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The Haves And Have Nots -- The Benny & Quincy Car Wars Continue

Updated on September 15, 2015

Hanna becomes homeless...

Viewers can't help but notice that Benny and Quincy aren't going out and getting guns in their war with each other. Instead, they're jacking cars and using them as deadly weapons. Twice Benny has Car Fu'd Quincy and in this episode Quincy decided to return the favor.

I'm calling it Car Fu fighting after the old seventies song Kung Fu Fighting. Someone should really do a music video with scenes of Benny and Quincy and their car antics. They could even include Benny's hit-and-run and Benny and Veronica getting down in David's car. It would be hilarious.

Benny may have gotten Hanna to spend one night in his new home, but that's all she'll spend. She wants to go back to her own crip. And before she does, she pisses all over Benny's champagne wishes and caviar dreams by saying Benny needs to earn it and she doesn't trust this. She also uses her buddy, The Social Worker, to blacken Candace's name with Benny to the point Benny goes to the place Candace pulled her job scam on him and sees for herself she doesn't work there.

When The Social Worker discovers Miss Hanna has been telling someone else she's got an IN with her, she has to cut Miss Hanna off at the knees. She's worried she's going to lose her job, because what she did was completely unethical. But that's not all she's got to worry about.

When she comes to visit Little Q, she gets a up-close and personal picture of how scared the little boy is of Big Quincy when he drops in for a visit, telling him he'll be back for him. It's good Quincy has some pressing matters to take care of, because The Social Worker was just afraid of this thug and she wouldn't have put up much a fight to try and protect Quincy from his abusive daddy. In fact, she ran out of the room leaving the poor defenseless child along with his evil Daddy.

Okay, here it comes. Before coming to terrorize his child, he decided to pay Benny back by driving a car through Hanna'shouse and then walking away like a cat leaving a litter box with a backward kick of the kitty litter to get it out between his toes. Then the house blows up and catches on fire, so it looks like Hanna will be living with Benny, after all.

Despite having a judge in her pocket to get custody of Little Q, since her home has literally gone up in flames, I think her bid for custody has, too. If she tries to use Benny's house as her new crib, Candace can reveal the fact that she's the one who bought the house for Benny. Sorry, Miss Hanna, you lose.

Kathryn confides in Hanna that she's glad Jim's bid for governor went up in smoke. She wasn't thrilled by the idea of being the Governor's wife. Okay, what happened to Kathryn divoricing Jim. I wasn't happy about it, since these two are my favorite couple [Yeah, I know it's sick] but they said they were finally getting out of their marriage.

Speaking of Jim, he won't tell Kathryn what Veronica did. Dude, she needs to know. Kathryn invites V over seemingly to try and find out what she did, but she gets distracted by Hanna's burning house. Before that, Veronica and Hanna get into it and Hanna's trying to go all hood on Veronica saying she'd like to drag her out on the lawn to settle this hood-style for boffing her baby boy. Hanna, you couldn't take V with both arms tied behind her back. Hanna couldn't even really take Celine, who is small potatoes. Hell, even Quincy is afraid of Veronica and she's taken him down verbally on more than on occasion when he came to try and rape her. Hanna's all mouth and she's going to find out that little fact if she tries tangling with the V.

Jeffrey has enough of Wyatt's Dick Wood Duck treatment and tells him that he's gay and to just suck up that little fact. Then Wyatt plays his trump card that he got raped in prison. He thinks Jim was behind it.

Speaking of someone going hood, Jim a little hardcore at the moment. He pays Celine a visit, and she's playing her, “I didn't really want to do it, Jim,” card. Yeah, that's why you provided DNA to prove Jim fathered both your kids. He reminds her that he told her he would never leave his wife and kids for her and her kids. He says no man will touch her now they've seen what she pulled on him.

And Maggie gets a dose of Jim's nasty side, when she presents him with his resignation speech she penned for him. Jim returns the favor by making a bunch of crude sexual come ons to her. Sorry, Jim, she's into dumb black men who keep turning her down even when their wives have their sons beaten up and try to set them on fire. Maggie doesn't miss a beat in trying to convince David to announce he's running for governor, instead. She says she wants to put him in the governor's mansion. Something tells me she plans to be living there right next to him and has no plans for V to be with him.

You know, as much as I'd love to see soeone pop Veronica, Angela Robinson has just been bringing it all season and I don't see Tyler Perry giving her the boot. The actress is just too good to get rid of, even though the character seems to have been written into a corner. Candace used to be the IT character on the show and she's been usurped in that role by Veronica.

Speaking of Candace, she's all warm and mushy for Oscar, and doesn't seem to get he's suddenly turned cold on her. Perhaps that's because he's gotten her banking info and he achieved his goal to get to her emotionally, as well.


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