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The Haves And Haves Not -- Will Jeffrey Rollover On Candace?

Updated on March 4, 2015

And will Candace be stopped from seeing Jim?

Quincy is still beating on Jeffrey. He asks for the password to Jeffrey's phone, but he says he won't give it. Quincy hits him again. Quincy says Veronica didn't want him to mess up his face. That Veronica sent Quincy to beat him up, but said not to beat him too bad. So Jeffrey knows the worst of it. Quincy says he'll kill Jeffrey if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Quincy threatens to go all Cell Block D on him and asks if he wants to die. Jeffrey asks if Veronica really told him to do this to him? Jeffrey finally caves and gives him the password. Only none of the texts say where Candace is, so Jeffrey tells Quincy the hotel where Candace is at. Jeffrey says Candace knows Quincy is looking for her. Quincy makes Jeffrey get up. Quincy says in the pen Jeffrey would be called, “Peaches.” He wipes the blood off Jeffrey's face. Quincy says if Candace isn't at the hotel, he'll bring Jeffrey back and cut his heart out.

Jeffrey hits Quincy on the head and shoves him out of the apartment. Quincy says he's got Jeffrey's phone and knows where he lives. Quincy says he's going to wait for him outside his apartment to come out.

Hanna tells Benny as soon as Candace told her her boyfriend touched her she went to the police, but Candace won't believe her. Benny says Candace is doing better and she'll come around. Hanna says Candace is not going straight, she's lying. But Benny won't believe Candace is lying. Benny wants to know why she and Candace were in court. She tells him that Tony went after Benny's kidney when he was on life support and wanted him to be taken off life support. So Benny now knows his Bio Daddy wanted to unplug him. Benny realizes if Tony had won he'd be dead.

When Benny and Hanna get home, Kathryn is sitting on their door stoop. Benny tries to tell Kathryn to come inside because the neighborhood is dangerous. Kathryn sees inside a very different type of home. Kathryn says it looks like her. Her home is warm and inviting. She says she doesn't know how she got at Hanna's. Kathryn says she doesn't have any friends. Veronica isn't her friend, she's only friendly because it looks good for her to act like her friend. She would never call Veronica to be by her side in battle. Smart lady. Hanna says when she was told Benny wasn't going to make it she prayed and suggests Kathryn talk to God. Kathryn says she's really not in the mood to talk to God so Hanna will have to talk to God for her. Hanna offers to help Kathryn make the funeral arrangements. Kathryn says she doesn't have anybody, and Hanna says she has her.

David goes to see Maggie. She tells him Candace is at the bar. David says what happened to them will only be a memory, and she has no choice. Can't believe that woman is so pathetic she still wants David after the way he treated her. Get some pride, girl.

David comes to see Candace. Candace says she's going to visit Jim in the morning, and he tells her not to do it. Candace asks if Maggie is screwing him. He realizes she's not hearing him. He says she humiliated Jim and she needs to let it go, cause if she visits him it's going to set Jim off. Candace offers to do a three-way David and Maggie. He tells her when he says don't wake the dog, he's not talking about Jim, he's talking about him. He says unlike Jim, he's not moved by his emotions. He's more calculating. He says when he hunts, he stalks. He lies in wait. Candace says they're a lot alike, but he says he's older and wiser. She asks him what he's going to do? He says he'll come after her like a thief in the night. He says the Cryers are his friends and to take the money and leave them alone. But Candace won't listen, of course. Be interesting to see what David plans to do to her.

Kathryn returns home to find Jim in the living room. He says she was right. He says he's so sorry. He says he's done terrible things to her, Amanda and Wyatt. He wasn't there. He let his greed for his work and his life get in the way of everything that mattered. She looks like she wants to kill him when he asks if she remembers when she went into labor with Amanda. Kathryn says she remembers being rushed to the hospital by her father because he was with Celine. She says she knows it all. He asks why he can't stop. She says he's throwing himself a pity party. She says he's done this many many times. She says he believes that he thinks he can run over anyone and will never have to pay the consequences. She tells him to spend this time getting to know himself.

Jeffrey still in his apartment. He's having pains in his side. Jeffrey peeks out to see if Quincy is still there. The dummy unlocks the door. The better for Quincy to get in. This is why you should always have a land line phone. That way if your cell has been taken, you can call the cops and not risking a dangerous thug taking a second shot at you. He looks out in the hall and Quincy seems to be gone.

Maggie comes to see David. She says she has an idea about Candace. Maggie says she wants to go talk with Candace to reason with her. David says he already has a plan in motion.

Hanna is leaving for work. Hanna says she's taking the bus instead of that car he bought her. She got rid of that hideous wig and is wearing a much nicer one, thank goodness. Hanna doesn't buy that girl just sold him that car. She asks if Candace gave him the car. Benny decides to call up the woman he bought the car from. Hanna thinks Erica is crazy. She agrees to use the car, but Hanna tells him she doesn't believe Candace is gone straight. She thinks it's going to take something big to get this out of Candace's system and to stop hustling people.

Maggie goes to see Candace. Candace opens the door to her. Candace says she doesn't do girls. Maggie asks why she's going to see Jim. Maggie says she can't help Candace get what she wants if she'll leave Jim alone. Candace says Maggie has nothing she can use so she's useless to her. She wants Maggie to get her a job at the law firm she lied to Benny she had a job with and she won't see Jim. Maggie reports back to David and he knows someone at the law firm. David tells Maggie to play this out.

Wyatt wakes up and goes to Amanda's room where all the blood still is. He sits down on the bed where she died and calls up the DA. Says he wants to tell her the truth about the hit-and-run and asks her to come by the house. He promises to confess everything.


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