vermin like these two. I think Quincy's sister is even more evil than he is. Someone needs to beat the crap out of her so she gets a taste of her own medicine, since she seems to get her jollies abusing kids.

Benny's waiting outside the Cryers for Hanna. He gives Hanna a new car from the tow yard. Hey, Benny, wanna give me a car, too? Would have been a hoot if he'd given Hanna the car used in the hit-and-run.

Jeffrey's watching Wyatt sleep. Landon comes to visit him. Jeffrey won't let him in. Jeffrey says he's just not into Landon. Jeffrey asks Landon how to walk away from someone that doesn't love you. Veronica shows up pushing the Melissa card and Jeffrey says he's sick of Veronica's threats. Then he kisses Landon in front of her. Jeffrey says it's going to take time for him to finally break free of Wyatt. Landon says he may not be waiting for him when he does.

And once again I predict someone is going to try and kill Veronica. She's just making too many enemies and I'm sure she's not done, yet. I know Tyler Perry likes he's evil ladies, but I think she's crossed the line and become too evil.

Candace shows the social worker around her new house. Candace is told the judge will decide who Q goes home to. Candace is suspicious that the social worker is going through everything with a fine tooth comb. She can thank Mama Hanna for that. The social worker wants to know where Candace got the money. Oscar comes to the rescue and claims he gave Candace the money to buy the house and offers to wire $500,000 into her account. Oscar says Candace has to pay him back and says he knew she was holding out on him. However, it may not be enough to get Candace her son, because Mama Hanna has got Kathryn to pull strings with the judge presiding over the case.

Benny shows Hanna around his tow yard. He keeps from Hanna that Candace is the one who bought the place for him.Then he takes her by to see the house Candace gave him. He makes up another lie about how he got the house. Of course, Hanna's not buying it. She refuses to move out of the hood. He wants her to sell her house and move in with him, but she says this doesn't feel right. She says she needs to think about it. He suggests she stay there so Quincy can't find her. She eventually relents.

Seriously, isn't it time for Benny to cut the apron strings. He doesn't want Hanna seeing other men and Hanna had a fit about him and Veronica. These two are a bit too much up in each other's business. They really need to start living separate lives.

Candace can't believe Oscar actually sent the money to her. Yeah, Oscar's got that too good to be true vibe, and generally when someone is too good to be true, they are. She suggests they make love in her brand new hot tub.

Benny tells Hanna he thinks Q should be with Candace. Hanna tells Benny that Candace's job couldn't be verified. Hanna tells Benny that Candace conned him.

Maggie and David come to see Jim. Maggie suggests that Jim give up the run for governor. And he says okay. David says if anything happens to Veronica he'll become his enemy, since he recognizes the look in Jim's eyes. After David leaves, Jim calls and says he wants a bloodbath. He wants Officer Tyrell, Veronica and Professor Rape dead. And Jim says David will know an enemy like he's never known. Seems like it's on like Donkey Kong and Veronica has also cost Dumb David his best friend.


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