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The Haves And Have Nots -- Veronica Goes Postal

Updated on March 24, 2015

And Wyatt doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for!

Jim knocks on the door to Amanda's room after it's been cleaned. He asks why she did it. Kathryn is sitting there and says it's too late for Jim to admit he failed Amanda. Kathryn says there are no answers and there may never be. Then she directs him to look out the window. She tells Jim that Wyatt is outside talking to the DA and she thinks he's confessing everything. Kathryn says she doesn't know and she's doesn't care.

Kathryn surprised Jim not running out to get Wyatt. Jim asks why they're still doing this marriage. She says she doesn't know or even why she married him. She once again reminds Jim she told him Amanda needed help, she's also claiming she was against Wyatt not telling the truth, which if memory serves is BS. Kathryn says she's done with fighting or helping the kids. She's just done. Kathryn says divorce would be better when he suggested they go away and retire. She says she'd like to stay married to him to make him suffer, but she just wants out. Kathryn tells Jim she's going to make sure he gets nothing in the divorce settlement and he says it sounds more than fair.

I'm actually sorry to hear this as I enjoyed Kathryn and Jim's warped relationship. I wanted to see it explored. I just hope that doesn't mean more of Tyler Perry repulsive Jim and Candace. They just don't interest me in the least.

Candace meets with a realtor. She goes to look at a new swanky place to live as flashbacks of her and Jim are played. Sorry, Tyler, but I hated this pairing. Enough of them in flashbacks. This scene is so boring. You can tell who is Perry's favorite character is with this little self-indulgent love letter to her.

David comes to find Jeffrey and finds the place a mess and Jeffrey missing. He calls up Veronica. He asks her where Jeffrey is. She claims to not know where Jeffrey is. Claims that Jeffrey may be out with Melissa. He threatens her but she's not buying it. When you act like a doormat and let a woman walk all over you, she really doesn't buy it when you try to threaten her. Instead, she basically laughs in your face.

Jim asks Wyatt what he did. He says he ratted out everyone. Wyatt is smug about what he did. He doesn't get the reaction out of Jim and Kathryn he was hoping for. He doesn't get they don't give a crap about him anymore and he's on his own. They don't even blink an eye when he brays he's going to tell Hanna everything when she arrives. He walks up the stairs with his chin practically dragging on the floor in disappointment.

More of boring Candace looking at property to buy. She wants to buy both houses. Wonder if the guy who owns it will turn out to be Candace's potential new boyfriend.

Veronica asks Quincy what he did to Jeffrey. She now claims she told him not to hurt Jeffrey. Quincy says he's going to kill Jeffrey next time. He says she's not in control. He says before he goes back to jail it'll be for the murder of Jeffrey and the rape of her. She tells Quincy she'll show him not to mess with her.

Jeffrey in the emergency room with broken ribs. He doesn't rat out big bad mama for having him beaten up. Jeffrey doesn't want his parents called.

Benny and his friend at vehicle auction. It's basically a useless filler scene. But every Benny scene always has that feel since he came out of the coma.

Police arrive outside of Veronica's mansion. DA Jennifer comes to see her. She's got a search warrant to search Veronica's house. Veronica smug that nothing will be found. She thinks David did it, and doesn't get it was Wyatt who did it, instead.

David comes to see Landon and Maggie. He asks Landon about Jeffrey. He goes to see Candace. Candace accuses David of getting Quincy out. He says he and Jim had nothing to do with Quincy getting out. Candace says it was Veronica that got Quincy out. Jeffrey shows up at Candace's door. Jeffrey reveals Veronica got Quincy out and had Quincy beat him up. Jeffrey tells Candace he didn't tell Quincy where she is. Candace hugs Jeffrey and thanks him for not betraying her. While David goes to have it out with Veronica.

Michael comes to see Hanna. She says she can't be around him like that. She almost slipped back into being a bed bunny. That she loves sex but she gave her life to the Lord and is waiting for him to bring into her life the man that will be her husband. She won't agree to even date him, because she can't control herself around him. She asks they be friends and he give her some space.

Benny arrives as Michael is leaving. He tells Michael to get out and do something. Benny, per usual, acts like an a-hole. He says he doesn't want Michael around there no more.

Veronica arrives at the hotel as Maggie is trying to get David to tell her what's going on. Vile throws water in Maggie's face. David asks if Veronica got Quincy released from prison. She accuses David of sending the cops over to her house. She accuses him of trying to have her arrested. Psycho only can hear her own voice in her head. Veronica admits and brags she had Quincy beat Jeffrey to beat the gay out of him. David asks if Veronica is on drugs, again. He says he doesn't know who she is anymore. She used to be smart and loyal. He says she's become a vindictive simple bitch. She tells him she gave him everything he has. She vows to ruin his life if he ever calls her a simple bitch, again. He does and adds delusional to simple bitch. She starts tearing apart the hotel bar and hurling glasses at the unlucky bar patrons who duck and run for cover.

She's completely nuts. David just walks away from her. Security tells psycho she needs to leave. No, she needs to be arrested.

From the previews for the finale, Veronica reign of terror is anything but over.


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