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The Haves And Have Nots -- David Can't Handle The Truth!

Updated on March 10, 2015

And Benny Can't Get It!

David in the hotel lobby as Landon is moving out. He apologizes for what he did. He also tells him why he did it. Landon says Veronica treats him horrible the way she treats Jeffrey and asks if it makes him mad at the way she treats him. Landon says what makes it worse is David lets Veronica treat him like that and doesn't stand up for him. Landon says he bends and conforms for Veronica and asks what about Jeffrey. Landon says Jeffrey is living in an absolute hell because of David's silence and refusal to put Veronica down. He even suggests David isn't being much of a man, which he isn't.

Maggie tells Landon he's not going anywhere and he says he's leaving her. Maggie cancels his flight reservation. David says he should go. Maggie notices David keeps looking at the guy who was previously eye-balling Candace. He says he seems familiar.

David reveals to Candace he set up the job interview for her. Maggie says Candace needs to be watched. David says Candace amuses him. Maggie reluctantly agrees to take a ride with David.

Candace is now looking to buy a house. The man comes over to see Candace and offers to buy her breakfast. Candace isn't really buying what the man is selling. Candace tells him she's a prostitute and charges $25,000 an hour and the man takes off.

Celine has the nerve to come to work. Celine says she still works here. Hanna says let's see if you do.

Hanna counsels Kathryn on the stages of grief she may go through, then Celine shows up saying she wants to work. Hanna has to hold Kathryn back from attacking the bruha again. Celine says she needs to think about this. Then Kathryn yells for Jim. Jim tells her she needs to go now and Celine can't believe it. She says Jim only means for now, but Jim says she's fired and to not come back. She leaves saying we'll see about that. Seriously, Celine, show some decency and self-respect for once in your life. No matter how long you fetch and carry for Jim, he's not going to stick his stick in you, again. You're too old and there's always another one of you whose younger and less trouble.

Benny and his friend, Mitch, looking at all the trucks that about to go up for auction. Then Erica of the cheap car calls him up. She wants Benny's address, but he won't give it to her. He arranges a time to meet her. Then he gets a call from a Mr. Watson.

Jim has a fit when he sees the cleaning crew cleaning up Amanda's room. She blows her top and calls him a demon. Then she calms herself and leaves. Jim stays behind to look at the bloody mess she made in the room that he wouldn't let be cleaned up and he starts crying. From the hallway hanna hears him. Hann goes back in to him. She actually ends up comforting him when he asks why Amanda did this. He asks why she cares, when she said she wanted to have the room cleaned. Wyatt sees Jim crying in Hanna's arms. She tells Jim that God will forgive him when he says no one could possibly forgive him.

Candace sharing a drink with Landon. He says he love hanging out with her. The man comes back with a sack full of money to pay for Candace's services. He says his name is Oscar and that he thinks Candace is gorgeous. And he says she's not an escort and that he's a vice cop. Candace says he's not a vice cop, he wouldn't have that kind of money if he was. They both accuse the other of being arrogant. She rejects him again. She says she doesn't trust him. That he's not even turned on. He says the only reason he's been this forward was that's how she was with him and leaves her his card.

Landon gives Candace the 911 on Oscar and tells Candace he's rich.

Quincy returns to Jeffrey's saying he lied to him. Thank god, Jeffrey didn't tell him the right hotel. Quincy calls up Candace and Landon answers. He tells her it wasn't Jeffrey on the phone. Candace becomes concerned when she can't find Jeffrey and asks Landon what room David is in.

Candace tells David she thinks Jeffrey is in trouble. Candace tells David to go check on Jeffrey. Dumb David won't, of course, listen to Candace trying to warn David that Veronica may have had something done to him. He instead blames Candace and says she'll pay if anything has happened to him. This is the second person that's tried to tell this clueless moron the truth about his wife and he just won't hear it.

Hanna comes home and finds Benny invited Tony the kidney thief home. Tony claims he wanted him taken off life support because he didn't think he'd want to live like that. Not the real reason. Benny asks Tony to tell him what he knows about him and he knows nothing. Benny then asks again why he wanted him dead. He still won't admit to wanting Benny's kidney. Then he starts going on again about how he only had altruistic reasons for wanting to pull the plug on him. Benny isn't buying it. Hanna tells Tony to tell the truth. He decides to go instead of telling the truth. Benny won't let him leave, however. Hanna gets Benny to let him leave.

Candace returns to Landon. She says she hopes she's wrong. Oscar comes back to harass Candace, again. She then asks Oscar what he knows about auctions, but agrees only if she has a drink with him.

Wyatt goes out to meet DA Jennifer. She comes with Detective Mallory. He admits he was the one who was responsible for the hit-and-run.


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