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The Haves And The Have Nots -- The Season 2 Finale

Updated on August 3, 2014

A boat load of cliffhangers

It was time for the much vaulted season 2 finale. Did it live up to the hype? I'm not sure about that, but it was an enjoyable hour. My favorite moment was Jim sleeping in Kathryn's bed with her.

The Have Nots kind of took a backseat to the Haves in this episode as most of the cliffhangers involved the Haves.

Candace was still at Hanna's waiting for a chance to give Benny the shake. Hanna actually proved to be more intelligent than her daughter when she suggested that Quincy lied to Candace and her baby is still alive. Candace refuses to believe it's possible and patently ignores Hanna's lecture that if you keep trying to get back at people this is what happens. For a second I thought she might take her mother's words to heart, but by the end of the show I see that she didn't.

There was also some Mama Drama with Celine and Jim. Seems Jim did know about his by-blow but the by-blow wasn't supposed to know about him. In short, when the kid asked, "Who's the baby daddy," Celine was supposed to answer, "Ya got me!" Then Celine starts playing the poor me card. How horrible Jim has treated her. Blah, blah, blah. Only Jim isn't buying it and neither am I. That she-demon could have taken a pay-off and found someone who really loves her and built a real home for her son. Instead she insisted on continuing to work for Jim and to pant after him. Go cry your crocodile tears somewhere else, honey.

The big event was a party at the Cryer mansion. I thought Crazy Amanda would shoot up the party. My hope was she'd take out the Smiling Demon aka Veronica. Alas, the only trouble she caused was bringing Quincy to the party and that was trouble enough.

Seems Quincy knows Jim has been screwing Candace and Quincy seems to think Candace is like his property. He and Jim take it into Jim's office and Quincy gives Jim a beat down. The other party-goers finally break down the door to find Quincy putting a headlock on Jim trying to strangle the life out of him. Quincy is pulled off Jim and thrown out.

Okay, how stupid is Amanda? This is how stupid she is. She wants to know what Jim did to Quincy when Quincy was trying to kill Jim. That's when Quincy says it loud and proud that Jim has been screwing Candace. This time she finally gets it and says Wyatt was right. I was hoping the dim bulb would recall all the stuff that Kathryn said that went over her wittle head. Still she asks Daddy if it's true and Daddy says it's all a big fat lie. Not sure if she believes him or not. No one else at the party does.

David has his own family drama at the party. The Smiling Demon forces Jeffrey to bring Melissa as his date and even puts Jeffrey's hand on Melissa's. When Wyatt sees this he's taken aback and while he isn't the brightest bulb in the package himself, he puts two and two together and figures out the Smiling Demon is forcing Jeffrey to date Melissa. He tells Jeffrey he's not worth it.

David and the Smiling Demon have a confrontation on the terrace about what she's doing to their son. He says he knows she won't turn their son into the cops if he doesn't do what she says, but she quickly disabuses him of that notion but quick. He ends up back at the hotel with a drunk Maggie who propositions him, again, and he turns her down. He goes back to his room and dials up the Smiling Demon, but she decides to not answer the phone. Only this time her little games are going to backfire on her big time. In short, bitch just lost her husband.

He finally hangs up the phone and enters the connecting room to Maggie's room. Let's hope he has the time of his life after living with that shrew for years.

I know it's wrong to root for a man to cheat on his wife, but I was rooting for David to walk through that door. If ever someone deserved to be cheated on it's Veronica. He's being faithful to nothing. She has no respect for David. All she cares about is forcing her son to live the life she's decided he's going to live. She cares nothing about her husband or son. She deserves to lose them both.

Kathryn has a shock when she wakes up and finds Jim in her bed. He says if she didn't snore he'd sleep with her more often. It was the best scene I've seen between the two since the scene where Kathryn broke down in Jim's arms. I find them so much more interesting than the played-out Jim and Candace.

Unfortunately, Jim doesn't stay in Kathryn's bed. He gets a message on his phone and goes outside. Once outside he's mobbed by Candace's Boyz In The Hood. I don't think the scene was supposed to be funny, but seeing all these homies rushing Jim like a pack of ninja warriors just cracked me up. Quincy took Jim on and handled him all by himself. Yet they needed twenty or thirty dudes to shove one middle-aged white man in the back of their trunk? It's kind of pathetic.

Let me say how stupid Candace is to pull this. Candace is a nobody that nobody even cared was gone, Jim is a somebody people are going to notice is missing. He's running for office. He's a judge. His disappearance won't go unnoticed. In short, this was dumb, dumb, dumb. I don't generally agree with Hanna, but this was one time she was right. Candace should have let this go instead of trying to strike back.

The final scene involved Crazy Amanda running from Kathryn's room to Wyatt's and pointing her gun at their head chanting, "Eeny meeny miny moe." The camera drew back to the outside of the house where a gunshot could be heard. I'm personally hoping the idiot tripped and shot herself. Any relevance this character had ended when she decided to stop getting revenge on the guy who raped her and decided to whack a member of her family. This character is just worthless and she won't be missed if she's gone.


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    • profile image

      alexia 2 years ago

      Last night I watched the first two episodes of the new season and each character and their story line plus the plots were contrived! We never learned who got shot and were subjected to over the top unbelievable writing! Tyler Perry is losing what could be a good nighttime soap with each character not delivering and measuring up to keep viewers interest...boring. Insults our intelligence