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The Have and Have Nots -- Who Got Shot...

Updated on January 12, 2015

Wait for it, wait for it, and keep waiting for it!

The show opens on the Cryer mansion where Wyatt wakes up after hearing a shot. He looks in on Kathryn who is in bed [and could be dead] and Amanda who is also in her own bed [and possibly dead, too]. Then he goes outside and finds Jim’s phone. He cracks the code of Jim’s phone and reads all the smutty texts Jim exchanged with Candace and Celine. Then he and his buff little body suck up a decanter of booze like it’s going out of style. Maybe he can top it off by getting behind the wheel of his car, again, and running someone else down.

Seriously, Jim. You keep all your smutty texts with your paramours? What do you do? Read them over and over to give yourself a cheap thrill. That's really dumb, especially when you're running for office or planning to.

Next we see Hannah having some kind of block party and she and Granddaddy Michael are all funky monkey with each other. I’m all like when did that happen? When did she stop being a Grade A beyotch to him. Like having a fit cause he was nice enough to mow her lawn.

Benny doesn’t like how funky Michael is getting with his mother and wants him gone. He doesn’t seem to care that his granddaughter got killed. He’s really kind of obnoxious and kind of makes me wish he was back in his coma.

Veronica tries to contact David but she gets no answer from his cell phone. Meanwhile David is with Maggie, but they haven’t done it, yet. He says he needs a drink so he can rise to the occasion and asks that they don’t speak. Seriously, at that point if Maggie had any self-respect, she would have shown him to the door. Talk about as unromantic as a thing can get. Then when he’s about to kiss her she stands up to get him more booze. They finally start getting to action in the bed, but then David can’t. He says he loves Veronica from a place so deep he just can’t. Seriously, why he loves that vile woman has to be the world’s biggest mystery, especially after the nasty stuff she’s doing to their son.

Veronica is having some problems of her own. Quincy drops by for a bite and he also decides he wants some sex, too. He’s willing to force himself on Lady V. Only he’s not dealing with Crazy Candace who is a pussycat compared to this Monster Mama. She lists the names of his family and says if he doesn’t get off her she’ll kill them all. As psycho as this chick is, she may not be bluffing. Quincy still is putting the moves on Lady V and tells her to tell him when she’s ready, and she says the same thing right back to him. Only she tells him she’s referring to when he’ll be ready for his own funeral.

After getting free of Quincy she heads to David’s hotel room and dials his cell phone again. She calls the desk clerk to let her in David’s room. If she wants to really get an eyeful she should get the key to Maggie’s room. That’s where all the action is going on, apparently. Although, by the time she does the non-action should probably be all over. But knowing Veronica she'll jump to the conclusions that David did Maggie and then she'll be out to destroy him, too.

Hannah finds a drunk Michael in her kitchen and she tells him to sleep it off in her bedroom. Once again Benny acts so annoying you wish he was still in his coma. Then Hannah goes back outside and sees Byron. She wants none of him, and won’t listen to him explain why he helped Jim. It doesn't help his explanation begins with the name Jim. He finally decides to leave.

Meanwhile Candace is waiting for word that Jim has been safely delivered to his prison. The only problem is a hovering Benny who won’t leave her so she can sneak off to go play with her new toy. She pretends to go to sleep in his room before climbing out the window. She also has a little chat with a braying and threatening Jim over the phone. She says he should have killed her, because now she’s going to make him pay.

So we still don’t know who got shot and who is dead. It’s either Kathryn or Amanda and if it’s Kathryn I may be done with this show. For me, Kathryn is the only decent nice woman in a sea of crazy bitches. And I count bible-thumping Hannah as one of the crazy bitches.

Storyline-wise there’s really not much story left for Amanda. She’s a crazy whack job. When she suddenly gave up wanting to pay her rapist back, she became a real waste of space, as well. Instead she wants to kill her family. What a dumb twit. Why don't you go kill the person that helped you get raped? Little Miss Candy Cane. It was following her advice that gave Professor Rape the wrong idea about you.

Kathryn on the other hand has her warped and twisted relationship with Jim. I want to see more of them after that brief tender moment they shared together. And if Kathryn is dead there goes Hannah going back to work at the Cryers. So for that reason I think Kathryn will be safe.

When they showed Amanda in bed, she could have been staring in a death stare. Whomever it is, it’ll take the focus off Jim being missing so that will aid Crazy Candy Cane and her plan to get revenge on Jim. Although her idea of revenge, from the scenes for next week, look like something Jim might like. Seriously, she’s going to sex Jim up as revenge. Is that all her mind goes to? If that’s how she feels, maybe she should go and sex Quincy up, too.


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