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The Haves And Have Nots -- Yo Mama's A Gangsta!

Updated on February 27, 2015

Jeffrey learns the ugly truth about Veronica

We picked up right where we left off, with Jim hearing Wyatt mouthing off. And Jim was just the man to shut him off, if annoying David and Jeffrey would just get out of the man's way.

Jim confronts Wyatt. Jim dares Wyatt to say it to his face what he said to Jeffrey. David and Jeffrey try to keep Jim from going after Wyatt, but he gets past them and pours booze down Wyatt's throat and returns Wino Wyatt's punch before he gets pulled off the little drunkard. While all this is going on, Homophobic Veronica keeps calling Jeffrey “boy” and to let Wyatt go. He's not trying to go down on him you pathetic wretch. Maybe in a past life Veronica was a white plantation owner, cause she sure acts like Jeffrey is a slave she bought and paid for. Especially addressing him with the demeaning title of “boy”.

Wyatt reveals that Jim slept with all his babysitters and his teacher and says that when he was molested at camp, Jim was with Celine, before stomping upstairs. Vile Veronica won't let Jeffrey go up to see Wyatt and tells him there's a guest waiting for him at his apartment. So he once again backs down to her. The guest Vile Veronica is talking about is Quincy who will give him a beating courtesy of his evil mama. David asks if she has any limits. The answer is no.

Benny tells Candace that Hanna wants to see her.

Jeffrey talks to Candace. He thinks Candace knew what set Amanda over the edge, but she lies she doesn't know. He says he tried to warn her and he won't give her any info on Jim. He thinks she's sent someone else over to his apartment. No, your mama did that, son.

David asks Vile why she's forcing Melissa on Jeffrey. He asks if she wants Jeffrey to kill himself like Amanda did. David suggest she's mentally ill. She accuses David of being jealous of her relationship with Jeffrey. David says he's going to call Melissa and tell her Jeffrey is gay and to find someone else, but Vile calls Melissa instead. She dares David to tell Melissa that Jeffrey is gay and that's exactly what he does. Melissa won't give up on Jeffrey and says eventually he'll like her, too. Something I'm sure Vile put in her head. Meanwhile Melissa is sitting at a man's bedside in the hospital. He looks pretty sick. It's seems Vile may be blackmailing her, too.

I'm calling it now. I think someone is going to kill Vile. Or at least shoot her.

Benny brings Hanna to see Candace. Benny tells Hanna the lies Candace told him. Hanna isn't sure she buys it. She says every time she tries to forgive Candace she's filled with anger towards her. Hanna says Candace was ashamed of her since she was a little girl. Hanna asks her to forgive her for everything she didn't have to give to her and her bad choices. Hanna reveals to Benny her boyfriend Marvin raped Candace when she was 5. Hanna says she called the police on Marvin when she found out, but Candace thinks he left Hanna. Hanna suggests if Candace could get some help for what happened to her when she was a child it might help her turn her life around.

Hanna says if Candace put her mind to it she could make a good lawyer. Hanna says she loves her. And begs Candace to forgive her. Candace pushes Hanna away and says she needs to go. Hanna says if Candace doesn't stop this she's going to end up dead, too.

Vile is still hanging with Kathryn. She also got pills for Kathryn. Kathryn, please don't take them. Or maybe she got them for herself from her pill connection, since she used to be an addict. God knows if I had to have Vile's vile mind in my head I'd need to take pills, too. Kathryn tells Veronica their children aren't theirs to control. She tells Veronica that Jeffrey is gay and she knows it. She tells her she can't change it. Vile says she's going to overlook Kathryn's behavior. In short, Kathryn would make more of an impression if she was talking to the wall. Kathryn says Jeffrey can't be what she wants him to be. Veronica says they raised their children different. She means Jim and Kathryn don't think their kids are slaves they bought and paid for and this is the old south. Kathryn demands Veronica says what she wants to say. Veronica doesn't have the guts to say what she meant.

Maggie goes to see Landon. Maggie says she needs him, even though he was fired. Maggie wants to maximize the tragedy. Landon says he won't work with the Harringtons. Candace comes by and she and Maggie get into it. Candace brings up Maggie being into David. Maggie runs for the hills. Candace says Veronica is full of testosterone and she doesn't think Maggie could handle her.

Maggie calls David about Candace and her plans to drop by the Cryers in the morning to talk to Jim. Maybe Candy Cane has a death wish.

Jeffrey comes home to the trap Vile has waiting for him. He finds Quincy sleeping in his bed and thinks Candace is behind it. He calls up Candace and thinks Candace sent Quincy there. He tells Quincy to get out. Quincy wants Jeffrey to tell him where Candace is, but Jeffrey won't tell. Then he demands Jeffrey call Candace and Jeffrey won't do that, either. Quincy then mentions Mommy Veronica. He says Veronica got him out of prison and she told him Candace was staying with Jeffrey. Jeffrey calls Veronica and asks her if she sent Quincy there. She doesn't deny it. Veronica calls Quincy a snitching little bitch. Veronica says if Jeffrey won't tell Quincy where Candace is Quincy will hurt him. Jeffrey still refuses to tell.


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