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The Have and Have Nots -- Mama Rose Isn't Playing With Jim

Updated on August 8, 2017

And Walmart Obama is going to make Benny take the all for Candace

When we last checked in with the Youngs, Cryers and Harringtons, Hanna finally learned Benny was in jail. Wyatt bragged how he couldn't wait to send Jim and Kathryn to prison. Walmart Obama showed Candace he was just as big as a schemer as she is. And after threatening Melissa, Veronica made a beeline for Erica next.

David asks to speak to Demonica outside. She says she'll cause so much drama if he tries to touch her to remove her from the table. She tells Erica to go find her mother and nestle under her breast and still she won't be safe. When David and Erica leave Demonica chases after them and gets on the elevator with them. She's definitely one of those women you have to kill to get free of.

Demonica stops the elevator. Per usual, David acts like a wimp and cowers to Demonica, while Erica tries to stand up to her. Demonica says she wants to make David's life a living hell and she hasn't even begun. She says he's humiliating her, but he throws her affair with Benny in her face. She says she wants blood to let him go. Erica eggs Demonica on by calling David, “Baby”. She starts kissing David in front of Demonica and Demonica attacks her. David manages to hit the call button and the elevator is brought to a floor while Demonica starts yelling that Erica and David are beating her up and even fakes a fall to the floor as the elevator doors open. David and Erica just walk away. Let me guess? Demonica will beat herself up and claim David did that to her.

All I have to say in regards to David is this, “Dude, grow a pair.”

Landon coaches Walmart Obama on the right words to say in his speech to come off cultured. WO wants to know why Landon is busting his chops. Landon warns him about Candace, again. He asks if he slept with her and WO says he did. WO doesn't take kindly to Landon telling him he shouldn't see her, again. WO tells Landon to clean up Candace's image on the net. He tells Landon to teach Candace how to behave around the people he associates with.

Landon calls someone after he leaves and tips off the cops where they can find Candace.

Wy-Wy in the apartment his parents money bought for him. Ana tells the whiny wuss she was an addict for ten years on crystal meth. She says her mom got her started on it. She says she forgave her parents because she was hurting herself more than them. He won't admit his parents love him. He says they never make him feel loved. Oh, poor baby. She says Dr. Jarvis saved her. She says his life is about to change for the better.

Jim in his car when Mama Rose calls. She wants to know if he found War. Jim promises to find War. He reminds her all he's done for her. She fires back that she's done a lot for him, too. She says he's run out of favors and she needs to send him a message. She says he's run out of time. She won't tell Jim what she's going to do.

Hanna at the police station trying to find out why Benny in jail. Hanna asks for Justin. Justin tells her Benny's being questioned for Quincy's murder and he thinks Benny will be charged. He also tells her Benny's being questioned by the secret service and he's not sure why. He suggests Hanna talk to a lawyer.

Hanna calls Kat and tells her what happened.

Benny asks the secret service guy to let him talk to Hanna, but he won't let him. Eventually, he allows him to call her. She doesn't answer the phone. He calls Mitch next. He asks him to come and get Hanna. Mitch says something big is about to go down, tonight. The secret service guy tells Benny he's being railroaded.

Erica in bed with David when her phone starts buzzing. She sneaks away to take it. It's Candace. She tries to get Candace to tell her where she is, but she won't say. Candace asks her why she keeps asking her where she is, but she won't tell her why. Candace warns Erica to be careful of Veronica. Candace tells her to get off the phone. Erica makes sure David is asleep before calling her man.

Ana reveals she hit rock bottom when she tried to commit suicide. She tries to encourage him not to give up fighting the urge to get high. That his life will get better.

Jeffrey and Landon run into each other in a bar. Landon offers to buy him a drink and gets shot down when he comes on to him. Landon asks if Jeffrey is pining after Wyatt. He asks if he can come to Jeffrey's room. Jeffrey asks him to stop talking stupid. Landon says Jeffrey is the best he's ever had. He starts talking about his body and Jeffrey says he's leaving. Landon wants to come and starts following. He starts coming on to him in the elevator. He tries to force Jeffrey to give him a blowjob. He starts begging him to let him come into his room. Justin is in bed waiting for Jeffrey when Landon is pawing Jeffrey as they enter the room. Cue the music, "Everybody Wants Him." Which is kind of ridiculous.

Mama Rose dumps the DA's body with a note that she's a Cryer Victim. Well, it's just hit the fan.


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