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The Haves And Have Nots -- Veronica Gets Busted

Updated on June 9, 2014

Come on, Amanda! Piss or get off the pot!

The Jim of the past season and a half was a pussycat compared to the Jim of this season. Seriously, Tyler Perry and John Schneider need to stop trying to sell Jim being in love with Candace, cause it's just not believable with what he's having done to her. Meanwhile, even though Wyatt spilled his guts, Jim was still convinced he could pull the fat out of the fire and that his plan would make everything go away. He also took time out to rat out Veronica and her little car game to David, who put two and two together and came up with four.

Mama Rose started making it real for Candace and scaring the crap out of her at the same time. Seems since Candace wouldn't agree to an abortion, Mama Rose was going to give one to her forcibly. This made Candace finally cough up the truth that she wasn't really pregnant. Mama Rose performed a blood test on her to find out what the truth was and reported back to Jim she was never with child and was lying about it. To that, Jim decided that Mama Rose could do whatever she liked to Candace if she didn't cave on his demands for release. Yeah, Tyler, that's what love is all about.

Meanwhile Jeffrey paid a visit to Mama V who gave him more blackmail demands. He thought she was to blame for Wyatt's arrest and Mama V didn't like his concern for Wyatt. She then ordered Jeffrey to call up a nice black girl she'd hand-picked for him as his future mate. She also couldn't understand why Jeffrey rejected her attempt at motherly affection by trying to caress his cheek. Seriously on what planet does this woman live on?

Oh, it gets better. Jim drops by to discuss pulling the trigger on his big plan to save Wyatt and decides to rat out Veronica. Of course, David has it in one why Veronica has the car and just what she's using it for. One thing I loved about their confrontation was when she tried to pull the, "You're hurting me," stunt, David calmly told her he wasn't even holding her arm tightly. Veronica also bragged how she's in control and even has it planned how she won't get in trouble with the law for keeping the black sedan hidden. The upshot is David decides to move out with Veronica's blessing, cause bitch aint backing down. She birthed Jeffrey so now he's her own personal property to do with as she pleases and David isn't going to say anything to convince her otherwise. You know, for someone worried her hubby is going to crawl in bed with a white woman, she's doing a good job of pushing him right into that white woman's bed.

Meanwhile at the hospital comatose Benny got himself a groupie. She said she went to school with Benny. Personally, I thought she was working for Tony and was planning to alert him when Miss Hanna left Benny's side so he could come and get himself a kidney.

As it turns out Kathryn not only got Hanna out of jail, she got the judge's decision reversed so Tony can't have the plug pulled on Tony and get himself a kidney. As a matter of fact, there is no plug to pull on Benny anymore. He was taken off life support and is breathing on his own. Hanna was all, "Praise Jesus," when she should be praising Kathryn. After her ratting Wyatt out to the cops Kathryn could have closed her purse strings and had Benny sent back to County. Instead she's continuing to pay for his medical care, proving she only wanted to help Hanna's son, not bribe her into keeping quiet. If it was Jim, after what Hanna did, Jim would have personally thrown Benny out in the street to die.

Amanda was back and the reason for that subtitle. She was once again plotting to kill Professor Rape. Not that she hasn't had plenty opportunities to do it before. Didn't she in fact have a gun pointed at the Prof only not to go through it? Don't know where she found that gun, but she apparently needed another gun, cause she went into a pawn brokers to buy one.

This nutcase should have set off so many warning bells with the pawnshop guy, but all he cared about is getting paid for his merchandise. A friend on Facebook was recently posing all this stuff about the south not having any control over gun control. Maybe like the atrocious County Hospital stuff from last season, Tyler Perry was making a statement about how easy it was to get a gun in the south, even if you pretty much say you're going to use it to kill someone.

Anyway, Amanda needs to piss or get off the pot. Either kill the guy or follow the advice of the Frozen song and let it go. She already stabbed the guy in the park and I'm still trying to think about that scene and not laugh since he came off so hilarious due to both actors looking and acting like they were doing a comedy skit on SNL.

So, Amanda, you've got your gun. Stop saying you're going to kill the Prof. Just freaking do it so your crazy butt can be carted off to the looney bin.

As the closing credits rolled we still didn't know what Jim's plan was. All we knew is he was looking for an ex-con who got out of the joint? Could he look enough like Wyatt to take the fall for him in the hit-and-run? At the end he held a press conference to confess about a cover-up he took part in. And he was standing next to a car with a car cover over it. Is it possible he found out where Veronica had the car hidden?

We also had a Jim and Celine scene where Jim suggested she quit. She, of course, refused. She also made a comment that if Wyatt was her son...Still makes me think that Amanda could really be her daughter. It would explain why Kathryn is showing more care for Hanna's son than her own daughter. Even though she's been told Amanda is spiraling out of control.


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