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The Haves And Have Nots -- Amanda Is Crazy

Updated on January 16, 2014

Can Jim save Wyatt?

We got a very different dynamic in the Cryer family when Jim took charge in the Wyatt mess. Kathryn wanted to coddle Wyatt and let him sleep, but Jim played hardball and made Wyatt wake-up. He also warned Kathryn if she didn't back-off and let him handle things, he'd let her handle it on her own. So for once Kathryn had to let Jim take the wheel.

Jim told Wyatt he had killed a child and injured a man and wanted to know where his car was. Wyatt revealed he'd been driving Jeffrey's car and Jim saw a possible way out of this mess. But they needed to find Jeffrey's car. He took Wyatt out to search for the car and they couldn't find it.

Jim was also worried that Hanna would talk, but Kathryn assured him Hanna wouldn't say anything. Jim wasn't so sure. A child had died. Who would keep quiet in circumstances like those? Making it harder for Kathryn to touch base was the ever-scheming Celine. Hanna called to say she wouldn't be in and she wouldn't pass the message along. Then Kathryn asked Celine to call Hanna and she only pretended to do it.

Celine was also causing trouble for Jim. Jim has been apparently giving her money. She was also rambling on like she was the one who ended their relationship because he wouldn't leave Kathryn. The only thing I can think of for why he was paying her regular money was was it possible Amanda could be Celine's daughter. Kathryn just doesn't seem to care about Amanda the way she does Wyatt. Amanda almost died and she didn't coddle her the way she has Wyatt throughout this whole hit-and-run mess.

Speaking of Amanda, the girl is seriously nuts. Turns out she has to take meds for being bipolar and schizophrenic. This is something Candace didn't know. She knew Amanda self-cut herself and she doesn't heed Jeffrey's warning that Amanda may be too much for Candace to handle. On other matters, Candace was still trying to reach Benny and had yet to find out he was the victim in the hit-and-run driving accident.

Seems Jeffrey's had a right to be concerned about Amanda. He heard her laughing in her room and when he asked her about it she lied. She also claimed she was taking her meds. But when Jeffrey left she started laughing again as she started coloring on someone's picture. Later, smoking a cigarette outside the professor who raped her, she confronts him after his family leaves. He basically tells her to go away, while she declares he's a monster and she's a monster slayer.

When Jim arrived at the office, he made a stab at pinning the hit-and-run accident on Jeffrey. He told David it was Jeffrey's car that caused the accident. But when he tried to suggest Jeffrey did it, David was having none of it and says he knows Wyatt was driving Jeffrey's car. He also warned Jim that he doesn't want him for an enemy.

Jim broke down and told him the truth. David assured Jim that Jeffrey wouldn't rat out Wyatt. Jim had no idea why David had such a knee-jerk reaction when he said the Jeffrey loved Wyatt. He also didn't know how true that was. Only problem is Wyatt spurned Jeffrey's love so all bets are off where Jeffrey is concerned. He may actually use this to get back at Wyatt. David's attempts to contact Jeffrey are thwarted thanks to Veronica cutting off Jeffrey's phone.

Hanna experiences another dose of the Hospital Worker From Hell. This time it's Benny's doctor who tells her she should book a funeral for Benny as odds are he isn't going to make it. I know there can be some bad apples in the health care system, but I also believe there are decent people. Tyler Perry needs to balance it a little more. He's been too heavy-handed with the bad staff with the bad attitude because apparently that was his experience when he was a child.

The only nice member of the staff is a gossip monger violating patient confidentiality. When Benny's bio-dad comes into the ER Hanna doesn't tell him why she's there and tells him to go away. Then the nurse warns Hanna to beware of the man cause he's a player. He's got a bad kidney and is on dialysis and he's brought a string of out of wedlock kids to be tested to give him a kidney. Guess the guy is a serial cheat that doesn't know how to use a rubber.

Everything suddenly makes sense to Hanna. The only reason he's sniffing around Benny wanting to play Daddy is because he wants a kidney from Benny. While Hanna can be quite the shrill pill, it does seem she's got the right of it.

The Reverend, who declares himself a civil rights activist, wants Hanna to join in the press conference to pressure the police to find the hit-and-run driver that hit Benny and killed the little girl. I was hoping she'd do that for two reasons. 1. The Cryers would know the man Wyatt hit was Hanna's son. And 2. Candace would finally find out what happened to her brother. With the way Hanna feels about Candace she won't even tell her about Benny. She thinks herself knowing about Benny is the only one who needs to know.

Unfortunately, she refused to go on TV and join the press conference. She said all her energies must be saved for Benny. She also mentioned that after this is all over, she also intends to try and get custody of her grandchild away from Candace.

I thought this was a really strong episode. We learned something more about Amanda that may help to explain why she acts the way she does. We also learned Jim is paying off Celine for some reason. The question is what reason? And how will the Cryers and Candace react when they learn the identity of the other victim of the hit and run?


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