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The Haves And Have Nots -- Veronica Plots! Jim Schemes! Kathryn Threatens! Hanna Screams!

Updated on March 21, 2016

The Have Nots delivers a great season finale!

It's once again time for the season finale or mid-season finale. I can never keep track of which is which. I can't believe the time has gone so fast. Going into the finale these are some of the probing questions: Who will fall into the death trap? Love sick David is rushing to save his woman, while Veronica is hoping to lure the equally lovesick Maggie into the trap. Does Veronica really believe David is trying to kill her? Wyatt seems poised to overdose. And Candace has another plan to wring more money out of the Cryers and line her pockets with it, only Hanna now knows about the seven million she got from the Cryers through crooked means and she could blow her little game right up in her face. Meanwhile Candace's ho buddy, Erica, is forging documents to secretly mortgage Benny's home and business out from under him to pay War.

War surprises Candace in her house and orders her to come to him. He slaps her in the face. He says he ought to do her, right now. He's not talking about sex. He wants to know what she said to Benny and movesup her deadline. Erica comes in with the fake mortgage papers. Erica gets her away from War. She now has 48 hours, he tells her as he leaves.

Erica says War didn't recognize her. Jasmine, the girl he mutilated for $700, was her sister. She says that Candace knows what he's going to do to her.

The more we learn about War, the dumber Candace becomes. She lied and double-crossed someone this dangerous and thought she could get away with it? If she'd just been honest none of this would even be happening. Sorry, don't feel sorry for her a bit.

Erica urges Candace to take the fake mortgage documents so she can get the money to pay off War. Erica is appalled that Candace plans to bring Q there and to put him in harm's way, but she's putting her own selfish needs above hers per usual. Erica tells her her own kids are better without her and Q is better off without Candace. She doesn't want to hear that. When she gets him she probably won't even know what to do with him. And wait til she learns he's sick.

David comes to see Jim. David orders Jim to call off the hit he has on Veronica. David swears he'll testify against Jim if anything happens to Veronica. Jim taunts David with Veronica's wig. Jim vows he'll testify against David in return. Wimpy David swears he'll come into Jim's cell and kill him if anything happens to Veronica. But it's all right what she did to Wyatt, though, isn't it. I find David more foul than Veronica. Jim's answer is to taunt him with the wig, again. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard over a scene on this show in my life. Jim and the wig was comedy gold and I don't know how the actors managed to keep a straight face.

Candace hands in the mortgage papers to Kathryn's banker, I believe. He asks where Candace works and what she does. He says she can't get the money for 30 days. He says he needs to do title papers on all three properties and that can't be done in two days. She says she wants to continue the process. After she leaves, he asks if he can get in to see Jim. Yep, that is Kathryn's banker.

Kathryn enters DA Jen's office. She orders her to call her son. Jen-Jen refuses. Then does what she wants. Kathryn says DA Jen did it to Wyatt, not her. She insults DA Jen about not having children. She reveals Jen has her eggs on ice in a fertility clinic in Washington, though. Maybe she's hoping to steal some sperm from David to fertilize them with. She throws something at DA Jen and tells her how Wyatt passed his drug tests. Kathryn vows revenge on her for putting drugs in her son's hands. Kathryn vows she will have her murdered in the streets if Wyatt dies. I believe DA Jen is actually afraid of Kathryn and her threats against her, her family and unfertilized eggs. I kept thinking when Kathryn was making her threats of the Wicked Witch of the West croaking, "I'll get you and your fertilized eggs, too."

Hanna comes to see Candace. Benny opens the door. She forces her way inside. She interrupts the legal meeting to join the lawsuit against the Cryers. She kicks the lawyer Candace got out. Michael leaves with the lawyer. Hanna says that Benny isn't suing the Cryers. Candace claims Hanna knew Wyatt ran down Benny and Hanna told Benny she didn't know, which is the truth. Hanna reveals that Candace got the money from the Cryers, so Benny has already gotten his settlement. Candace tries to make Benny think Jim gave her the money. Benny may be dumb, but hopefully he's not that dumb. Then Hanna gets down on her knees and begs Candace to let her raise Q. She tells Hanna she'd let strangers raise him before her.

Hanna hits her and she hits her back. Hanna tries to choke her. I was yelling, “Go, Hanna!” She doesn't care about her son. Hanna marks the day as the day she's finally washed her hands of her and she's done with her. I thought she'd done that a long time ago.

Hanna says God wouldn't allow her to pray for her anymore. Of course, Candace hands it back to Hanna asking who is praying for her. Hanna finally has enough and just leaves. Benny, unfortunately, hasn't gotten the sense to also wash his hands of Candace. Maybe he will when he learns she's mortgaged all his stuff out from under him.

David gets a call on his cell. It's Oscar with the address to Veronica's house. The creep goes off to save his wife.

The drug party realize that Wyatt's passed out. They just leave him there without calling for any help.

Lloyd comes to see Jim. He tells Jim Candace came in looking for a loan. Jim tells him to give it to her. He wants to hide in the loan contract that if she doesn't repay the loan in 15 days they'll take all the property. He's curious if she's smart enough to spot the trap. Candace and smart do not belong in the same sentence.

The social worker comes to Candace's house. She gives her $55,000. Candy Cane threatens to beat up the social worker again for not giving her all the money. She tells Candace that Q's in the hospital waiting for her and the poor excuse for a human being isn't even concerned about him. Then Veronica pulls up outside of the foul beast's house and Jeffrey gets out of a cab. Veronica calls Maggie saying she'll be right there, then calls the police saying she saw someone go into her house and thinks it's a burglar.

Candace starts trash talking Veronica. Veronica says Candace may want to let the old lady in, because this is about Quincy. Rent-A-Hooch better watch out, cause Veronica is going to own her before this thing is over.

Veronica comes in and looks around. Veronica and Candace trade insults. Veronica brings up Melissa. Veronica says Jeffrey will move in her her house and live with her and Melissa and that his wedding will be planned. She asks if Jeffrey is worried because he's testifying against her. Veronica throws water around on the floor. The water Veronica splashed around reveals blood all over the room when the lights are turned off. Candace says Veronica knows. Yep, and she owns you both now. At least this may keep Jeffrey from tangling with super freak cop Justin again like Candy Cane wanted him to.

DA Jen gets a call they've found Wyatt. Hotel security enters and finds Wyatt on the bed. He doesn't have a pulse.

Veronica arrives home and prepares to enter the house as the gunman waits inside for her. I'm wondering if she's crazy, but only like a fox. She needed to unlock the door so Maggie could walk inside and get shot. The police arrive just as she planned and she goes to talk to them. Then Maggie drives up. She tells her to go on in. She'll be there in a second. Maggie opens the door, that Veronica just unlocked and Maggie stares in shock as the gunman shoots.

Fade to black. As I said this was a great finale with a lot of cliffhangers to keep you wondering what's going to happen next.


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