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The Haves And The Have Nots --Wyatt Is A Murderer

Updated on January 8, 2014

Veronica still won't accept the truth about her son

I happened to catch this during the marathon last week and I really liked it and added it to the shows I'm now watching. I've become a fan of Tyler Perry because most of his shows have an element of classic soap opera. It's kind of sad that he's the only one who gets what soap operas are supposed to be like and yet he writes for prime time.

The second season opened with Hanna arriving at the hospital trying to get info on Benny and getting a boatload of attitude from the nurse on duty going on about those people and shootings. If the nurse had actually listened to Hanna she would have heard it was a hit and run and not a shooting, but she was prejudiced. It actually took the local holy man to find out any info for her.

Hanna met up with him when a man and his daughter came in because his grandchild had been hit by a hit and run driver. The holy man put two and two together and realized that the same driver that had run down Benny had also run down the child. While Hanna learned that Benny was still alive, the little girl died, making Wyatt a murderer.

The child's mother was a junkie and she had been getting high at the same drug party Wyatt was. She looked away for a moment and her child got hit by Wyatt. She's enough on the ball to describe Wyatt and agrees to go to the police to tell them everything she knows.

Meanwhile Kathryn and Jim were still going at it when Amanda and Candace trotted in to announce Amanda was going to sue for control of her trust fund. I was wondering why Kathryn has such a low impression of her daughter and I really got why when Kathryn referred to Candace as Nine and several times pretty much said Candace had been screwing Jim only for Jim to cut her off before she got it out. At one point Kathryn asked Amanda if she was aware another conversation had been going on that was over her head and if she knew what it was about and she didn't have a clue. This girl is dumber than a box of rocks. She left with her treacherous BFF smug in her victory over her mother.

Also picking up from last season was David trying to get Veronica to accept that their son is gay, but she won't have it. Behind David's back she cuts off Jeffrey financially and makes him homeless. Apparently, she believes this will convince Jeffrey that he isn't gay. This woman is a complete piece of work. I can't wait til David finds out what she did. Hopefully, he'll step up and help his son, just as he stepped up and gave him acceptance and emotional support after Veronica told him she will never accept him as being gay.

Candace came home with her ninny roommate and spotted Jeffrey on the stoop. She offered him a place to stay when Jeffrey told her what his mother did to him when he told her he was gay. Later, when he tried to analyze why Candace was helping him she told him the story of her cousin who was a transvestite and her mentor who helped her become what she is. She reveals that her cousin picked the wrong John to try and tack advantage of and he ended up being hung with his penis cut off.

In other matters Candace still is unaware of what has happened to Benny. She can't understand why she hasn't heard from him since they usually talk every day. When she and Amanda arrived at the Jim and Kathryn's they heard them fighting about Wyatt. When she finds out about what happened to Benny will she put two and two together?

After they were alone again, Jim and Kathryn continued to fight. This time they started playing the blame game. Jim suggested Wyatt takes after her father who had a drinking problem, too. Then things take a personal turn when they start hitting each other below the belt. She insults his masculinity and he suggests that she only pretends she hates him because he doesn't want her and he can see she wants him.

Their fight is interrupted by an announcement on TV about a search being underway for the hit and run driver who killed a little girl and injured another man. It hits them both on just how much trouble Wyatt really is in.

I'm shocked I'm actually feeling sorry for Jeffrey now when previously I felt he was a sexual predator the way he was coming on to Wyatt and crawling in bed with Wyatt and touching him while he was asleep, not to mention sabotaging Wyatt's relationship with his girlfriend. But I do feel sorry for him. No one should be treated by their mother the way Jeffrey was treated by Veronica.

I think Hanna realizes it was Wyatt who was the driver, but so far she hasn't said anything. Kathryn has assured Jim that Hanna won't tell, but I think she may be overestimating Hanna's loyalty to her. Blood is thicker than water and Hanna loves Benny with all her heart. I really don't see her protecting the man who nearly killed her son.

I was also wondering if the little girl's grandfather, Michael, will end up being a love interest for Hanna. They seem to have similar problems with their daughters and both had been raising their grandchildren until their daughters had taken them back. If so, Hanna keeping quiet will definitely complicate matters as Michael wants the man who killed her granddaughter to be punished.

And wouldn't it be ironic if after David had tried to frame Candace to get rid of her if he becomes the next man in Candace's bed. While it seems unlikely at the moment, what with Veronica icing out her son while Candace is giving him support, it could lead to something happening between David and Candace.


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    • profile image

      trusouldj 3 years ago

      I'm hoping for a DVD release so that I can catch it from the beginning.