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The Have and Have Nots -- Little Q Pays For His Mother's Crimes

Updated on June 27, 2017

And Veronica is even more heinous than usual!

Last time we checked in Little Q had been shot and Melissa looked on the verge of bleeding out after Jeffrey was a dick to her and she did something to herself.

Hanna coming out of the bathroom with Q. Hanna says it's too late to save Q. Q shot in the head. It's too late you crying over him, Benny. You and your precious Candace did that.

Jeffrey calls an ambulance. Melissa says her mother is just like Veronica. He starts calling for Veronica when Melissa passes out. Veronica slaps her and warns her she'll make her pay if she loses her baby. She starts hitting Melissa. Veronica warns Jeffrey to stop telling her to shut up and he tells her to stop hitting Melissa. Then Veronica tells her to die and she's going to make her family's life hell. She won't stop hitting Melissa. Someone needs to hit this evil monster and give her a taste of her own medicine. Or better still shoot off her fake boobs.

Crapdace comes to crash with Erica. She lies she didn't catch any men. She says she thought Candace was staying at the Fountaindrop Motel and then asks her what room she is staying in. Wonder if Candace will put it together that Erica sent War there and caused the death of her son. She ignores Benny's call. Typical Candace. She asks Erica for another outfit.

Erica texts War that Candace is here and he tells her Q is dead. He asks where Candace will be in the next few hours. She tries to get Candace to stay, but she takes a dress and leaves.

David in the bar when Oscar shows up. He says he gave Wyatt's address to Jim. David thinks he blew it with Erica. Oscar suggests that Erica could be setting him up, but he won't believe it. Per usual, David is dumb when it comes to a conniving woman. He counsels David to take his time. He tells David not to text Erica back when she texts him, but he won't listen. Jim, Oscar and David notice Candace at the bar. David vows he would never lower himself to be with Candace. Honey, you were just with something much lower than Candace, so never say never, dude. Jim calls her over. Jim says Candace killed Quincy and buried him in the backyard. Candace lets David know Jeffrey helped her kill Quincy.

Jim takes Candace aside saying he missed her. Gag me! He wants to go somewhere and shag her. He asked if it was worth it after everything she did. Jim says he wants her, and she says Jim wants to trap her. She tells Jim she doesn't want him. Must we go there with them, again. They were putrid to watch the first go round, and this time it's even worse.

Hanna and Benny at the hospital. He wants her phone to call Candace, no doubt. No, he calls Kathryn instead. He tells her they need help and Q died. Kathryn says she'll be right there.

Wyatt still going through withdrawal. The drugs they're using not helping. They want to take him to the hospital. Looks like all roads lead to the hospital.

Hanna seems to be in shock. Benny tries to give her some water, but she refuses. Hanna says she tried to give Q a better life. Hanna says Candace doesn't get it; there's a cycle that keeps going round and round and it keeps getting worse. Life is a loop and it just keeps coming round. She tried to stop it before it was too late. Benny tries to get Hanna to pray and she says she has nothing to pray for. She says she can't go back to that hotel room ever. Mitch comforts Benny and Benny says he's going to kill War.

Mama Rose comes to the hospital. His brother orders Mitch to tell Mama Rose who tired to hit him, but he won't. Benny tells Mama Rose it was War and she calls someone to get the body of the DA and find War and bring down all hell upon him. Bye-bye, War, when you killed that sweet child you signed your own death warrant.

Veronica asks Jeffrey if he's heard anything about the baby. Veronica tries to throw her weight around by threatening a nurse who won't tell her what's going on with Melissa. Then she gets a women to move out a chair next to Jeffrey and chases her off. Jeffrey says she just can't stop being a bitch. Veronica won't take any blame for Melissa. She orders her maid to come in on her day off and threatens to fire her if she doesn't come in.

Jeffrey finally answers his phone to David and Jeffrey tells him Melissa slit her wrists. David says he's coming over. Veronica decides to primp to make herself look good for David and threatens to stomp Melissa if she has bags under her eyes because of her. Don't waste your time, honey, he's got fresher meat than you.

Then Kathryn comes up to her and that's how it ends for this week.

Hanna is right about things going in a loop and the cause of all of it is Candace. She kidnapped Jim and took those pictures of him, she lied to War and cheated him out of his fair share. Jim got War out of jail to get back those photos and take care of Candace and War killed Q in an attempt to get back at Candace. It always goes back to Candace and her dirty dealings. She was given a second chance to be a good mother to her son and she cost him his life in the end because of her need for greed.


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