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The Have And Have Nots: War Declares War On Candace

Updated on February 2, 2016

And Jeffrey does likewise to Veronica

As we last left off an angry War stumbled upon Quincy on the floor after trying to choke the life out of Candace for playing him.

War says he's sorry for choking Candace and asks why she lied to him. She was his girl. He wants the money she cheated him out of, but she says she doesn't have it. She's telling the truth for once. He won't believe she doesn't have it. He says he's going to have to kill her, then. He puts a silencer on his gun. Not that that will do much good. Gladys is probably watching with binoculars from across the street and she saw him go inside.

He says he can't let her live because she played him and tried to make him look like a fool. She asks what she can do for him. He wants a million and a half. He's furious she lied to him that she only got 400,000. He says she's a traitor. He gives her a week to get him the money. He refuses to help her get rid of Quincy. And says before he leaves he wants her to give him a ride, as he pulls down his fly.

Wyatt manages to clean himself up and give a fake pee sample to pass his drug test. He asks how his parents are, but says he doesn't care about them. DA Jen says his mother will get out, first. She tells Wyatt that Jeffrey got arrested for DUI. She says as soon as his pee sample checks out he'll get his money and suggests he moves into a hotel before his parents get out.

DA Jen is not pleased when she's given a document. She goes down to the jail and confronts Maggie, whose trying to get David out. DA Jen asks who Maggie is to David. She wants to know why Maggie got David released and not Jim. She says she's not releasing David. Hey, Maggie, meet the woman who appears to have gotten a ride on David's stick, even though he was married to his beloved Veronica. When Pathetic Maggie tries to get tough with Jen, she doesn't back down to her, and says go ahead and do her worst. Seriously, Maggie is a gutless coward. She couldn't take Veronica and she can't take DA Jen. Better stop playing with the big girls who can wipe the floor up with your pasty white face.

Kathryn is taken out of the cell and Veronica warns Kathryn not to say anything. Kathryn says not to underestimate her. Well, since you've let Jim do all the dirty work, you're going to have to prove yourself before we believe that.

Mitch doesn't want War involved in the business. He says if they hang out with War, it's going to bury them, because War's involved in everything. Benny tells Mitch how good a friend War was to him. Mitch refuses to believe War did that for nothing. Mitch still won't trust War. Mitch says Benny needs to watch War and Benny says War said the same thing about Mitch. Benny says he trusts both him and War. Mitch says he's going to watch War.

Kathryn brought to DA Jen. Jen says she's just going to have a conversation with her. It's off the books. She says she knew Kathryn's father. She's here because of him. She wouldn't be a DA without his generous scholarship. She says her father made a lot of young girls pay for that scholarship. That there's 45 women who could bring a class action suit against her father's estate. Kathryn accuses Jen of trying to blackmail her. Jen says Kathryn should be smart enough to distance herself from Jim. Kathryn threatens her back saying she'll blindside her in return. Kathryn demands she gets her phone call now. Jen refuses to give her the phone call and Kathryn says maybe Veronica is right about her and she is a dumb bitch. This round goes to Kathryn. DA Jen starts throwing things around after the ice maiden matron walks grandly out of the room.

Veronica is then moved to another cell. She wonders why Kathryn isn't being moved, too. Veronica is put in the same cell block with Jim and David. Veronica says this is a set-up. Jim and Veronica start trading insults. David not thrilled to see her. He tells Jim and Veronica to stop it. Veronica says she's still pissed Jim tried to choke her. Yeah, and Jim's still pissed you had his son raped. Then Jeffrey is put in the cell between his parents and Jim.

Jeffrey is shocked to see his parents. They want to know why Jeffrey was arrested. He says DUI. Veronica threatens him and Jeffrey threatens her back. He threatens to reveal her affair with Benny. She reveals it's in the paper. Jeffrey won't tell David who Veronica slept with. David says he's going to sleep with Maggie when he gets out of jail. Then Jim reveals Veronica had Wyatt raped. And Jeffrey reveals Veronica got Quincy out of jail. Jeffrey vows to make sure Veronica never gets out of jail because she's an evil soul who doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day, again.

Benny goes by to see Candace as noisy Gladys Kravitz is watching from across the street. She won't let Benny come inside. Benny wants to know how she got the money for this place. Candace tries to stop Benny from coming inside her house, but he forces his way inside and sees Quincy.

I can't really feel bad for Candace. She brought War's rage on her by lying to him and not giving him his fair cut of the take. War wasn't in the category of the men she used, he was a friend she supposedly cared for, yet she played him like she does everybody. I usually disagree with Hanna's tirades against Candace but in the case of War she's proven everything Hanna says about her is true. And not she's having to pay the price for betraying him.


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