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The Haves And Have Nots -- After The Fire

Updated on July 7, 2015

Jeffrey has regrets; Veronica has none!

Unlike with the Who Was Shot? cliffhanger from last season, the will V burned David alive cliffhanger was quickly resolved, as David came tumbling out of the burning house. Per usual, David is completely clueless that his wife just tried to roast him over an open fire as he's worried she was all right. V is for Vendetta quickly makes it clear to her hubby she just tried to murder him and she adds that's not all she's done. Hint! Hint! She screwed herself a nice piece of meat.

Maggie [who may just be one of the most pathetic women in prime time] is counseling Jim and Kathryn on how she wants to handle Amanda's funeral. She says she wants to make sure it's not turned into a circus. Enter Wyatt. Why isn't he in prison, yet, who makes vulgar comments to Maggie asking if her rack is real. She should have fired back asking if his **** is real. Then Jim and Kathryn learn about the fire over at the Harringtons and rush over there.

Hanna tells Candace that her son is alive and Quincy has him and is mistreating him. Candace new man [I swear, I can't remember this dude's name] comforts her after Hanna takes off. He does something she's not used to from her men. He holds her all night and comforts her without it turning into sex. She doesn't seem to know how to handle that the morning after. I'm still not sure I trust the guy. He seems a little too good to be true, especially how nasty Candace treates him. Seriously, what does he see in her? Certainly not her toxic personality.

Benny tells Hanna he beat Quincy up. He came home with V's car and tells her V got him out of jail. Hanna wants Benny to leave Q alone, but he has no intention of doing that. When Mama leaves the room he calls up to find out when Q is going to be released and how much his bail is.

David tells Jim that V tried to kill him. He said V thought he had outted her to the cops for hiding Jeffrey's car. Jim reveals that was Wyatt. V learns it wasn't David who sicked the cops on her but Wyatt and ominiously vows to deal with him. Kathryn sort of confront V for keeping the car, but then backs off, which is probably and good idea, as V might decide to set Kathryn on fire, next. Jim promises David that after he buries Amanda he'll deal with Wyatt. Now that V knows David didn't rat her out to the cops, it doesn't endear him to her any. She's still harping on him pumping up Maggie's volume. Honey, he doesn't have the balls to screw Maggie. How could he with you wearing them on a belt around your waist.

Jeffrey seems to be having buyer's remorse after doing Landon. He turns down another go-round with Landon. Landon accuses Jeffrey of having another man on his mind. And he's right. He's thinking of Wyatt. It's another case of why, dude, why? Landon says Jeffrey needs pain in his life. If that's the case, Wyatt will be sure to give it to him, as he's a giant pain in the butt. That's he's punishing himself by loving a straight guy. And who comes knocking at the door but Wyatt in all his general repulsiveness.

Jeffrey throws Landon out in favor of Wyatt. What a moron. Wyatt tells him about the fire. D.A. Jennifer also learns about the fire and comes sniffing around. She suggests that it was possibly set to cover up any evidence the Harrington house contained. When Jeffrey arrives, even though Dumb David tries to cover for V, Jeffrey quickly realizes his mama has added fire bug to her resume.

Candace plans to go to Amanda's funeral. That's right, make it all about you. She knows both Jim and Kathryn hate her foul guts, yet she's going to go. If she had anything amounting to respect or decency she'd keep her trifling self away from there. Maybe Kathryn can drag her across the floor by her hair, next. That I'd pay to see.

Hanna says she can't go to that funeral. Oh, of course, she will, just to make it all about herself and rub Jim and Kathryn's nose in her foul scent. Meanwhile, Benny asks Candace for money, she doesn't know he's planning to bail out Quincy.

Benny calls V saying he needs to bring her truck back. V says she wants to see him, again. I guess she gave him some good truck sex, cause after making a token refusal he caves and agrees to meet her. I would love to see Hanna and V go up against each other, cause V is hard core and she'd chew Hanna up and spit her out.

Jim thanks Hanna for her help. What peace these two have reached won't last if Wyatt blows his mouth off to Hanna that he really did run down Benny with his car. Which is next on Wyatt's hit parade.

David asks the million dollar question and gets an answer he doesn't like. V says she would have let David burn alive and then pretended to be a grieving widow. Do you still love her now? She won't believe he doesn't want to lay with Maggie and says she won't be alone in her hotel room. Maybe David is one of those abused spouses who keeps going back for more. Seriously, your wife just said she would have let you burn alive. If that isn't the time to get out of a marriage, I don't know what is.

Celine shows up at the Cryer's. She wants to talk to Jim and he tells her to go away. She slaps Wyatt when he tells Celine she's a whore and should keep her legs closed. The only time I enjoy repulsive Wyatt is when he's trash talking Celine, not that it affects her much since it's just water off a duck's back. She begs Jim to come back to her. Wyatt says Jim is never coming back to her. On that we agree. Jim hasn't wanted a piece of Celine's pie for a very long time and it's time for this fool to face facts and move on. Also get another job.

Jim goes for Wyatt's throat when he says Jim wasn't there for Amanda. And I was rooting for Jim every step of the way. Seriously, the little punk needs to back off his parents when they're about to bury their daughter.

Celine won't take the message that Jim doesn't want her but says she'll be back once he throw her out. Seriously, you'd think she'd have gotten the message she wasn't wanted and her employment was terminated when Kathryn dragged her across the floor by her hair. I swear that is still my favorite moment of this entire show.

The episode winds to a close with Wyatt deciding to spill the beans about mowing Benny down to Hanna. As he's about to spill his guts V is giving him her death ray glare. Can you say dead drunk walking?


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