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The Haves And Have Nots -- Jim and Kathryn Learn The Truth

Updated on January 31, 2014

Hanna tries to blackmail Candace for info on Benny

Kind of proving that no matter how much Hanna protests, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Candace is more like her than she'd want to believe. Both used a child to try and blackmail someone to get what they wanted. Needless to say they both failed.

When Amanda was complaining that Wyatt always come first with her parents over her she actually knew what she was talking about. She and Candy Cane think her parents are wringing her hands over Amanda demanding her trust fund. Little does she know they've been so consumed with Wyatt's problems they haven't given her a second thought.

Candace still wasn't taking Jeffrey and Professor Rape's warning about Amanda seriously, although she casually asked Amanda if she was all right and Amanda said she was to assure herself they were exaggerating. Meanwhile, Candace was still trying to contract Benny. Starting to worry about her brother she bit the bullet and went to her mother's house to ask where Benny was.

Hanna does something so vile she shouldn't have the nerve to pray to God and expect him to answer her prayers. She basically tries to blackmail Candace for the whereabouts of Candace's son in exchange for telling her the truth about Benny. When Candace won't comply she refuses to even tell Candace that Benny's in the hospital after the hit and run.

Celine was still Celine which means someone should Ziploc a storage bag around her head and put everyone out of their misery. She still wouldn't get Hanna's messages to Kathryn. And she also told Kathryn she hasn't gotten her payment yet, so whatever this payment thing is about Kathryn knows all about it.

Does the man whose ears perked up about Jim being in a certain office space he was trying to rent have anything to do with this payment. He assured Maggie he'd make sure she got the office space for campaign headquarters and seemed to be planning to join the campaign as a worker.

Maggie also thinks that Jim and David should attend the funeral for little girl killed by the hit and run to show their support and that Kathryn and Veronica should attend with them. It's at the funeral where Kathryn spots Hanna sitting with the dead girl's family and Jim immediately believes Hanna knows the truth and she's thrown her lot in with the dead girl's family. Then it gets worse when the Al Sharpton wannabe tries to get Hanna to come up and speak and he reveals to everyone there that Hanna's son was the other victim of the hit and run and suddenly everything gets worse for Jim and Kathryn. Kathryn's reaction to the news tips off Veronica something's up and there's no telling how much Maggie has overheard.

Against Jim's wishes, Kathryn goes up to Hanna and Hanna says she'll talk to Kathryn later.This further convinces Jim and Kathryn she knows, but does she? Jim and Kathryn walk out and face the reporters acting like they want the person behind the hit and run caught and Jim lets it drop he'll soon be announcing his candidacy. Then Jim and David and their wives get into the car and leave. Something tells me Veronica is going to be wanting some answers.

Meanwhile Jeffrey puts the whole thing together about Wyatt being the hit and run drive and Benny being the second victim. Wyatt begs Jeffrey not to rat him out to the cops and he says he won't. But will he? Especially with the fact that he's living with Candace and it was her brother that got run down.

Jeffrey also tells Candace that Benny is in the hospital. That he was the second victim of the hit and run and Candace rushes to the hospital. I wouldn't want to be Hanna when she sees her knowing she kept the truth from her about her brother.

In other developments since Candace and Amanda haven't heard anything from Jim and Kathryn about Amanda's trust fund, Candace decided to try and sex up Jim to try and get him to do what she wants. Only she discovered to her shock she can't get Jim to rise to the occasion even when she puts the heel of her shoe against his crotch. Then she tries threatening Jim with the non-existent baby she's pregnant with and threatening to go to the press and Jim tells her to go and do it, and get the heck out of his office because he's done with her. When she refuses to leave, he tosses her out of his office and onto the floor before slamming the door. I know it was totally politically incorrect but I really loved every moment of that.

Candace thinks she's irresistible to all men and it was great she didn't do anything for Jim. I loved it. And I loved him tossing her out on her butt. She may even think she's so all that she can turn a gay man on by the fact she walked in on a naked Jeffrey in the bathroom. She revealed to Jeffrey when she passes the bar, she intends to make a new start in Atlanta and asks if he'd like to come with her.

Amanda was also paying a visit on a man that just wanted her to go away. Professor Rape left the door to his house open and Amanda was waiting for him when he came out of the show. He got down on his knees begging her to leave him alone and saying he was sorry for what he did to her. But she told him it wouldn't be over until he died by her hands.

So it seems that even if Jim and Kathryn are able to keep a lid on the Wyatt situation, they may have yet another one to deal with in Amanda. They both know Candace is using Amanda for her own gains. They should spare some of the time they're using on Wyatt to keep an eye on their daughter, cause by not doing it it's likely to end up biting them both on their butts.


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