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The Haves And The Have Nots -- Hanna Confronts Jim

Updated on February 12, 2014

And Jim lies like a rug

I can't believe there's only 3 more episodes before the season finale. This has become the show I look forward to seeing each week. Ah, well this isn't a daytime soap so it can't run 365 days a year.

The drama picked up where it left off with the cop asking Hanna what she knows. Although she said she thought she knew who did it, she refused to name a name. Then the cop kind of acted kind of creepy wanting to drive Hanna home and show her to the door, claiming because his mother used to live in the same poor area. People suggested he was working for Jim and since the guy admitted he wasn't assigned to the case but asked to handle it, it does make you wonder.

Before going inside her house, Hanna had a fit when she noticed someone had mowed her lawn. Benny always mows the lawn. Turns out it was Michael, granddaddy to the other hit-and-run victim. Needless to say Hanna is pretty ungrateful for what he did and he says he won't do it again and leaves when she makes it clear she wants to be alone with Benny.

Hanna finally returns to the Cryers and gets into it with Celine. They both slap each other, but Jim arrives to break it up before Hanna can hopefully stomp that witch into the ground. Celine gets sent home early and then he lies like a rug to Hanna about Wyatt and what she observed that night. He brings Wyatt out to do the same. He also prevents Hanna from seeing Katheryn, but she hears Hanna and goes running after her, but Hanna will only say they'll talk later.

Against Jim's orders Katheryn goes to the hospital to see Hanna and is appalled by the conditions. She wants to move Benny to a good hospital but Hanna will have known of that. My question is since Hanna is convinced Jim and Wyatt are lying why doesn't she just confront Katheryn about it. Why does she just say we'll talk later.

When Katheryn returns home Jim says Hanna won't let her help because she doesn't trust her. Despite what Hanna said, Katheryn is determined to help her but Jim says to stay out of it. He demands for once in her life that she follows his rules.

Amanda's still riding the crazy train and getting scarier all the time. When Jeffrey asks why she wants a gun, she tells him it's so she can kill her parents. She tells Jeffrey how she'll wait until they fall asleep then sneak in and kill them and Wyatt. She claims she's just joking, but you've really got to wonder if she isn't going to go after them next once she finishes with Professor Rape. Especially since Jim and Katheryn have completely ignored her demands for her trust fund and are concentrating on Wyatt. I think she's crazy enough to do it.

Candace spent some quiet time with Benny begging him to wake-up then returned home. Candace likes the new fierce Amanda not seeing just how dangerous the girl really is. She confides to Jeffrey she's going to find a way to destroy Jim. When she learns Jeffrey plans to have lunch with Veronica she tries to rev him up to want to destroy Veronica but Jeffrey isn't interested. So Candace tells Jeffrey she wants to go with him to mess with Veronica.

No smart person wants to tangle with Lady V. I know Candace arrogantly thinks she the biggest baddest bitch around, but that's where she's wrong. She's a baby bitch compared to the Queen Bitch, herself, Veronica. From what Veronica said she was once poor but she never used her body to get ahead, she used her brains. If little Candy Cane starts pulling on Lady V's tail, she's going to cut her hands off before little Candace even knows what happened. The last thing Candace should want for Veronica to find out is she's been helping Jeffrey and thwarting Veronica's plans for Jeffrey. Last week, Veronica screwed over her husband and best friend by concealing vital information from them, while protecting herself so she won't be implicated in anything. If she can do that to people she likes, just what will she do to someone she doesn't like. I don't think we've seen the worst of Veronica, yet.

Finally, Hanna is still living in delusional La La Land thinking she can force Candace to tell her where her son is or she'll go to the police and make her. Seriously, I'd love to see the woman try it. They'd laugh so hard in her face it would not be funny. Hanna's pretty powerless and I doubt God looks well on a woman that physically abuses her daughter and tries to blackmail her. Those are sins, Miss Hanna, not things God will look upon favorably.

Of course, the grandson issue takes a backseat when the Kidney Thief comes in with a cop to serve Hanna. Good old Tony has gone through with his threats. He declares Benny is a veg and he needs the plug pulled on him. He leaves off the part he's really interested in, "So I can done get me a kidney." You know, good old Tony maybe should have had Benny tested to see if he's even a match before trying to get the plug pulled on him. Dude may be wasting his money for nothing. All his other illegitimate kids haven't been a match, what makes him think Benny will be. In short Kidney Thief, maybe after a lifetime of leaving your by-blows all over the place and only wanting to play daddy to them so you can get yourself a kidney and cheating on your wife so many times you've probably lost count, it's your time to go.

This was kind of a filler episode. Not much happened. Still I enjoyed it. The Katheryn and Jim moment from last week seems to be an anomaly and it back to normal for them. Got a kick out of him ordering her not to leave to go see Hanna and her just ignoring him. Crazy Amanda continues to be a ticking time bomb and she may finally explode next week. And Candace may have found a new enemy to sink her teeth into, since she's as opposed as Hanna for Benny to have the plug pulled on him. Watch out, Kidney Thief, Bad Bitch may be coming for you.


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