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The Haves And Have Nots -- Hanna Stumbles Over A Horror

Updated on January 27, 2015

And Wyatt is a horror!

It kind of makes you wish he was the one who got shot, instead.

Hanna tries to resist Michael and keeps saying no, but doesn't like knee him in the groin. However, Benny Boy comes home and hears sex noises coming from Mommy's room. Sex noises Mommy is making. He goes all icky-poo when he opens the door. Has to be funniest scene on this show, EVER. I'm surprised Benny didn't go, “My eyes! My eyes!”

What's inside Amanda's room the promo asks? Her dead body, that's what!

Candace asks what Veronica has on him, but he won't tell. He suggests maybe she should go to the hotel. She asks what Veronica said to her. He, in turn, asks her what she's up to, and she won't tell, either. Candace says Jeffrey needs to stand up to his mother and that it's not right the way he lets her treat him. She says he needs to slam Veronica hard. She also points out that if he'd ever had to struggle for food and money he would be able to stand on his own two feet and not be afraid of Veronica cutting him off financially, again.

So it appears that Candace will escape Quincy once again. But what will the psycho do to Jeffrey? Whatever he does, it's on Veronica for putting this thing in motion.

Benny's icky poo yuck moment finally gets Hanna to put the brakes on things. And Michael finally gets his pistol back in control in his pocket. Hanna walks Michael out so Benny won't go all angry black man on him. Benny acts a jerk asking if Hanna has washed her hands when she offers to make him breakfast. Hanna says Benny is smelling himself and that this is her house. She also tells him to watch how he talks to her when he says she should be ashamed of herself. She tells her favorite to get out of her face. Bout time!

Maggie and David run into each other. David says Veronica will show up and act like nothing happened. David says she needs to keep her distance from him. She asks David to give Jim a call.

Kathryn comes down stairs calling for Jim. Celine says he's not here. She tells Kathryn that Wyatt drank two bottles of scotch. She goes upstairs to confront Wyatt and tells him to get out of bed and get ready for the campaign gathering. He refuses, and Kathryn storms out. Then she knocks on Amanda's door telling her to get up.

The only good part of Kathryn's day is seeing Hanna back. Kathryn tells Hanna about Quincy beating up Jim. She won't heed Hanna's warning about Quincy. Kathryn just revel in what he did to Jim and telling the kids the truth about him so they don't think it's her. I guess it's good she has a moment to laugh, because what's coming her way she won't be laughing for a very long time. Even though she didn't get on well with Amanda, this is going to hit her where she lives. Wyatt, too.

Jeffrey is at his apartment when Melissa drops by. She says Veronica sent her to Jeffrey. Is that psycho nuts considering what she sent Jeffrey's way. He asks why she's on him so hard. He says they were both drunk and it's not going to happen, again. He tells her he's not interested in her that way. She says the more he does it, the more natural it'll become. He realizes Melissa knows he's gay and that it's her job to turn him straight. He asks if Veronica put her up to this.

Kathryn gets into it with Wyatt. He tells her to go to hell. And he tells her about Celine having Jim's son. Then he takes another decanter of booze and heads upstairs.

Vile Veronica shows up at campaign headquarters.

Kathryn is on her way to campaign headquarters by herself. I was hoping Kathryn would have been in the house when Hanna finds the body. It would have added a lot of emotional context to the scene. Instead, jerk Wyatt will be the family member reacting, apparently. After the way the nasty little creep talked to his mother, I could care less if he put himself in a coma from alcohol poisoning.

Candace goes to visit Jim. He begs her to let him sign the papers so she'll let him go. She makes him call her his goddess. Gave me with a freaking spoon. He says he needs his hand free to sign. When she lets him go he tries to strangle the bitch, but she gets away from him. She won't let him go until the money is wired into her account.

I hate that she wins again, but hopefully this awful storyline is finally over.

She's sure Jim is broken and she's got him. She says she wishes they could kill him. She's arrogantly sure that Quincy won't find her. She doesn't know Vile Veronica is tipping him off. Candace says she wants War to go straight. She offers to set him up in a business.

And here we finally go. Hanna opens Amanda's bedroom. She opens the curtain and finds blood all over the place. Hanna runs to Wyatt's room with blood all over her hands.

Yeah, after last week's promo, I knew it was going to be Amanda that was shot. And I had a feeling Hanna would find Amanda the last few minutes of the show. At least the promo for the reactions to Amanda's death look good. My favorite reaction is Kathryn's. I knew it would hit her where it lives. I also wonder how Jim will react and if he'll blame Candace. Maybe he'll think if she hadn't kidnapped him he could have found her and saved her.

Speaking of the dastardly duo, I really hope this is the end of the Jim and Candace mess, But I've got a bad feeling he'll try to get back at her, then she'll try to get back at him.

I also guess Quincy got lost on his way to Jeffrey's since Jeffrey made it safely to the campaign headquarters without meeting Thug Life.


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