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The Haves And Have Nots -- Hanna Is One Ungrateful B

Updated on June 17, 2014

And one vile mother

It's really kind of sad that these two are the only likable characters on the show. The others are just so nasty.

Speaking of nasty, Queen of Nasty goes to the bible thumping, Hanna. You'd think she'd be the most beloved character, but she's so foul on so many levels. We're only a couple of episodes into this half of the season and she's already racking up nasty points.

It seems not only did Kathryn get Horrible Hanna out of jail she also reversed the judge's order to have Benny taken off life support and one of his kidney's given to Tony. When Hanna ratted out Wyatt to the cops, Kathryn could have had Wyatt sent back to County Hospital where he would have gotten a death sentence, but even after Horrible Hanna was responsible for putting Wyatt behind bars, Kathryn has continued to pay for Benny's medical expenses and he's getting better. But is Horrible Hanna the least bit grateful? Heck no. She's grateful to Jesus as she spasms her body and screams, "Praise the Lord." With Kathryn she's ungrateful and says she's only doing it so she won't tell the truth about Wyatt.

But the vile woman believes she's on some holy mission for truth, justice and the American way. While she's pompously wrapping herself in her claims she's doing the right thing, she forgets the date expired on her doing it because it's the right thing when she sat at that little girl's funeral and didn't tell what she knew. And to add insult to injury she was an utter cow to the little girls grandfather who only wanted to help her and be nice to her. No, she's as vindictive as her daughter who she spits on and she wants to get back at Jim caused he tried to make her look crazy. If the horrible hag gets her son back it'll because of Kathryn who she's lifting her leg and pissing all over.

And it only gets better. When she has a violent encounter with Candace's ex, Quincy, who is looking for Candace, is she worried about her daughter? Oh, heck no. Does this monstrous mommy even consider warning her daughter she could be in danger? Oh, heck no. The vile piece of crap is back to yapping about finding her grandbaby so she can depart her twisted moral values to him. If Quincy had told his horrible heifer what she wanted to know, she'd have even joined Quincy in gang-banging her own daughter.

If she wasn't such a vile piece of garbage one might feel sorry for being taken for a ride literally by Jim's dirty cop, Byron.

Speaking of Candace, Mama Rose is telling some scary tales about Mister Jim. She claims he's a blue-eyed devil. That he's had several people put into concrete blocks and that their part of the foundations of a lot of buildings around town. And guess what? Candace is next, unless she agree to what Jim wants.

And speaking of Jim, his plan is to say that Wyatt did do a hit-and-run, it just wasn't the little girl and Benny. The con he was looking for claims to be the hit-and-run victim and says he doesn't want to press charges. So Wyatt gets released from jail, but it's anyone's guess if Wyatt will ruin Jim's plan again by his utter stupidity. From the previews it seems Wyatt gets caught blubbering over the little girl he ran over tombstone and Grandaddy Michael and Crack Mama catch him. Yeah, Jim, explain why your son is blubbering at the grave of a kid he didn't run over.

Veronica is at home all by herself watching Jim pull his con. Of course, one word from her and it'll all blow up in Jim's face. However, she should be thanking Jim. Because of his little con, it keeps her grip of Jeffrey's man parts as firm as ever. As long as she goes along with Jim's story, Jeffrey will remain her puppet having to dance to her tune.

It seems Jeffrey is the only one worried about Candace. Amanda's too busy licking the barrel of her new gun like it's a lollipop to even care. She also starts threatening Jeffrey with her new toy and makes him give her the key to the apartment that Candace gave him. As soon as Jeffrey gets away from the psycho and the gun she's pointing at him, he goes to Kathryn to tell he psycho's got a gun. Kathryn in turn tells Jim it's time to put that whackjob away. Only he won't have none of that. He believes something has set his little psychopath off and he plans to go to Candace to find out what she knows. Yeah, like she's really going to tell you, Jim, after you had her kidnapped and terrorize by Ma Barker.

Benny really lucked out in the parent sweepstakes. He's got Horrible Hanna the bible-spouting hypocrite for a mother and Tony, the Kidney Thief for a father. Seems Hanna's little cop buddy wasn't able to tell he was being tailed when he drove the horrible heifer back to the hospital to pray all over Benny again. In walks the Kidney Thief, Tony coming for a kidney. He doesn't notice the fruit of his looms isn't hooked up to life support anymore, so he can't even pull the plug on him so he can go mining for a kidney. When Mommy and Daddy are at his bedside metaphorically in a tug-of-war over one of his kidneys Benny wakes up and mumbles something. Bad luck for you, Tony. Or in the words of the Soup Nazi, "No kidney for you!"

It other news, for two weeks running Dear Celine has uttered the words, "If Wyatt were my son." So is that a hint that maybe he is? That that's the big secret she has over Jim and Kathryn that forces them to keep her employed in their household? I thought it was Amanda, but maybe it's Wyatt. I still think one of the Cryer kids is going to end up being Celine's.


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