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The Have And Have Nots -- Who Says Fake Boobs Can't Save Your Life?

Updated on August 2, 2016

And Jeffrey Squeals Like A Pig To A Pig!

Right back to the stabbing of Veronica. She sits down in the chair as Jeffrey walks away. Kathryn goes to help her. She tells Hanna to call the ambulance. Veronica says she can't believe he did it. Hanna says she can't say the same thing. I'm loving Hanna. Veronica's yapping because Jeffrey stabbed her. Would she rather he had smashed the bottle over her head like she dared him to do?

Hanna says on the phone that she's sure Veronica just needs a bandage. Veronica wants to have Jeffrey arrested for stabbing her. Hanna won't give her the phone and when the 911 phone person wants to know what happened, Hanna hangs up. Veronica wants them to call back 911 so she can have Jeffrey arrested, but Hanna won't let her. Ah, come on, Ronnie, he did what she said he wasn't man enough to do, now you want to have him arrested for it? You can't have it both ways, girl!

Jim wants to tell the DA she killed his son. David urges Jim not to talk to her. David offers to talk to her, instead. Jim asks if David has seen him. He wants David to go to the morgue and see Wyatt and see if they made a mistake. Jim says this is too heavy a load for him to handle.

Okay, you've got to ask here. Does Jim know they have a habit of identifying live people as dead?

Jeffrey cracking up hearing Evil Veronica taunting him. He also sees Wyatt and Melissa and Landon. And killing Quincy. He calls Candace and tells her what he did to Veronica. All she cares about is if Veronica is going to turn them in. He tells her Kathryn and Hanna saw it and that Wyatt is dead. Jeffrey freaking out sure that Veronica is going to turn them in for Quincy. She wants him to wait for her for an hour.

David goes to see the DA. David tells her that Jim would like to see her. She says she won't drop this. She says she wants them to suffer. David throws in her face that she gave Wyatt more money than he could handle and it's her fault he's dead, but she refuses to accept blame. Then she brings up Maggie Day. David asks if this is about is because she's mad at him. She asks if David will be attending Maggie's funeral. She smugly declares she won't see Jim and she has a trial to prepare for. Then she says Wyatt's body is still at the hotel and they need to rule out foul play. Then she has the nerve to suggest Jim and Kathryn killed Wyatt. Then the witch shows a photo of Amanda's room. She's now trying to say Amanda didn't kill herself. She says the ME was a friend of the Cryers and the new ME has ruled it as suspicious. She won't let David see Wyatt's body, but David finally convinces the foul heifer to let him see Wyatt.

And I bet he'll realize Wyatt isn't dead and won't this POS look even dumber than she is when she let someone alive just lay there without getting any kind of help for them. All because she's a desperate vindictive bitch. Let's hope Kathryn gives her what she deserves like she threatened.

Jeffrey asks Psycho Cop to come and see him at the hotel room. He tells him he did something really bad. He tries to sneak out of bed with his wife, but she wakes up. He says there's been a homicide. He kisses his wife and says he loves her before leaving.

Benny and Mitch in the car. They appear to be waiting for David. Benny wonders how he could make their phones not ring. Benny says he's going to beat David's ass, but Mitch says he can't because they're clever and he has to be clever, too. Okay, Benny and clever don't really belong in the same sentence. Mitch says Benny needs to hit him where it hurts. Mitch asks what else Benny knows about David. Mitch asks how much David loves his son. Mitch suggests Jeffrey may be David's weakness. Mitch suggests they pay Jeffrey a visit.

The cop shows up at the hotel. Jeffrey says he thinks he killed Veronica. He admits he stabbed her in the heart. Jeffrey asks who he's talking to, before he'll give him any details. When he's about to call dispatch, Jeffrey begs him not to. He's just checking to see if there's a warrant out on him. He says he's clean. Justin actually comforts him. Jeffrey asks him to take him to Candace's house, because he wants to show him something.

David arrives at the hotel to see Wyatt. David is told there's no foul play in Wyatt's death. Of course, Wyatt is still laying face down on the bed. He asks the cop to turn Wyatt over. David identifies Wyatt. Seriously, the cop wanted him to identify Wyatt face down. David realizes Wyatt is warm and still breathing and orders them to call an ambulance. Wanna bet the DA will claim she discovered the truth so Kathryn won't come after her, but then how does she explain leaving him lying in a hotel room for so long without getting him medical care? If she'd sent him to the morgue instead of trying to find some way to pin his death on his parents the coroner would have discovered he wasn't dead.

Candace calls Benny and asks him to call Hanna to find out what he can find out about Veronica.

Veronica accuses Hanna of not calling the ambulance. Hanna says she did and Kathryn believes her, but Kathryn decides to appease her and learns the ambulance is on the way. Veronica taunts Hanna about being a perfect little Christian. Kathryn says Hanna isn't enjoying this. Oh, yes she is.

The doorbell rings and Kathryn goes to answer it. It's the ambulance. Veronica can't wait to tell them that Jeffrey stabbed her. They want to wait for the police but Kathryn gets them to examine her. They say Jeffrey only stabbed her implant. They says it's superficial and yank the knife out of her. Hanna is laughing as the paramedics walk Veronica out. Kathryn doesn't find it funny and says Wyatt is still dead. Kathryn tells her to go home.

Seriously, he stabbed her in her fake boob. I knew it wasn't in her cold black heart. But that's a new one. So much for implants killing you. Hers saved her miserable foul life.

Hanna is leaving the Cryers when her phone rings. It's Benny. Hanna realizes he's calling for information. Hanna tells Benny that Wyatt is dead. She tells Benny to stay away from Veronica. Hanna asks him to tell her what his problem is. She sees the Dirty DA drive up and hangs up on him. Of course, the gutless hag doesn't come by herself. She says she's here about Wyatt and they need to see Kathryn.

Candace calls Jeffrey and he tells her he's with Officer Justin in her backyard.


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