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The Haves And Have Nots -- Hanna Makes A Grab For Q

Updated on August 25, 2015

With a mother like Hanna you don't need an enemy...

Last week, I found myself on Team Hanna because I have my doubts Candace can give Q what he needs considering the lifestyle she loves to live. Would Candace, who is pretty selfish and self-serving, be willing to change her life for her son? But after Hanna threw mud all over Candace to further her own bid for custody any rooting quality the woman had went right out the window. Mud could be thrown on Hanna, as well, and plenty of it. Watch out for reformed sinners, because they make the worst hypocrites you'll ever see.

When Candace arrives she's informed she can't have her son and will need to prove she can provide a fit household for Q to reside in. Thanks, Hanna. She also learns Hanna is trying to snatch and grab her son. Let's just say the fur starts flying. Unfortunately, Benny may prove to be Candace's Waterloo and cost her custody of her son. He told the social worker about Candace's fictitious job. Once social services investigates and discovers there is no such job, it's just going to validate everything Hanna said about her.

When Candace goes to the hospital to visit Q. Candace decides to play a bit of hardball of her own. She demands that Hanna not be allowed to see Q.

Over on the rich side of town things aren't going much better. D.A. Jennifer interrogates the Cryers and Harringtons and the V decides the best way to handle the woman is by antagonizing her even further. She even goes so far as admitting she burned down her house trying to kill her husband, then pretends she was just joking. D. A. Jennifer leaves vowing to take them all down.

After Jen-Jen leaves, V lets it be known that she knows Wyatt is in prison getting a taste of what he asked for. Jim is horrified that David would have told her about that. Only thing is David didn't tell her. When David has a private tete a tete with his psychotic spouse he becomes worried that she had something down to Wyatt. So worried, in fact, he goes to Jim and tells him to get Wyatt out of there now, because he doesn't think he's as safe as Jim thinks.

Unfortunately, it's too late. And, yes, Veronica was behind the inmate getting in Wyatt's cell and raping him. Jim's guards find Wyatt and get the inmate out of Wyatt's cell, demanding to know how he got in there with Wyatt. It was another black guard who plays dumb, who is apparently on Veronica or the inmate's payroll. The guards take Wyatt to the infirmary. Afterwards the inmate calls up Veronica [just so we'll know she did do this foul thing, and probably because Wyatt gave her lip and she sees Wyatt as a threat to making Jeffrey go hetero]. He wants to know just when she's going to deliver on what she promised him for doing this and she just hangs up on him.

I've been saying this for awhile, but Veronica is Dead Woman Walking. Someone is going to take her out. I thought if something happened to Wyatt in prison Kathryn would turn on Jim, but now we know Veronica was behind it, I think they'll go after her. They teamed up to deal with Professor Rape, who they blame for Amanda killing herself. So if they find out Veronica had their remaining child raped, she's going to be toast.

Of course, Veronica is so smug and arrogant she just doesn't think a time will ever come that someone will make her pay for her crimes. And considering the way David the Dummy has let her get away with everything she's done and is still defending this evil woman, she has good reason to feel that way. Seriously, Aunt Esther from the old Sanford and Son TV show needs to come over and hit David with her purse calling him, "You big dummy!" Will what she did to Wyatt make any kind of difference to his support of the woman he loves? I mean, he knows she tried to burn him alive and had his own son beaten up. For anyone else, that would have been enough. By will having Wyatt raped finally get this fool to see the light?

Speaking of fools, Maggie decides to take David over to Benny's tow yard to see him pumping up Veronica's engine. In one of those classic 70's sitcom moments both David and Maggie are talking about what's going on at the tow yards. Maggie thinks clueless David has finally put it together that V is going for a ride of Benny's magic joystick, while David thinks Maggie knows about the car. They finally realize the other was talking about something else. The question is will Maggie just finally spill it? And even if she does, will David even believe her?

And from the Twin Fools we go to the truly delusional and pathetic and that would be Miss Celine. Her son, Carlos, is once again, trying to get her to see the light. Jim doesn't love her and they're never getting back together again. But she won't believe it, so she heads to campaign headquarters. Jim isn't there, but David is. The Dumb seems to finally get through to the Delusional and make her see the light. She stomps off looking like she's in hell hath no fury as a woman scorned mode, but probably at the back of her pathetic and delusional mind she thinks if she can make Jim notice her he'll finally see the light and come back to her.

Finally, Benny had better watch himself. He's been getting a bit lippy with Veronica and she was wearing the same expression on her face as she did when Wyatt did the same thing. And we see what she had done to Wyatt.She's still sexing up Benny trying to get her paws on The Car.

There's still no word on just what Jim and Kathryn have done to the professor. Wonder if his wife will report him missing? Or will she even notice he's gone? I mean, she didn't notice he has a stab wound and Amanda kept sneaking in her house and she didn't notice that either.


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