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The Haves And Have Nots -- What Do You Do With A Problem Like Quincy?

Updated on January 19, 2016

Wyatt thinks he's Tom Cruise...

As we last left off, Wyatt swore to DA Jennifer he was clean and sober...yeah, right... so she'd help him get his trust fund so he could get his own place. V revealed there's something person between her and Jen-Jen from the past. Meanwhile, David issued his stale threat about becoming the worst enemy he's ever known if Jim hurts his baby love. And Candace goes into survival mode to cover up Quincy's death, while Jeffrey just freaks out about the whole thing.

The police have arrived at Candace's. She takes off her clothes before answering the door. Seriously, would someone be yelling to a knocking person, "Just a minute," then open the door stark naked? The officer asks her to put her clothes on and she buys them some time. Seems Candace has got a Gladys Kravitz type of neighbor and she called them about Quincy coming into her house. And Gladys also knows the police chief. She wants the car moved. This is what you get when you move into a rich white uppity neighborhood. You get a busybody who calls the cops because someone parks their car in front of her house.

Candace goes back inside looking for Quincy's keys. She wants Jeffrey to search the body. He goes all wimpy on her, again. Candace says she'll search Quincy for them, but Jeffrey is going to have to move the car. They find the keys, but Jeffrey gets all weak-stomach seeing the blood. She tells him he has to be cool in front of the cop.

Jeffrey gets in the car and discovers it's a stick shift. The cop asks when Candace moved in. Gladys apparently has also complained about too many men visiting Candace. I didn't know there was a quota on how many men could visit someone? Turns out Gladys is the cop's mother. And the police chief is her brother-in-law. Candace starts coming on to the cop who says he's married, while Jeffrey badly drives the car away.

Gladys asks her son Justin where the other guy is. Justin says they're gone. She wants to know why Candace has two men in her house. How about it's none of your business you miserable old bat and big deal if someone parked on the street in front of your house.

Too bad Benny's off Candace at the moment. He'd be more help than Jeffrey getting rid of Quincy.

Q's nasty sister looking for him in the hood. She's talking to the dudes Jim hired to whack V. One of them calls someone else to say as soon as V walks through her door to pop her.

It seems Benny Boy was able to track Hanna down. He's unnaturally attached to his mother. She tells him to go home. He brings up she lied about Tony being his daddy, but she don't want to hear it. She also don't want to hear that Candace loves her and is her daughter. He wants her to come to the house. She refuses to come until Candace tells where she got the money. Benny says he'll get Candace to tell him the truth.

V and Kathryn in lock-up. V says prison is much worse than this. Kathryn wondering if something happened to Wyatt in prison. She asks V if men get raped in prison. Kathryn thinks Wyatt is acting like when he came home from camp. Kathryn says if she finds out if Jim let something happen to Wyatt, she doesn't know what she'll do to him. Kathryn says she's her father's daughter and there's no power on earth that will escape her wrath. She mentions how the priest that abused Wyatt just disappeared. Kathryn starts wondering why V doesn't want her to go to Jim about this.

Loser Wyatt is partying in his parents home and boozing it up. I hope the vile piece of garbage gets his. Jeffrey calls the rodent and he tells him about the deal he made. Jeffrey says he's coming over to see him, but rodent doesn't want him since he's going to have company. Probably turning his parent's house into his own private whore house. This loser becomes more loathsome each week. God, Jeffrey, don't tell rodent about Quincy. He'll rat you out of the cops, next.

The Dirty DA comes to see Jim and David. The Dirty DA is going to try and get David to turn on Jim. David says she's wasting her time. When this dirtbag she-dog gets hers I'm going to cheer.

Dirtbag DA says she misses David. She says if he testifies against Jim she'll get him immunity, but not V. She offers to let V walk if he'll turn on Jim. David still refuses her deal. DA Dirtbag says she knows V tried to kill him and that she still loves him. She pretty much jumps him, saying she still loves him. He turns her down flat. He refuses to take the deal. She says he leaves her no choice. Hey, Maggie May, seems David will cheat on V, just not with you.

Jim asks why David didn't take the deal. David says he's Jim's friend. He says he's kept his dirty secrets. David wants to know if Jim set up something for V. Jim swears he hasn't. He says he hasn't done anything about V because of Amanda. He wants David to promise that he'll punish V for what she did. Jim says this is the chance to stop him from going after V.

Justin the cop, starts following Jeffrey as he's driving Q's car. He pulls him over. He asks Jeffrey for license and registration and asks if it's Jeffrey's car. He makes Jeffrey get out of the car. He says he can tell Jeffrey's been drinking. He gives him a sobriety test. He says he's taking Jeffrey in and then notices blood on his shirt.

Candace back at her place trying to deal with Quincy's corpse. While she has her back turned, Quincy moves his hand and is about to grab her ankle. God, don't tell me he's still alive?


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