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The Hip Hop Music Influence On Teens

Updated on September 28, 2010

The Hip Hop Music Influence On Teens

Can hip hop music influence today's teens in a positive manner? If the music itself is popular in nature, it should have a positive influence. But the question is whether hip hop music influence can remain positive. Early hip hop had a greater influence, although it wasn't the positive influence that many have wanted.

The hip hop music influence in those days was dark, filled with anarchy and violence, targeting every aspect of life outside the inner city. Because the music is made by people wearied by the basic view of equality, it tends to foster the selfish act of taking anything one can want with complete disregard of the consequences. Lyrics of hate and degradation against people was so captivating that it led teens into doing things unexpected of them, awakening the darkness they had inside.

To achieve a positive influence over your listeners, especially impressionable teens, the music must have a positive influence. Now, early hip hop music lacks that. Society as a whole blamed it for teens who were acting out for reasons of their own. If a genre is displeasing to many, then there is a tendency for society to blame it for what's happening and ignore their own responsibity on the situation.

This influence over the years has changed as the music itself changed. Modern artists revived poetry in hip hop, and almost nearly eradicated violent themes. Now, we have a focus of theme that critics like to call pop wannabes. Something must have been going right, because in spite of its critics, hip hop music influence is bigger than ever.

The positive tones of the hip hop music influence today has brought back ideas of romancing your loves instead of harming them to get what you want, and is beginning to spread the word of how giving back to your society is more important than tearing it down. Perhaps these new generation of artists have seen something that the hip hop pioneers did not. That living hard, fast and brutal will only destroy you. Ending up either dead or in jail, many of them regret the pasts that they've lived.

Those who made it, on the other hand, made it big, and have used the hip hop music influence to create positive projects that are being embraced by their fans. Many of them have created volunteer organizations dedicated to giving back to the cities they grew up in, and improving the lives of those they left behind. The fans didn't want to be left out, so a lot have joined their cause, raising volunteerism to an all time high.

If the hip hop music influence can be called anything today, it should be evolving. Current artists whom have had overcame hardships in life, tell their inspiring stories of triumph through their songs. That influence had a much needed positive effect over the listeners, especially during today's economic situation. Instead of howling cries of hate, These artists are making a better image of themselves for a better cause.


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    • mytipen profile image

      mytipen 7 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

      More needs to be done by the Hip Hop genre to position itself where all of its influence on teens will be positive. Agreed their are some artists who have positive messages in their songs but there are still too many whose messages are negative and these negative messages tend to drown out the few positive. Hip Hop will survive but it will take a concerted effort by the big shots like Diddy and Jay Z among others to chart a new positive course, message wise, for that genre.