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The Haves And Have Nots -- Wyatt Gets What He Asked For And Doesn't Like It!

Updated on August 4, 2015

And Benny aims to do the same to Quincy!

As hard as I thought it could be, Candace was even more repulsive, this week.

Candace takes Benny to her fake place of work. Maggie shows up to help Candace fool Benny, acting her assistant, and Bitchface gives Maggie a hard time. She proved why her ever getting in a position of power where she could emotionally and verbally abuse her underlings should never happen. Benny apologizes for doubting her. Candace makes a quick exit before Benny can find out the truth and Maggie has to deal with the real person that holds the position Candace claims she does, who probably treats her underlings with respect, one can hope.

Kathryn calls Veronica who has bought a new house. Anyone think it's going to be right next door to the house Candace bought? And since Candace wants Benny to live in the other [wasn't there two buildings she purchased] house or apartment, it'll make Benny and Veronica having booty calls so much more convenient. Kathryn tells V the DA wants to talk to them. Kathryn wants to talk about V having the car, but V says not on the phone. V calls someone named Wilson and asks where the car is and he says he's lost it. He didn't destroy it like she ordered. It's actually setting in Benny's new tow yard. Wonder if he'll recognize it as the car that mowed him down when he sees it?

Jim brings Norman home. He wants to see his wife, but Jim won't let him. He hands Norman over to a couple of security guys. Kathryn sees Norman and asks who he is and says he looks like the guy who took the fall for Wyatt. That's when he tells her Wyatt will stay in prison for a week in Norman's place and Kathryn worries Wyatt could really get hurt. Jim assures her he's got it handled and Wyatt is safe. That's what you think, dude! Then Kathryn tells Jim about the DA wanting to see him and he says it's time they dealt with her. He adds he'll deal with Professor Rape after that.

Wyatt's put in a cell with a cellmate who makes it pretty clear he likes dicks not janes. He says he's not gay, but he wants to light his wick and he'll put it in whatever candle holder is available. Wyatt wants to call Kathryn to get him out. The cell mate wants to know where Norman is. The cell mate starts coming on to Wyatt. Norman lets him have sex with him, and he expects Wyatt to do the same when lights go out. Wyatt is sickened at the thought.

Candace shows Benny around the tow company yard. Candace was behind Erica the girl that gave him the car. Candace advises Benny not to tell Hanna about owning the tow company. Yeah, because Hanna will be on to her bull under two seconds flat.

V shows up at the tow company trying to retrieve the car. Candace wonders what she's doing there. V says the former owners were her clients and that's the only reason she stopped by. Candace gets a hint of something between V and Benny. She tells Benny that V is Jeffrey's mother. Benny plays dumb and keeps quiet about he and V. Oh, I can't wait til she finds out. That will certainly blow her mind and she might have an even more violent reaction to it than Hanna did.

Benny calls War. He asks for some crystal meth. He also monkeys around with the seat belt on a white pick-up truck. Then he goes home to Hanna. Hanna starts on Benny about going riding in Candace's new car. Hanna won't believe it about Candace having a job. Hanna's smart.

It's lights out at the prison. Wyatt's cell mate is planning to stick his turkey baster in Wyatt. The guard comes in to hear Wyatt screaming. He tells Rico to leave Wyatt alone. Rico says when the guards change shift in thirty minutes he'll do Wyatt then.

David comes to see Jim. Jim says he doesn't think he'll ever be okay, again. He says Wyatt was right. When he was being violated he was with Celine. Now he has to live with his guilt over Amanda. David says he knows Jim loves his children. What's important is what Jim does now.

Benny comes to bail out Quincy. He goes and waits for Quincy to come out. Quincy doesn't feel that Benny is any threat, so he climbs in the white pick-up truck and accepts a ride.

Rico moves in on Wyatt when the guards change over. Wyatt begs the guard to help him, but he won't. He says he's a man. To fight him. Rico punches Wyatt. Well, if Rico indeed sticks his wick into Wyatt, Jeffrey better accept once and for all Wyatt isn't gay and will one day let him stick his wick in him.

Quincy snaps the seat belt closed. Quincy starts taunting Benny. Quincy isn't afraid when Benny floors it. Then he starts trying to grab for control of the wheel and the truck rolls over with both of them inside of it.

Will Benny be comatose again after the truck accident, or did he find some way to jump out before the crash? Is Jim behind Rico's behavior towards Wyatt, since he warned him a few times that if he went to prison the other prison inmates would use his butt to pump up the volume? Or is Jim clueless about Rico and will he be once again to blame for his son being raped? And if he does, what will Kathryn do when she finds out?

Well, if anything, it's a good cliffhanger until we see the next episode.


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