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The Haves And Have Nots -- Hanna, "Get Your Hands Off My Son!"

Updated on July 25, 2015

Jim, "Put your hands on my son."

If you wanted to see the difference in Hanna and Jim's parenting styles that was it. Hanna wanted Vampira off her son, while Jim wanted Wyatt to get a good taste of what prison was by having his son forcibly stripped and pawed even though he knows Wyatt was molested as a child. And this was from a man that had just gotten molested by Candace and her thugs when she kidnapped him. Like I said, when Jim puts on his leather jacket, you'd better watch out.

Hanna hurries up and closes the door and tries to stop David from finding V doing the nasty with her son in his bedroom. A furious Hanna goes into Benny's and gets the keys to David's truck for him.

Hanna gives him his keys and tries to hustle him out the door, but David says he'd like to see Benny. David says he's confused to why Benny has his truck. Then Benny comes out as David is asking why Benny was arrested. Benny says he drove V home because she was drinking and that's how he ended up with his truck.

David leaves none the wiser. Maggie's little trap failed.Or does it?

David gets in his truck and seems to notice something about it. Hanna watches as he drives away. Then Hanna orders Benny to get V's butt out of her house. Hanna lets V have it for having sex with her son and tells her to get out. Hanna doesn't want to let Benny take V home. She calls V an old @ss woman. Maybe but she's got a figure a lot of woman would kill for. She's kept herself well maintained. V has the nerve to come back into Hanna's house to wait for her car, but Hanna won't let her wait and throws her out, again. She also won't let Benny go take her home, again.

Hanna wants to know how this could have happened because she raised him better. Hanna says it's low-down and nasty. She wants to know why he did it, and he says she threw it out there, but Hanna says he didn't have to take it. Benny says to chill out and it won't happen again. Wanna bet? Hanna threatens to throw Benny out if he ever brings V in her house, again. He says he's only there to help her out. Then Hanna starts her bible thumping and Benny walks out the door. He offers to take V home, but she said it's okay, she'll wait on the lawn. Hanna storms back in her house ranting about the whole thing.

Candace learns she got both the houses she made an offer on. Jeffrey shows up at Candace's and tells her V has cancelled all his credit cards. She tosses Jeffrey a stack of cash. Jeffrey gives it back to Candace. He asks if she's okay, cause she looks sad. She asks him to move into her house with her. Melissa arrives to take a home pregnancy test.

Jim brings Wyatt to his destination. It's a prison. Jim says to get out of the car.

Melissa passes the pregnancy test. When Jeffrey wants her to get rid of it, Melissa turns nasty. She says if V backs out on helping her, she's coming after Jeffrey for child support. And she says to Candace before storming out, “I'm sick of you, bitch.” I like this Melissa. She's been putting up with too much crap from the Bobsey Twins. About time she started handing some back.

Benny shows up at Candace's. He's come for the $5,000 to bail Quincy out. She wants to show Benny her new house, not to mention expensive car. Benny wants to know what's going on. He's not buying what she's selling.

Jim takes Wyatt to one of the prison guards. Wyatt's getting scared. After Wyatt goes with the guard, Jim says if he isn't scared yet he will be before he's done with him. Inside, Wyatt gets fingerprinted. Then his mugshot taken. He thinks they're just playing until the man tells Wyatt to take off his clothes and bend over for a full-cavity search. The man calls in two more guards to strip Wyatt down for an anal cavity search.

Candace takes him to the place she bought for him, the auto shop Benny wanted. She tells him it's all his. He wants to know how she did this. She says she got a loan from her credit union, but Benny says that's bull, she's lying to him. He says he wants to know everything. He challenges her to take him to this job she claims she has.

Maggie realizes V's lover is Hanna's son. Maggie tries to stir the pot to make David suspicious of Benny and V. David gets a call and it's from Candace wanting David to help her cover with Benny and Candace learns that V let Benny have his truck. This is really starting to get very incestuous. David asks Maggie to help Candace con Benny.

V's still waiting to be picked up when Hanna starts getting in her face. Hanna gives V 24 hours to tell David the truth. V threatens her back. She says she'll just have to find something on Hanna to tell Benny. Then she starts insulting Hanna's mattress and sheets.

Jim invites a cell mate named Norman in to meet Wyatt. Norman is the guy who took the fall for Wyatt. Jim tells Wyatt and Norman to take their clothes off. Jim is going to have Norman and Wyatt trade places. He leaves Wyatt behind as him and Norman walk out the door.

Well, Wyatt wanted to go to prison for his crime and he is. It's just in a way Jim can keep it quiet so it doesn't ruin his election. Wyatt can do his time under Norman's name.

I can see why Jim is trying to scare Wyatt straight to get him to shut his yap about what happened, but if and when I got out of this I might take a gun and shoot Jim in repayment.


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