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The Haves And Have Nots -- Will Jim and Kathryn Finally Learn The Truth?

Updated on July 21, 2015

And will David learn about Benny and V?

So will Candace finally spill the truth about Amanda being raped to Jim and Kathryn? That’s the big question of this episode.

Jim and Kathryn say goodbye to their guests and keep Hanna in the dark about whacking her foul daughter over the head. Kathryn tells Hanna she should go. Then Kathryn fills a pot of water and she takes it back to wake her sleeping guest. Jim holds the door for Kathryn as she dumps water on the foul bitch. The couple that plays together, stays together. Unfortunately, Hanna sees her foul daughter’s car and comes back and rescues her. But before she does she makes her tell the truth about Amanda before they go, and Candace finally tells them that Amanda’s professor raped her. Of course, she passes the buck and takes no responsibility for what happened to Amanda and tries to shift all the blame on Amanda for Amanda not telling them what happened. Kathryn tells Jim to find Amanda’s professor and he says he will, and takes the pot with him. Of course, Candace doesn’t get if she’s kept her trifling butt away from a funeral she had no business going to after all she’s done to the Cryer family none of this would have happened.

Carlos tells the press that Celine has given birth to two of Jim’s kids. Seriously, Jim, after the first time, didn’t you wear a condom. That’s just so dumb. One with your mistress maid should have been enough. No wonder the woman is so delusional about Jim. He should have ended it with her the second she got knocked up, not continuing to boink her and having another kid with her. Nobody gets pregnant by accident. My guess is Celine lied both times she was on the pill and didn’t take them to purposely get knocked up thinking Jim would leave Kathryn for her. But it didn’t happened, did it, Celine? Celine makes Carlos’ stop from what he’s about to do. Unfortunately, the reporter has it all on tape. Wanna bet she’s not going to use it?

V shows up at Hanna’s. V asks how she was and he says she might be the best he ever had. Gross! She starts coming on to Benny and he says she needs to go. She asks where his room is. And that’s all it takes. Benny just can’t say no. Apparently, she’s that good. I have to save, the woman has a good body.

Candace tells her new man the not-so-nice facts about herself. His name is Oscar, which for some reason I can’t remember. So I’m going to associate him with the Oscar Mayer wiener jingle. You know, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener than everyone would be in love with me…She says she can give him great sex but she’ll never love him or care for him. He in turns says he loved his wife until she passed away. That he’s rich and strong, but there was nothing he could do to save her. After she died, he slept with as many woman as he could. He says he’s after her because she’s another woman to conquer and once he does he’ll be gone. Candace starts kissing him.

Okay, was anyone slightly grossed out or more than slightly that the scenes of V/Benny were interspersed with Candace/Oscar getting it on. Some brother/sister sex montage was a little bit creepy for my taste.

Jim is trying to learn where Professor Rape is and he’s wearing his leather jacket. When Jim wears that black leather jacket he’s going hood. If I recall correctly the last time he wore it was when he took down Candace and had her kidnapped. Kathryn also demands Jim do something about Wyatt, and he says he has a plan in motion, but she can’t interfere with it and she says she won’t. Jim goes to Wyatt and forces him to take a ride with him. Is he going to take him on his mission to deal with Professor Rape?

Candace’s new man, Oscar, urges her to go visit Quincy to try and find out where her son is.

Maggie’s detective tells her V is at Benny’s house. She then calls David. She tells him she has his truck GPS tracked and gives him the address. Maggie suggests V is in that neighborhood because she’s doing a drug deal. David heads there, falling right into her trap. Guess Maggie realized David would want to kill the messenger if she informed him about V and Benny and thinks playing innocent and sending him to walk in on V screwing Benny will give her a better shot of bagging him on the rebound. And I still say if he couldn’t quit V after she tried to go all Burning Bed on him, this isn’t going to do it, either. Get a clue, Maggie, and give it up, cause David sure aint going to give it up to you.

Candace goes to visit the big man, himself. Candace says she’ll bail him out if he tells her where her son is, but he won’t tell her. He tells her he knows she turned the dime on him. He tells her V showed him and that V was the one who got him out of jail. He says as soon as V gets him out he’s coming for her and that Benny is dead. Just wait til she finds out V is also giving it up to Benny. Looks like were heading for a V/Candace war.

David arrives outside Hanna’s house. Hanna tells David that V told Benny to take his truck. She invites David in to ask Benny why V did it. Hanna goes into Benny’s room and sees V mounting her son and smirking at her. After this, Benny better not dare blow smoke up Hanna’s butt for having sex in her bedroom with anyone she chooses to do it with.


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