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The Haves And Have Nots -- Veronica Pushes Jeffrey Too Far

Updated on July 26, 2016

And Jeffrey pushes back...

We pick up where we left off with Hanna telling Jim about Wyatt. He asks Hanna for the details. Jim's upset at the idea that Wyatt may have died alone. He asks if they took Wyatt to the hospital. Jim wants to get out of there. He asks for the DA and gets slammed on the table. He asks Hanna to deliver a message to the DA but she refuses and walks away and the thugs/guards drag him away.

And to answer Jim's questions for him. No, the stupid idiots didn't even call 911 when they found him or even try to perform CPR on him. That might require they turn him face up. Seriously, the medical people in this town are hacks unless you're on the right side of town.

Back to the tow yard. Benny wants to go see David, but War won't let him leave. Claims he just wants Benny to chill out, and, of course, Benny buys it. Oh, please tell me Benny isn't going to fall into the same trap twice. When David tried to same set-up on Candace Benny was the one that got caught with drugs and now Mitch has planted drugs in War's car.

Mitch comes in after planting drugs in War's car and gets into it with War. War says Benny is not going anywhere. He gets a text from Candace and finally stops holding Benny hostage. Mitch suggests he and Benny take on David. Maybe the right person will fall into the trap, this time.

Jeffrey shows Melissa to their room. Jeffrey tells her not to get too comfortable. He asks how it feels to be a two-bit whore. Gee, Jeffrey, wouldn't the two-bit whore be you? You're the one screwing psycho cop. I'm actually on Melissa's side. She has the purest of motives as anyone in this mess. She's doing this to help her family. So keep your nasty remarks to yourself, Jeffrey, as they apply more to you than they do her. She won't let him trash talk her. She says she hates his mother but unless he can guarantee some money for her parents, he'd better play along with what Veronica wants.

David shows up at Evil Veronica's place. He says he's come to get his son. David starts calling for Jeffrey. David announces he filed for divorce and says Jeffrey isn't safe with her. Jeffrey says he wants to stay with Veronica. Jeffrey reveals that Veronica still has something on him. He implores Jeffrey to come with him. Veronica brags what she's got on him is bad. David says he can help him with this. Veronica urges Jeffrey to tell David what she's got on him. Of course, he doesn't.

Veronica receives a call from Kathryn. She fakes concern while on the phone with Kathryn, then glibly reveals that Wyatt is dead. David leaves to go to Jim. She says first David's bitch dies and now Jeffrey's does. What a vile woman. Oh, Kathryn, wise-up to what she is. She's not your friend. She's why your son is dead.

Candace goes to meet War. War claims he would have hated popping Benny. But you would have, wouldn't you and he's done nothing to you but be your friend. War says if he gets home and there's one dollar missing...He says their good. He says he's sorry about all this. She says she should have told him about the four million. He says he's cool with her. She asks if he's going to drop by her house and he says they're back to the way they used to be. She breaks down crying after he's gone. Probably worrying he's going to drop by for more booty calls.

Veronica doesn't head over to Kathryn's. Just sits there drinking. She won't let Jeffrey leave to go to Kathryn's without her and she says she's not ready to go. She twists the knife about Wyatt. She asks if Jeffrey wants her dead. She says it's just as well that he's dead. She starts going on about how Melissa will be better for him. She says when Jeffrey stops crying like a pansy they can go and see Wyatt's body. She says he won't cry at the Cryers, either. She thinks she's going to get a do-over with Melissa's child and she can raise the child into a real man. She starts talking about how when she sees him prancing around in his flowered jacket she wants to call Quincy to beat his ass, again. She says he got Quincy back and calls him girlfriend. She orders him to dry his eyes and then they can go. She orders her maid, Alice, to throw all Jeffrey's clothes away, because she's bought all new clothes for him to wear.

The only good thing you can say about Veronica is she won't drive drunk.

Before she'll let him go, she demands Jeffrey kiss Melissa. Then she makes Jeffrey kiss her again. Then she orders Melissa to take a bath with the bath salts she picked out for her. Then she tells Jeffrey they're going to go to the Cryers to see dead Wyatt. What a foul piece of vermin. Why doesn't she just tie strings to Jeffrey and Melissa since she's treating them like her puppets and making them dance to her tune.

The cops pull over War's car. They order him to step out of the car. They order him to get down to his knees. They say they got a call about War dealing. They search his car against his orders. The white cops find all the money War has and in the trunk they find the dope that Mitch planted. He's probably going to think Candace is behind it. As he's being lead away he thinks Candace set him up. Told you so. Mitch just screwed everything up.

Hanna back with Kathryn. Hanna let's Evil Veronica in. She throws her coat at Hanna but Hanna won't put it away and refuses her order to pick it up. Jeffrey begs Kathryn to say that Wyatt isn't dead. He breaks down when Kathryn says it's true. Veronica orders Hanna to stop comforting Jeffrey. She orders Jeffrey to stop crying. Veronica says they're going to leave. Jeffrey refuses to leave. She orders Jeffrey to get up. Jeffrey stares at the bottle sitting on the table. Jeffrey says he wants to hit Veronica over the head with it. Veronica laughs and says he's not going to hit her. She taunts him saying he's not a real man who doesn't have the heart. Kathryn and Hanna are horrified by the way she's treating Jeffrey. Jeffrey finally has enough and he stabs Veronica.

Hey, V, do you think he's a real man now. He didn't sneak up on you and smash on the head with the bottle. He looked you straight in the face when he plunged the knife into you.


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