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The Height & Weight Of Female Celebrities--Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens Tells All--Her Photo Is Shown Below

Updated on September 21, 2011

Celebrities That Defy Age--Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

Too Much Stress Over The Outward Appearance!

Am I too fat? Do you like the way I look? Am I pretty enough? If you have ever asked yourself these questions then you are one of a million American women that have had these same concerns. Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens encourages women all over the country to love yourself and to be satisfied with the way you are packaged. During her seminar "American Gist," she also demonstrated how women range in height, weight, and bone structure and the importance of proper diet and exercise.

Falling in love with yourself is contagious, because when you love yourself, everything else falls in place naturally. Beauty comes from within and is made manifest outwardly. See yourself as God's perfect little image and you will see yourself in a brand new light. The best is really yet to come.


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