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The History Of Rap And Hip Hop Pt.2

Updated on July 21, 2012

The Early Beginnings

Hip hop and rap came from a combination of earlier styles of music. As I mentioned George Clinton and the parliament funkadelic had a huge influence on hip hop and rap. Many artists use the sound of that music as a base for their music. Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre are some of the rappers who have used his music. James Brown also was a big influence with his funk and soul sounds of music. But rap music really came from African and folk artist who used to tell stories in rhyme over drums and other instruments. This early art form evolved into what is called rap.

Clive Campbell better known as DJ Kool Herc is known as the the father of hip hop. Around 1967 He began taking records such as James Brown's "Give It up or Turn It a Loose" and take the heavier percussion dance-able parts and "breaking" it. In this he would loop that part in repetition. This was the part the dancer, which Herc gave the name of break boys and break girls (b-boys and b-girls), liked the best. This also led way to the style of break-dancing. 1520 Sedgewick Ave, a housing project he lived and dj'd at in his early days, is known as the birthplace of hip hop and is now somewhat of a monument. Grandmaster flash credits Herc as his hero, and adapted is Djing style. Grandmaster flash and his group the furious five are known as one of the pioneers of hip hop. Their song "The Message" (1982) is one of the most insightful records. It lets people know of the struggles of living in the inner city.

The first ever rap record released to mainstream was The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" in 1979. That song used part of the instrumental from the group Chic's hit "Good Times". A year later in 1980 Kurtis Blow became the first rapper to appear on national television (soul train) and the first to sign to a major label. In 1982 a group consisting of white women, The Tom Tom Club, which I would consider the first "rap" record by female artist, released "Genius Of Love". Many people have never heard of the group, but their song has been sampled a lot. One of the biggest hits is Mariah Carey's song "Fantasy" with Old Dirty Bastard. The Beastie Boys, the first white rap group, broke many barriers with their punk rock rap style. They are also the best selling hip hop group of all time.

Then Run D.M.C. came along and provided a merger between the world of rock and hip hop. Their hit "Walk This Way" with rock band Aerosmith gave insight to rock fans and vice versa of how each style of music was. This spawned a whole new style of rap music using guitars, and hard rock instruments.They were the first rap groupto have a gold, platinum, and multi platinum record. They are also one of the first to change the way rapper's were dressing. Many rappers were dressing like rock stars, or clean cut with suits. They came in with a more street style rocking their infamous shoelace less Adidas.They paved the way for artists like LL Cool J, who became the first rapper to crossover in a major way into pop. LL Cool J's song "I Need Love" is one of the first rap songs that has an R&B feel to it"

A few of the cd's mentioned


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