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The Haves And Have Nots: Just How Did Amanda Really Die?

Updated on February 10, 2015

Jim finally makes it home...

Jim got on the wrong bus. He starts arguing with the bus driver and she kicks him off the bus. When Jim tries to use his name to get what he wants, to let him use her cell phone, she tells him she's Diana Ross. In short, big deal who you are. He eventually leaves the bus in an angry fit. He's not used to be treated this way. Welcome to the real world, Jim.

Kathryn arrives home and asks Hanna what happened. They won't let Kathryn see Amanda. Celine refuses to get some water for Kathryn when Veronica asks. Celine declares she's upset, too.

Wyatt is an ass to David when he tries to express some sympathy to him. Hanna tries to get through to Wyatt so he stops acting out. Jeffrey is the one who Wyatt let's comfort him, much to Veronica's distaste. Jeffrey won't stop comforting Wyatt when Mommy Dragon orders him to let Wyatt go. And David basically tells her to back-off of Jeffrey. David then tells Melissa she needs to go home, but Veronica doesn't want her to go, saying Jeffrey needs Melissa. Veronica tells David that Jeffrey is sleeping with her. David doesn't care, he tells Celine to call a car for Melissa, and then all hell breaks loose.

Celine tells him to do it himself, then she gets into it with Veronica. When Celine says she wants to leave and Amanda killed herself since she was always unstable, Kathryn orders her out. Then when Wyatt starts in on Kathryn for finally doing something, she slaps him. Kathryn then tells Celine she's fired. But the cops won't let her leave. David has Jeffrey take Wyatt to another room and Veronica is quick to order her little tool Melissa to go with them. Give it up, Dragon.

Veronica tries to throw her weight around to the cops and the cop backs down to the Dragon and takes Celine outside. Seriously, she's being given the Candace treatment this season and I'm getting sick of it. Meanwhile David calls to have the Dragon's tool picked up and taken away. The Dragon insists her tool stay when David says she needs to go. Not even a tragedy will stop the homophobic Dragon push her agenda.

Kathryn thinks she won't know that Amanda is gone unless she sees her, but Hanna says she doesn't want to see her like that. Kathryn breaks down in Hanna's arms. David wonders where Jim is.

Jim tries to get a guy to let him use his phone only he sent a member of his family to jail. The guy decides to beat up Jim, instead. A woman pulls the guy off of Jim. He asks the woman to give him a ride. She eventually agrees to help him.

Candace tells Benny she passed the bar when he tries to drag her out of the hotel room and her ill gotten gains. She lies a big law firm gave her a job and a big advance salary. Benny seems to buy her BS story. Benny says that Hanna loves her and he's going to tell her about the job.

The woman thinks Jim knows about Amanda. She says all his family is at home when he wants to go to his campaign headquarters. She asks if she should take him to his house, instead. She tells him about Amanda when she realizes he doesn't know.

Benny tells Candace about the trucking firm going down and reveals he got 17 tows because the competition is out of business. Candace offers to buy another truck for Benny. She says he needs to start thinking big.

Benny wants to talk about Quincy, but she's sure Quincy won't find her at the hotel. Yeah, you know, Quincy is too dumb to look for her in a fancy hotel.

Candace lost the paper she was given to take bar exam early and wants someone to help her get a job in the law firm she lied to Benny she was working at.

Jim finally arrives home to press and an ambulance waiting outside. He sees Celine and asks if it's true. He goes inside. Jim wants David to tell him it isn't true. He breaks down in David's arms.

I knew it. Kathryn says she told Jim they should have had Amanda committed. She physically attacks Jim before being dragged away.

Jim wants to go up to Amanda's room and see her. David takes Jim to the sun room instead.

Melissa still hanging around with Jeffrey and Wyatt like an unwanted third wheel. Wyatt starts drinking. Wyatt asks who Melissa is. She tells Wyatt she's Jeffrey's date and Wyatt tells her Jeffrey's gay and in love with him. Wyatt says she doesn't look shocked. Wyatt asks if she saw why Melissa is still there if she saw Landon kiss Jeffrey. He's pretty disgusting throughout the whole scene.

Wyatt is blaming Candace for Amanda. Says she was a nice girl until she met Candace. He reveals Jim was screwing Celine, as well. Melissa finally has enough and decides to leave. Jeffrey and I agree that Wyatt is a donkeybutt.

David asks where Jim was and Jim says it's all Candace's fault. Jim says Amanda was fine before she met Candace. Jim tells David she kidnapped him. Jim blames Candace for not being home where he should have been. David urges Jim to stop thinking about Candace and to get his family through this tragedy.

Veronica tries to get rid of Hanna when Kathryn starts talking about what Jim did for Wyatt. Veronica tries to get Kathryn to stop from revealing the truth to Hanna. Yeah, if she does, the Dragon will have nothing to hold over Jeffrey's head to blackmail him with.

The police call everyone in the living room. The cop announces they're waiting for the DA to arrive. The cop says Amanda's death wasn't suicide it was murder.

I really enjoyed this episode. The scenes at the Cryer mansion were so good I didn't even mind all the filler scenes.


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    • profile image

      Matt 3 years ago

      Holly B - I'm so glad you now have a blog I can stalk haha I love you and I think you are amazingly talneted and I feel blessed to call you one of my dearest friends and my family photographer!! I look forward to seeing great things on this blog. This is great since I don't facebook.