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The Haves And Have Nots -- Candace Tells Her Story

Updated on July 28, 2014

But it doesn't soften Hanna any!

Candace reveals it was Quincy that killed her baby. After Quincy beat her up, he took off with their child and demanded she get him money if she wanted to ever see the boy again. She did but Quincy didn't give him back and instead told Candace he threw him off the bridge and killed him. That's when she sent him up the river for killing her son and someone else. Now he's out and looking to kill her.

Candace's story was pretty heart-wrenching and I kept thinking Hanna would soften towards her daughter and hug her, but no, she stayed the same cold, superior, self-righteous bitch she always is when it comes to her daughter. She even seemed to be suggesting it was Candace's fault what happened to her son. She couldn't even have any empathy on what Candace felt thinking of how she felt when she thought Benny was dead. To add insult to injury she knows Quincy wants to kill Candace and she tells her to leave, cause she don't want Quincy to come and harm her and Benny. But it's okay if he kills her daughter. The stone cold bitch will probably not even shed a tear if her daughter dies and if it's left up to her to provide a funeral for her daughter, she'll probably just dump her body at the City Dump to rot. Hanna seriously needs to reread that bible she loves to thump because she missed quite a few chapters and verses on forgiveness. She can praise Jesus and sing hymns til the cows come home but it isn't going to change the fact there's a place in hell reserved with her name on it.

Meanwhile Jim tells Kathryn to take Wyatt, turn on the TV and wait in the kitchen when DA Jennifer and the police arrive to arrest Wyatt. When they arrive in the kitchen to arrest Wyatt, there's a news report showing Wyatt's double confessing to the crime. Crazily enough, everyone is buying it as the truth. Even Hanna.

She comes over to apologize to Kathryn for thinking it was Wyatt and trying to send him to prison for the rest of his life. The former besties make-up and much to Jim's horror, Kathryn gives Hanna her old job back. I guess that means that horrible wig will be returning soon. Having to wear that is almost enough punishment for the way Hanna treats her own daughter.

Fixing Wyatt's problems, Jim turns to Amanda and has her shrink come to see her. She easily fools her psychiatrist, but one person who isn't buying what the lunatic is selling is Kathryn. She does a search of her crazy daughter's room. Unfortunately, just as she's about to find her gun, the nutcase enters and shrieks for her to get out of her room. Then the big dummy twirls around with her gun and I keep wishing it would blow her head off and put an end to this awful storyline and character.

And that's not the only kid problems Jim has. Jim illegitimate son with Celine shows up at the mansion getting in Daddy's face. He doesn't like Mommy working as a maid for Jim. Too bad sonny doesn't understand Celine loves it cause if Jim should fall asleep on the couch she can jump on him and try to get him to give her a ride. I'm not sure if Jim knew about the kid or if he pretends he isn't the father. And I'm not sure if Kathryn knows, either.

Meanwhile David has a heart-to-heart chat with Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him unless he dates the girl Veronica has hand-picked for him she'll turn in the hit-and-run car and send him to prison. David assures his son the Smiling Demon would never do that, but this is a case of a man having no clue of just what his wife is. I wouldn't put it past her sending Jeffrey to jail if he bucks her. Look at how she had him thrown out of his apartment and took his job away from him. The Smiling Demon is capable of just about anything.

After Amanda's doctor leaves Kathryn declares Jim is protecting their kids into insanity. It was kind of hypocritical and unfounded for her to attack Jim on that level, as she was right on board with Jim protecting Wyatt.

Since Candace never saw her child's body, I'm betting the child is still alive and Quincy just said he was dead. Thug Life, however, never dreamed Candace would turn a dime on him and send him Seeing what a loathsome creature he is, it's very possible he might have sold the child for money. Whatever the case, it appears Candace may have more on her mind than Jim as she has to deal with her crazy and violent ex to find out if her son is still alive. At which point Hanna will probably try to take the child away from Candace.

And Veronica doesn't believe that David didn't cheat on her. When David finally learns just what his rotten wife is capable of where it concerns their son, he may finally take off the rose-colored glasses and take Maggie up on her proposition.

On the bright side, the awful hit-and-run story seems to have finally been resolved. Now if we can get rid of the Crazy Amanda Has A Gun Story. I can understand her wanting revenge on her rapist, but since she decided to whack someone in her family the story has gone downhill fast. Seeing this nut playing with her gun week after week as she goes eeny meeny miny moe has gotten way old. I really don't see where they can go with the Amanda character after this, so hopefully she chooses to blow her own brains out instead of hurting someone else. If she's so stupid to forget about getting revenge on her rapist to target her family then she's too stupid to live.


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