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The Haves And Have Nots -- The Truth Is Finally Revealed

Updated on July 22, 2014

Kathryn's had enough!

I didn't recap last week's episode because I thought I'd catch the repeat airing and watch Chasing Life instead and then I fell asleep during the first half of the show. I wanted to see the Chasing Life big reveal and it turned out pretty lame.

I woke-up in time to see the Jeffrey and Veronica scene in the car and seriously if all mothers were like her there would be more cases of matricide on the books. Just when you think this woman has reached the nadir of her utter repulsiveness as a mother, she rises to new disgusting levels. Learning that her son had sex with her chosen one, Melissa, and he hated it, Veronica orders him to keep doing it until he likes it. She then reveals she didn't like it at first, but she learned to like it by doing the same thing. This brought out posters online declaring that Veronica was gay, herself, and she's denied who she was and is now forcing her son to do the same thing.

When Jeffrey gets back to his apartment Man Hungry Melissa is still there with a case of not remembering what she did the night before. She's only wearing Jeffrey's shirt and shows no sign of wanting to leave when Jeffrey had hoped he'd stayed away long enough for her to get the message and leave. Enter Candace, who Melissa thinks is Jeffrey's girlfriend, which finally gets her to leave. Candace to say the least is a bit taken aback, as she knows Jeffrey isn't into ladies and figures out Jeffrey had sex with Melissa because of his nasty mother. She also tells Jeffrey he wasn't fair to Melissa not telling her the truth.

Candace dropped by to see if Jeffrey will return the favor and let her hideout at his place so her ex, Quincy, can't find her. Jeffrey has no problem. So as much as Amanda tried to break-up the great roomies romance that Jeffrey and Candace had going, it seems she just didn't succeed.

Speaking of Amanda, Candace FINALLY gets the girls elevator is going up to the top floor when she calls and reveals she wants Quincy to be her new boyfriend IF Candace doesn't want him. Candace tries to warn Amanda how dangerous Quincy is, but she won't listen. Although Candace's elevator isn't going up to the top, either, as she's still plotting to kidnap Jim.

Mama Rose tracks down the guy that looks like Wyatt that Jim brokered a deal with and had second thoughts on going with the deal. With Mama Rose's help the guy says he'll stick to the deal. When David hears Jim's in bed with Mama Rose, again, he warns him one day he's going to have to pay up for the favors she's doing him.

Kathryn has had enough of Celine's crap and she's not going to take it anymore. This time Celine went too far in allowing Amanda to go off with Quincy. Kathryn tells Jim she's want her fired so she never has to deal with her again. Wyatt isn't too fond of her either, saying Celine used to act like she cared for him and Amanda.

It seems Amanda going off with a scary black man may finally be enough for Jim to finally get his little girl needs help. But will he finally do something about her before she kills one or all of them. In short, psychotic Amanda seems to be reaching some danger zone where she uses her gun on one of them.

My hopes that Crazy Amanda was really Crazy Celine's daughter and not Kathryn's finally died a quick death. Between Celine letting Amanda go off with Quincy and this Latino guy who shows up to work at Jim's campaign headquarters and he's acting like a Jim fan boy, it's obvious this is probably Jim and Celine's kid. Still, it was understandable to think Kathryn wasn't Amanda's mother. She doesn't act like she can stand Amanda like she isn't even her kid. And Jim seems to call the shots more about Amanda than Kathryn does.

Benny insists that Hanna invite Tony to dinner as he wants to get to know his bio-daddy. He tells Hanna to behave towards Tony. Seriously, that's like telling the wind not to blow. It isn't long before Hanna's all over Tony like white on rice.

Benny forgot to mention he also invited Candace to this family dinner. He practically has to drag Candace inside, and it isn't long before Hanna is warbling her familiar tune of, "Where is my grandbaby." Candace tries the whole he's with Quincy thing, and discovers Quincy was in the house looking for her. Benny apparently knows what Quincy did to Candace and he's outraged and scared for her like her vile mother should be and isn't. Hanna doesn't care if Quincy gullets Candace right in front of her as long as she can get her claws into another male child she can mold into her own image even if that male child belongs to her hated daughter. Candace finally has had enough of her hag mother's harping on her grandbaby and tells her what we all suspected from the moment Candace made that comment that babies die all the time. She finally shuts her foul mother's mouth up by revealing that her baby is dead.

There's supposedly not many episodes left in this season the finale is going to go out with a bang unlike the mid-season finale did. Will Amanda kill her family before she can be put away where she can't harm anyone? Will Wyatt go down for the crime he committed or will Jim's plan to get him off the hook work? And just how did Candace's baby die?

It seems we'll find that out in the next episode judging by the promos and it seems despite Crazy Quincy claiming to be looking for her son, he may have actually killed him and that's why Candace sent him up the river.


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