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The Haves And Have Nots -- Will Candace Be Reunited With Q?

Updated on August 16, 2015

Ha Jim left Wyatt in prison one day too long?

Q won't let Hanna look at his back. Benny assures him he doesn't have to worry about Quincy anymore. He finally lets them look at him. They find cuts and bruises all over his back when Hanna lifts the back of his shirt. They plan to take Q to the doctor. Hanna says his back is infected. Hanna goes to her bedroom and breaks down over what's been done to the little boy. She prays to God for strength in dealing with this.

Q's aunt [who needs to have all those kids taken away from her and to be strung up right next to her foul brother] told him the doctors will hurt him and the police are bad. Yeah, so he won't report the abuse, the filthy lying hag. Benny goes into Hanna's bedroom to find her crying. Hanna tries to pull herself together. Benny doesn't want to take him to a doctor because they'll call child welfare on them and he'll be sent away again. Benny turns out to be right.

Benny plans to call Candace whose having a good time with Oscar Mayer Weiner in bed. Candace dropped her phone in the tub, so Benny won't be able to reach her. Typical. She's never there when the boy needs her. Oscar says he wants to just lay with her without having sex so he doesn't make her feel like an object. She tells him having feelings is something she can't afford while he continues to try and get into her head. Why is he doing this? Didn't this guy claim he wouldn't fall in love with her and when the challenge of he was gone so would he?

Hanna's disgusted that Candace is off doing her own thing while they have to pick up the pieces of this mess. Hanna notices Benny's hands are bruised and wants to know what he did. He tells her part of it. That he bailed Quincy out and beat him up. Not that he planted drugs on him and tried to kill him. Can you see Hanna's reaction if Benny told her that? She'd fall on the floor having spasms as she invoked the name of Jesus.

Hanna's afraid Quincy will kill them all. Benny says he can handle Quincy. Don't be sure of that, Benny Boy. I think Quincy will duck and cover when he sees you coming at him in your killer automobile, since that's Benny's favorite weapon when it comes to Quincy. If he has to go mana a mano my money is on Psycho Quincy. Benny's given him the motivation after what he did to him.

Kathryn tells Jim that Amanda stalked Professor Rape and stabbed him in the back and Kathryn wants him hung. Probably best they keep the law out of this. A good lawyer could say Amanda just imagined the whole thing and I don't see Candy Cane being willing to testify for them in court.

The doctor comes out to see Hanna. Q also has fractured ribs. The dickhead social worker has Hanna and Benny arrested and won't listen to anything they have to say. And this is why people hate social workers. See, Benny was right.

Jeffrey comes home to find out V has given his place to Melissa and put their engagement announcement in the paper. Melissa says V promised to embarrass Jeffrey if he doesn't show up for the wedding. How is she going to do that? Tell everyone she's his mother and had him beaten up because she won't accept he's gay? I think V would be an embarrassment to anyone as a mother.

Jim and Kathryn visit Wyatt. Jim says this is what happens when you go to prison. Wyatt begs Jim to let him come home. Jim refuses to let Wyatt out, yet. He rubs it in Wyatt's face that he called him a whore and was so disdainful to him.

The nasty social worker questions Q. Q won't tell her and the cop with her who did it. Little Q has quit a lip on him. Quincy comes walking into the hospital looking like he's got a wooden stake sticking out of his chest. Guess even a wooden stake can't put down this vampire.

Kathryn wants to get Wyatt out, but Jim says he's safe. He'll get him out in the morning, but if anything happens to Wyatt Kathryn won't forgive Jim. Get ready for the wrath of Kathryn, dude, cause I think something bad is about to happen to Wyatt cause you wanted to play hardball.

The social worker says they're going to put Q in foster care until Candace is found. Benny gets Miss Hardcase to let Hanna see Q.

Jim and Kathryn wait outside of the law school for Professor Rape. They start questioning him about Amanda. He denies ever being at Amanda's apartment. Jim presses the knife wound Amanda gave him. That happened so long ago shouldn't it be healed by now? Kathryn gets Jim to stop beating the crap out of him as he and Kathryn kidnap him. He says he thought Amanda was an escort because Candace was.

Candace still can't be reached. And her showing up is the only way to stop Q from being sent to foster care. Oscar shows her the news report about the merger, now she wishes she had invested. She offers to give him her $50,000 now to invest. Which is probably just what he wants.

Benny finally reaches Candace. She talks to Q on the phone.

Wyatt gets a new cell mate. The guy wants to get to Wyatt for killing the little girl. He forces Wyatt to his knees. This time Jim will really be to blame for his son getting molested, since he set this whole thing up with the arrogant belief he could control things that went on in prison from the outside.


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