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The Haves And Have Nots -- Kathryn Pawns Candace!

Updated on July 14, 2015

Kathryn Cryer -- 1; Nine -- 0

Candace just found out her child was alive when she thought he'd died, so you'd think that would give her a little sensitivity to Jim and Kathryn who just lost their daughter, but no. She decides to come to Amanda's funeral to rub salt in their wounds using the excuse that Amanda was her friend. No, Amanda was her mark and meal ticket. Maybe if she'd seen what Kathryn did to the other trifling number, Celine, she'd no she'd better not mess with her. Of course, Nine is not just her mistress number but IQ number probably would think Kathryn wouldn't dare mess with her. And in that she would be very wrong

The episode picks up with Wyatt wanting to spread the misery by telling Hanna he's the one who ran Benny down. Only V is having none of that...

Veronica smoothly intercepts him and sends Hanna up to be with Kathryn before Wyatt even knows what happened. V ominously says she'll take care of Wyatt as Hanna heads out of the room. Then V says it's good for Jim for beating on Wyatt. Dumb Wyatt admits he snitched on her to the cops. She says he's ungrateful and he owes her and she collects on her debts. The big dummy says he's not afraid of her, proving just how dumb he truly is. For once, I'm rooting for V to do her worst. The smug little punk has it coming. Seriously, she had her own son beaten up. You don't want to mess with that, you big dummy.

V tells Wyatt that the boys in prison are going to love Wyatt there. Then he rubs V's face in the fact that Jeffrey wants him. V suggests that Wyatt enjoys it that Jeffrey wants him. She even suggests that maybe Wyatt wants him back.

V tells Jim he didn't beat Wyatt enough. She tells Jim to get Wyatt under control. Damn, I wanted V to give Wyatt a world of hurt. Not sure Jim can deliver it as well as she could.

Maggie is working Amanda's funeral to use it to get Jim elected. Candace arrives and Hanna tries to head her off at the pass. Candace goes right up to Jim and Kathryn to let them know she's there. When Wyatt sees her there, he has a fit. For once, I was on the little punk's side. V and Candace get into it. And Kathryn, strangely enough, invites Candace over to the house for the gathering after the funeral. Dumb Candace doesn't have any warning bells going off over Kat's sudden niceness to her.

D.A. Jennifer's upset that her boss wants to let Wyatt off the hook. He says unless she can find the car, it's over. Well, I wondered if they'd be writing Wyatt off and he'd be shown in prison doing time. I didn't think he wouldn't go to jail, at all.

Celine's at home feeling sorry for herself when her son comes in. He reveals he was fired from the campaign. Carlos asks why her uniform is in the trash. They talk about someone named Little Jimmy. God, did Celine have two kids by Jim? Carlos tells Celine that Jim doesn't care about her, but she won't listen. He realizes the fool is still in love with Jim. Carlos says she should go on with her life, but the fool says she knows Jim loves her and never loved Kathryn.

A man gives Maggie some pics of Benny and V getting it on in David's truck. I suppose Maggie thinks this will get her the key to unlocking the fly on David's pants. V tried to burn David alive. After that getting it on with another man is small potatoes.

Melissa shows up at the funeral and makes a beeline for V. V is still trying to push Melissa on Jeffrey. V tells David to leave asking if the smoke wasn't enough. Burn! In more ways than one.

Jeffrey tries to be nice to Wyatt and he gets repulsive saying Jeffrey wants him to bat for his team, but he never will. Jeffrey tells Wyatt he had sex with Landon and it was good. Wyatt doesn't like hearing that. Jeffrey suggests that Wyatt is gay. Wyatt denies it saying he knows Jeffrey will be eying him when he leaves the room. Landon comes in when Wyatt leaves.

Landon says Wyatt is beautiful but an ass. Landon says Wyatt is not gay. He's 100% straight and Jeffrey needs to let him go. Jeffrey says that he doesn't want Landon. Landon says Jeffrey was calling Wyatt's name when they were having sex. Have some pride then, Wyatt, and blow this love sick moron off.

Jeffrey tells Melissa to go, but she says that would upset V and she'll just stay in the other room.

Maggie presses David about the fire and who started it. Maggie says that David should be with someone who appreciate hims. Maggie says if he makes an insurance claim she won't be able to keep the arson a secret. Dumb David thinks he can help V through it and that they'll get back to the way things were. Maggie decides not to show him the pics of Benny and V. Probably wouldn't matter anyway. To repeat myself, she tried to set the dude on fire and he still wants her.

Jeffrey makes Melissa get up and he takes her outside. Melissa says she's pregnant. Candace starts getting in Melissa's face. Melissa spills the whole story of how Melissa's mother borrowed money from V and how her father has got cancer and V will foreclose on the house and make sure her dad doesn't get her meds unless she can get with Jeffrey. He and Candace aren't moved, but I feel sorry for the girl. Between the way Jeffrey is treating Landon and treating Melissa and letting his pitbull Candace treat her like crap, he's coming off as just as big of a dick as Wyatt is. He's totally unlikable.

Candace barges into the funeral gathering. Both Jeffrey and Hanna try to get her to leave. Wyatt confronts Candace for screwing with Amanda's head while screwing his father. Kathryn steps up saying let her handle this. Kathryn calls Jim over to see whose come. Hanna tries to make Candace leave, but Kathryn says she wants her here. Kathryn says Candace has answers she needs.

Kathryn invites Candace to the study. Kathryn asks what Candace did to her daughter. Candace acts all smug as she walks towards the door and Kathryn smashes the foul bitch over the head with a bottle of booze. Jim just walks out the door leaving her laying face down on the couch.

And finally we get some of the craziness this show is famous for. It was starting to get boring and losing his edge. When the foul bitch wakes up will she tells them Amanda was raped and that's what made her go over the edge? I kind of doubt it.


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