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The Haves And Have Nots -- Veronica Continues Her Downward Spiral

Updated on March 25, 2015

Every moment of the finale was an OMG moment

Tyler Perry seems to have gotten his writing nitch back as the show draws to a close on this year's finale. And what a finale it was. Every scene was must see TV.

Jim calls Wyatt down. Pathetic Loser Wyatt is still waiting for Hanna to to tell her to try to get a rise out of Kathryn and Jim. Jim offers him booze. He then tells Wyatt to tell him everything he hates about him. Jim says he has an appetite for sex that he sometimes can't control. Jim says he and Kathryn were once very much in love but now they hate each other. Jim has a fit when Kathryn reveals she was having affairs of her own. He demands to know who they were. She says one was her tennis instructor.

Jim says Candace was an escort and gave him incredible sex, but she's evil. He says he's going to make her pay for Amanda. Jim asks Wyatt if he's in love with Jeffrey. Jim says he wonders if Wyatt is really straight. Jim says the guys in prison are really going to be in to him and he means that literally. Jim says the prisoners are going to rape Wyatt when he goes to prison cause he's a pretty boy with a hot body. Jim says Wyatt will be sent to prison for the rest of his life, while he and Kathryn will just get a slap on the wrist.

Jim says he's exhausted because he's trying to raise children who don't want to be raised by him and a wife who has her own issues and blames him for everything that's wrong in her life. He's going to bury Amanda in the morning and send Wyatt off in a car to prison and then he's going to be free of it all. That was so not what Wyatt wanted to hear.

Quincy comes knocking at Hanna's door. He tells her to look out the window. He shows her his and Candace's very much alive son, Q. He offers Hanna his son if she'll open the door. He hangs his son upside down and the little boy starts screaming. Hanna comes out but he won't give her the boy. He finally lets Hanna take the boy into her arms. He says the boy can stay with her if she tells him where Candace is. He takes the boy away and backhands Hanna when she tries to stop him and drags the boy in the car with him. Where's A-hole Benny when you need him.

Maggie's trying to hire a private eye. She asks him to follow someone, a woman, all day. It could be Candace or Veronica. Maggie wants to make sure the video footage on Veronica trashing the bar isn't released. David won't tell Maggie what's going on. Says he's got it covered. David says he's going home.

Benny finally comes home. She tries to keep him from seeing her face. He finally sees what Quincy did to her. She tries to lie that she just fell down. She tells him he has Q. Benny goes out to take care of him. Why doesn't she call Candace and tell her her son is alive. Probably because if she can get her paws on that child, she doesn't intend to share him with his mother.

Landon and Candace tell Jeffrey what Veronica did. Melissa shows up begging to see him.

Jeffrey tells Melissa she needs to stop this. She claims she wants him. She says he has to like her. She strips down and begs him to have sex with her. Candace comes in. She goes through Melissa's purse. She wanted to have sex with Jeffrey to get pregnant by him. Candace offers to pimp Melissa out and she finally leaves. My guess is Melissa is doing this because of the man she's been visiting in the hospital.

Veronica calls the room. She says she needs to see Jeffrey now. She orders him to come to her house. Candace realizes Veronica put Melissa up to this. Candace warns Veronica will be the death of him if Jeffrey doesn't shut her down.

Benny goes to the hood and asks if they can find Quincy. He reveals Quincy hit Hanna. Benny decides to go after Quincy on his own.

Jeffrey goes to see Psycho Veronica. Veronica is drunk. She's looks kind of ghetto. She's also smoking a cigarette or is it a skinny black cigar. She starts saying Jeffrey wants to be a girl among some other pretty disgusting things. Veronica claims that Melissa is pregnant with Jeffrey's baby. She brags that she paid for it. She says Jeffrey will have to marry Melissa now. She says it's disgusting that Jeffrey wants a man. Jeffrey says she's disgusting and evil and wicked and stupid. He says she's not allowed to hurt him anymore. He says she's pathetic, simple and stupid. There we go with simple again. What is it with father and son calling this sick and twisted complex woman simple. He says he hates himself for loving her and caring what she thinks of him. He says he does want a man. He deserves that like anyone else. He's done with her threats and tells her to go to hell.

She doesn't get it. She says what are they going to name Jeffrey's baby. She's absolutely nuts and out of touch with reality at this point. But maybe she always was and she's just not hiding it anymore.

Benny watches Quincy get in his car and follows him. He smashes into his car. He pulls him out to char and starts beating on him. Yeah, but Einstein doesn't ask about little Q. Might that have been more important than beating Quincy to a pulp for hitting his mama?

David comes home to Psychorella. She says if he stays here tonight he's going to need help. He says in the morning he's going to get her some professional help. She says he won't see the morning if he stays there, tonight. So what does this simple moron do? Why he heads upstairs to bed. Dude, she just told you that you'll be dead by morning if you stay there and you saw how unbalanced she is. What's wrong with you?

Landon comes to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey called him there. He pushes Landon on the bed and strips off his shirt. He's going to get down with Landon. Thank God it's not Wyatt. I thought that's who it was when I saw the previews last week.

Someone rings Veronica's phone. It's Benny. He's in jail. He says he's down at county and she says she'll see what she can do.

Candace's admirer comes and sits down with her. She invites him to her room to have sex with her.

Veronica gets Benny out of jail. She prettied herself up before she came down. Could this be to give herself an alibi? She has Benny drive her because she's been drinking.

Candace comes out dressed for sex. She orders him to get on his knees.

Veronica asks Benny to pull over. He asks what's the matter. She tells Benny her husband is having an affair. She kisses Benny. And Benny starts kissing her back. Well, this will just blow Candace's mind. In fact, she'll have a fit.

Hanna starts knocking on Candace's door. Hanna asks if she knows where Benny is. Of course, she doesn't mention Candace's son is alive and maybe not so well being subjected to Quincy.

Veronica gives Benny her car for performances rendered. After Benny leaves she's goes into the house. She has a can of gasoline. She stares hatefully at David, as she pours gasoline around the room. It's not like she didn't warn him. Then she lights up her cigarette or skinny cigar and throws it down to set him on fire. Then she goes out and sits on the front stoop.

And now we have to wait to find out what happens next.


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