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The Haves And Have Nots: HE'S ALIVE!!!

Updated on January 26, 2016

But not for long if Candace has any say about it...

Quincy wakes up asking Candace to help him. He begs her to call the ambulance and she refuses. He says to remember he loves her, but she says she remembers him beating her. He's begging her to call an ambulance, as she says she remembers him saying he'd kill her son, him breaking her jaw and pimping her to his friends and buddies. She says she'll never help him. No one will miss him. She's just going to sit there and wait for him to die.

I will say this about the actor who plays Quincy, he's a good actor. One of the better ones this show has had. Unfortunately, Quincy's such a psychotic animal he has to die. Maybe Tyler Perry will cast him in another of his shows.

Officer Justin doesn't drive Jeffrey to the police station, but pulls over to have a little fun with him. He makes him get out of the car. He starts feeling him up and says he can't stand gays. He suggests Jeffrey wants him, even though Jeffrey says he doesn't. Then he gets in the back seat with Jeffrey. Wants to know what Jeffrey does with guys. Now the psycho is saying Jeffrey was offering to do him so he wouldn't be arrested. Great! Gladys Kravitz has a homophobic psycho son and he's on the police force.

Quincy starts bringing up Q. Quincy says he has Q's medicine and without it Q will die. He refuses to tell Candace what medicine Q needs unless she gets him help. He says when she finds Q dying to remember she's the one who killed him. Candace doesn't care. She just wants Quincy dead.

One of the hood rats tells Quincy's sister to track Quincy with his cell phone.

Judge comes to see DA Jen. He congratulates her for finally getting Jim. Jim's case is being handled by a judge that hates him. She asks the judge to get Wyatt his trust fund. She says Wyatt is responsible when the judge questions giving him that much money. And when he's high on drugs, DA Jen, can keep saying that.

A couple of hoodrats come to pay Benny a visit. One of them is War. Benny asks himy to go into business with him. Benny tells War the towing company is all paid for. Another guy pulls up and pays Benny a visit. It's his friend, Mitch. Mitch confronts Benny for buying the place behind his back. He reveals to both that Candace bought him the towing company, and two houses. War starts putting it all together. He asks where Candace lives. He knows bitch played him and played him hard.

Hanna notices Q is hot and uncovers him. Hanna doesn't have enough money to pay for another night in the motel. She offers to be a housekeeper for them, but they tell her thanks but no thanks. Then she calls up the social worker. She reveals she knows what happened to her house. She reveals she's at a hotel. The social worker says she's going to have to pick Q up. Hanna's plan is to go to Kathryn to give her a place to live. Going to be hard, since Kathryn is in jail. She's given until three on Monday to prove she's got a healthy environment for Q to live in.

Q says he doesn't feel good. He says he's hot. He wants to know when they're going home and says he has to have his medicine. The medicine makes him feel better. She says the hospital didn't say anything about any medicine, so he thinks that means he doesn't need it anymore. So Quincy was telling the truth.

Campaign headquarters. Maggie's dirty little story is about to hit the press. She's arranging for David to have a special hearing while the others are left to rot in jail. Enjoy it, sugar, cause you may have to stand in line behind someone who actually got David from Veronica, unlike you. And unlike you, she's not afraid to take Veronica on face-to-face instead of sniveling and whining when confronted head-on by her like you.

DA Jen gets a call that Jeffrey is being brought in. Dirty DA wants to have three cells in a row with Jeffrey in the middle, and apparently, the moms and dads on either side of them. She also instructs the jail guard to give David and Jim a copy of the paper with Maggie's nasty little article.

Jeffrey finally arrives at the jail, thankfully unmolested by the sick freak homophobic cop. Selfish little Wyatt ended up saving Jeffrey from whatever homophobic psycho freak cop Justin had in store for him with the little deal he cut with the DA.

Meanwhile a guy named Pete arrives at Wyatt's door wanting his parents' credit cards for drugs, probably. And he hasn't even gotten his paws on his trust fund, yet. One more thing. Dude, put some clothes on, already. He gives him stuff and paperwork so he can pass a drug test. As well as drugs. $80,000 worth. Pete suggests they invite some friends over for a drug party. Hey, maybe Wyatt can even get behind the wheel again and mow some more people down.

A paper is dropped in V and Kathryn's cell. Kathryn asks if Veronica is having an affair and shows her the newspaper. Veronica knows it's Maggie behind it. V says Maggie is trying to destroy her and Jim to get David. Kathryn asks who Veronica is with and she goes ape saying she doesn't want to talk about it. She says the walls have ears and they'll talk about it when she gets out. V is sure Maggie and DA Jen will make sure Jim and David will see it, too.

Jim asks why Maggie wants to separate David and Veronica. He digs it in saying that's his Veronica.

Candace says Quincy is finally dead. Then there's a knock at the door. It's War. He confronts her about playing him for a fool and not giving him a fair cut of the money. When he grabs her and begins to strangle her he sees Quincy lying on the floor.


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