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The Have And Have Nots -- Will Jim's Plan To Whack Veronica Work?

Updated on March 3, 2016

And is this the end for Hanna and Kathryn

Back outside Candace's house. Gladys sees Quincy's sister circling around the block and calls her homophobic pervert son to come at once. The guy with her jumps Candace's fence and lets her in the backyard. They then break in through the patio door. Guess they didn't notice the freshly dug grave in the backyard. They're trying to track down Quincy's phone. She finds it under Candace's sofa and it's got blood on it. They also see blood on the floor that Benny wasn't able to clean up. She insists checking the house for Quincy.

Lapdog David is looking for Veronica, while Jim says he's going to miss her. She doesn't realize he means permanently. I wonder if Jim purposely got himself kept in jail for an alibi. Can't get a better alibi than being in jail at the time of the murder you set in motion. Veronica taunts Jim as she leaves. Before she goes he wonders if she'll be heading straight home, anticipating her being blown away as soon as she walks through her front door.

Gladys' son arrives as Quincy's sister and her companion are coming down the stairs. They get arrested. Quita won't say anything. Justin says her car was parked here. She tries to lie that Candace invited her over, but she can't provide Candace's phone number. Gladys squawks when she sees Jeffrey. Of course, El Pervto is there, so he'll probably go after Jeffrey, again. Quita screams she wants to know where her brother is. Then El Pervto demands Jeffrey come in the house and talk to him.

Once they're in the house, El Perverto demands Jeffrey come close to him. He wants to know what's going on. El Perverto wants to know where Candace is. He wants Jeffrey to call Candace, but when he can't, he says they're going to wait for Candace. Then he sends all his cop companions away so he and Jeffrey can be alone together. El Perverto makes himself comfortable on the couch. He asks if Candace drinks and orders Jeffrey to go get him some wine. Jeffrey asks him to leave.

El Perverto tells Jeffrey all the facts he knows and says there's something Jeffrey doesn't want him to know. He says if he walks out the door, he's going into investigation mode. He starts standing close to Jeffrey and tells him to pour a drink for himself, too. I really could do without this story between Jeffrey and El Perverto.

Candace waiting for Landon. Candace says Wyatt hit her brother. Candace claims she's going to sue the Cryers. Landon says he wants to go back to Atlanta. She says she wants him to meet a nice hot man. She wants them to go to his room. Obviously another trap to beat up another person for information.

El Perverto finishes the bottle and orders Jeffrey to drink. God, what a disgusting creep. But then look at who his mommy is. El Perverto orders Jeffrey out of the kitchen and wants him to come upstairs with him. I'm really not up to another rape.

Quita sees Veronica about to leave, and says if Veronica gets her out she'll tell her why she shouldn't go to her house. God, I love Veronica's tude to Quita. She told her not to talk to her and called her a hoodrat. I know she's horrible, but I'm really starting to root for Veronica, even though she's a monster.

David still trying to call Veronica as she's being given back her belongings at the jail. She sees David has been calling her. Veronica wants her wig back. The crooked jail cop won't give Veronica back her wig. The crooked jail cop had better watch out. That dumb bimbo doesn't know who she's dealing with.

David calls DA Jen and she lies that Veronica is already gone. She also calls him out for not sleeping with her, but sleeping with Maggie.

Veronica knows DA Jen took her wig from her. So Veronica heads to the bathroom and says she's going to show the crooked DA the beauty of a natural black girl.

El Perverto orders Jeffrey over to Candace's bed. El Perverto asks what Candace does for a living and doesn't get an answer for that question. Then he asks why Quita is looking for Quincy. He puts out his hand and wants Jeffrey to shake it. He shoves Jeffrey on the bed and Jeffrey manages to get the dirty pig in a head lock before he can physically assault him. Then he pulls a gun on Jeffrey threatening to blow Jeffrey's brains all over if he ever does that again. Defend himself from El Perverto assaulting him.

Why did we need a creepy pervert cop like this on the show?

Jeffrey says El Perverto enjoyed what he did. El Perverto puts away his gun and walks away. Looks like Jeffrey may have survived another go-round with this psycho cop.

Veronica pretends to leave out the front, but she tells her driver to take her around to the back. Bet she's going back for Quita. Sorry, Jim, looks like she's going to survive getting what she has coming to her.

Candace leads Landon into her trap pretending to be his friend. I wonder where she got this hood from. Not from War, I would guess. Erica comes in with another bruiser. Candace begins her interrogation ordering Landon to sit down next to her. She slaps him. Seriously, I'd love someone to slap her, since she can't do it unless she has a bunch of back-up to act all tough. She threatens to sic one of her hired goons on Landon when he won't tell her what she wants to know. Landon says Oscar asked him to do it. Erica says he's lying, but Candace says he's telling the truth because he just pissed on himself. She takes her goons and ho friend and leaves.

Jeffrey is still stuck with El Perverto, but at least they're back in the living room. Jeffrey asks where Justin gets off on what he's doing to him. El Perverto claims he's got him all wrong and that's Jeffrey's fantasy. Jeffrey says this is creepy. El Perverto says something isn't right here and Jeffrey says it's him. Jeffrey says he's getting off on this. Jeffrey suggests El Perverto is a closeted gay man. Jeffrey says El Perverto wants him. Jeffrey starts to psychoanalyze the psycho. Jeffrey says he's sick because he can't admit what he is. Jeffrey says he needs to get help, and El Perverto threatens to bash his head into the wall.

Hanna still at the Cryers. Kathryn comes homes and sees the place in a mess. She heads into the kitchen. Hanna tells her that Wyatt did this. Hanna confronts Kathryn about her lies. Kathryn won't admit she's been in jail. Kathryn doesn't want to tell Hanna the truth. Kathryn asks what Hanna wants to know. Kathryn says she's sorry. Hanna reminds her she said that protecting Wyatt wasn't good and he was going to have to pay for it. Kathryn says if she loses her she don't know what she'll do, and Hanna says to consider her gone. Kathryn claims she never lied to her. Kathryn says Hanna knew that's why she didn't say anything. Hanna tells her about how as a child she saw her uncle running down the street with a TV under his arm. She said she told the truth about her uncle and he ended up dead, and he it wasn't what it looked like and that's why she didn't say anything, because she wasn't a hundred percent sure. Hanna says Kathryn knew Wyatt hit that little girl and Benny and she covered it up. Hanna says Kathryn only helped Benny because of her guilt. Kathryn, once again, says Hanna already knew so she didn't confirm it. Hanna mad because Kathryn won't admit it out loud because of the court case. Hanna won't let it go that Kathryn lied to her. Hanna and Kathryn both choose their own sons. Kathryn begs her not to leave. Hanna wants her check. Kathryn refuses to give Hanna her check and says she gets paid on the first. Then she walks away saying Hanna has work to do. That was cold.


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