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The Haves And Have Nots -- Candace Is On The Hunt For Oscar

Updated on February 22, 2016

A David Finally Figures Out Who Veronica's Mystery Man Is

When last we checked in with the Haves and Have Nots, War forced Candace to let him watch her take a shower, David didn't use a rubber when screwing Maggie, but she promised to take the Morning After Pill. Any bets that this desperate man leech won't do what she promised? Seriously, this chick has Celine written all over her. David brought Oscar Mayer Weiner back to town to find out who Veronica's been screwing and to find out if it was Jim that put a hit out on Veronica. And Hanna was heading over to the Cryers to go to work.

More of David and Gaggie in bed together. She wants to know what kind of hold Veronica has on him. She's urging him to dump Veronica. I guess she doesn't get this is just a ONS. Heck, it's not even that. It's just a quickie. She's deep in begging mode, but he tells her he wants the woman he married. Gaggie says that Veronica has moved on. Then when he gets mad and is about to grab his pants she gets all pathetic and begging. Like I said, Celine.

David wants her to issue another statement saying Veronica is standing by his side. She says that's a lie, and he says it wouldn't be the first time she lied. Then the big blonde dummy lets it slip that Benny and Veronica had sex in his truck. Then he recalls her taking him to the tow yard. She still won't tell the truth. No more sex for you, honey. She lies that she didn't have the pictures taken. He says if he finds out she had those pictures taken that he'll never speak to her again. Then he walks out on the lying skank.

Kathryn going stir crazy. Veronica says David won't get her out. Veronica tells Kathryn to calm down. Just as Jim is about to tell Kathryn the truth about Veronica. Kathryn is told she's being let out and Kathryn says she'll get them both out. That leaves Jim and Veronica alone together. Veronica calls him trifling.She says David is going to run for the seat Jim wants. Jim says he's going to miss her, cause she's going to hell. She just laughs, and says Jim will be going there right with her. He tells her her ticket is already bought and paid for but she won't take him seriously, and suggests his ticket is also bought and paid for.

Kathryn calling Judge Milsap to try and get Jim and Veronica out. None of the other judges returning her calls. He claims that there will be protests because of the little girl's death because a judge covered the crime up, but apparently there's no protest over DA Jen-Jen giving the killer immunity? Pure, BS. Kathryn has to settle for getting Jim and Veronica lawyers.

Candace meets with Erica, the girl she hired to give Benny the car. She says she needs her help. She says she got marked. She wants to get Oscar. Candace thinks it was Jim, but her friend says it's not Jim's style, so Candace tries to think of who else it could be. That's what happens when you screw so many people over, when they screw you back you can't figure out which one of your victims did it. Candace recalls meeting Oscar at the bar and Landon showed her Oscar's phone. Landon showed her Oscar's background. Candace doesn't want to believe Landon was in on it. Candace thinks the child welfare lady may also be involved, since she insisted Candace prove she had money. She still hasn't connected David as the big boss behind it all. Candace vows she'll tear Oscar's heart out when she finds him. They decide to find the child welfare lady [who also is the one who helped Quincy find her, which she hasn't put together, either] as the first place to start to finding Oscar.

Quincy's sister parked outside of Candace's house. They watch Candace come out of the house. Gladys Kravitz comes out to hassle her. She tells them they can't park there. Gladys calls the police on her, so she takes off but promises she'll be coming back later to find out what's going on. Biggest laugh of the whole episode was our nasty little hoodrat calling the snoopy old neighbor an old bitch. When I saw previews for the episode I thought she called her a ho, and for some reason that would have been more funnier, especially if Gladys didn't know what a ho was.

David comes to the tow yard and talks to Mitch. He's looking for Benny. He wants to know when Benny bought the tow yard. He won't tell him anything, but gives him a number to call Benny. Mitch tips off Benny about David looking for him. Benny assures Mitch it's all good. Benny assures Mitch there's nothing illegal going on. Except for burying dead bodies in backyards.

David calls up Benny. He wants Benny to meet with him. He says he wants Benny to answer his questions about Veronica. Benny refuses to talk to him and tells him to talk to Veronica. I loved Benny blowing off Mr. Self-Important, especially since he's the one who caused him to be falsely arrested way back in season one.

DA Jen goes to visit Veronica and Jim. She brags their sons are going to testify against them. She hints to Jim she got Wyatt his trust fund, but won't come out and say it. She asks Veronica about Maggie Day and she says he's sleeping with her.

Hanna comes to the Cryers. She spots one of Wyatt's ho's on the couch naked with Wyatt lying on top of her. She says she won't leave until she's paid. Hanna throws water in Wyatt's face to wake him up. The girl leaves saying she's going to send her pimp after him for not paying her.

Wyatt flashes Hanna so she whacks him until he puts something on to cover his wing-wang. He brags that he put his parents in jail. He rubs her face in the fact he's the one who ran down Benny. She makes him say it to her. He smiles thinking he's cute. Hanna spouts bible verses at him. She tells him until he repents he'll always be in hell. Hanna thanks him for relieving her conscience because she thought she'd ruined his life when she went to the police about him being the driver. He says he has immunity, but she said he'll reap what he's sown. Then she prays to God to help her get out of there. You don't really need God's help Hanna, all you need to do is turn the doorknob and walk out the door. It's as simple as that.

Candace and Erica lead the social worker into their trap. Candace asks where her son is. She tells Candace that Hanna has Q. That Hanna got custody. Candace brings up that the social worker said she didn't have a stable home for Q when she was living in a hotel, yet it's okay for her mother to live in one. Candace says she's going to ask her some questions will depend how she walks out the door. Candace wants to know how much Oscar paid her, when she says she doesn't know what she's talking about, Candace slaps her.

Candace begins to choke her. She says that Kathryn Cryer talked to a judge and he gave Q to Hanna. I suppose not dingbat will think Kathryn was behind the set-up. Candace tells Erica to slap the social worker. She says she wants her to tell her about Oscar. She says she has no idea what she's talking about. She grabs her by the hair and she and Erica start kicking her. This maybe one of the dumbest thing this character has done.

She has no proof the social worker has any kind of connection to Oscar, but she has some proof Landon may be involved. So she goes after the social worker and doesn't say boo to Landon, cause she doesn't want him to be involved in the set-up. What a dummy. And she pulls beating up a public servant right after her brother buried a dead body in her backyard. That makes her a very big dummy, indeed.


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