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The History of Cute and Funny Animals

Updated on February 20, 2011

This well-illustrated hub features the photos of a couple cute and funny animals from the long-forgotten past as well as the present day.

There are many differences between the animals of the past and the present, but unfortunately there are just as many similarities (in their behaviors).

You may not have heard about these sometimes weird, sometimes funny animals, which is no wonder considering that most of them have been extinct for thousands of years. And even when they were alive they were not supposed to be.

Sounds strange? Just wait and see, I'll explain.

It all started here, when Noah saved a pair of each living animal from the Flood.

Cute and Funny Animals pre-Noah

Or did he save a pair of each?

There has been rumours that maybe the Flood was more than just the cleansing of the Earth of corrupted and sinful humans. God wanted to revise His animals too!

Pre-Noah animals became greedy with gluttony eating everything and everyone they weren't supposed to eat. The food chain in the ecosystem became a real mess.

They also indulged in the act of interracial sexual intercourse, breeding strange and unwelcome hybrid species that didn't function correctly and couldn't fulfill the roles assigned to them by God.

They could no longer function in their environment the way God had planned for them, so He instructed Noah to save only those "of pure blood."

These pre-Noah cross species were animals that even drbj or Dolores Monet has little awareness of, yet I think their memory deserves some kind of recognition. Therefore, I decided to highlight some of them here.

Cute and Funny Sea Animals

First let's examine some funny sea animals. Don't ask me how they were killed in a "flood."

Aquatic Flamingo - a kind of flamingo fish
Aquatic Flamingo - a kind of flamingo fish
Bulltortoise - tortoise bulldog
Bulltortoise - tortoise bulldog
Crabcodile - dangerous crocodile crab
Crabcodile - dangerous crocodile crab
Cannisnapper - unusual dogfish
Cannisnapper - unusual dogfish
Searhino - a kind of rhinoceros fish
Searhino - a kind of rhinoceros fish
Seahorse - for some reason God spared this one. Only He cut off the legs.
Seahorse - for some reason God spared this one. Only He cut off the legs.

Cute and Funny Land Animals

Now for some funny land animals.

Kangaleo - a kind of Australian hopping lion
Kangaleo - a kind of Australian hopping lion
Moncanine - monkeyus cannis or dog monkey
Moncanine - monkeyus cannis or dog monkey
Moncornix - crow monkey
Moncornix - crow monkey
Turtleceros - dangerous armored rhinoceros turtle
Turtleceros - dangerous armored rhinoceros turtle
Octophant - elephant octopus
Octophant - elephant octopus

Cute and Funny Animals Today

Today, it seems that animals are acting weird again. Predators play with our children, ...

Our earnest showmen have to compete for their living with funny cats...

who are constantly outwitting them using their superior brain capacity and unmatched acting skills.

Not to mention the fact that some cats are downright evil...

with clearly malicious intent.

Some cats play with their food...

Some grow bigger than their owner... 

Some choose unusual companions... 

Some overeat... 

Some disguise themselves as kitties... 

Some are just plain mean... 

Some animals are seeking contact with us in unusual ways... 

Some even take up human activities...


It seems that the 2012 world-end date is no accident after all. The Noah of today has already been born and raised. Question is, has he started collecting yet? Whom will he take and whom will he leave?


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    • Ardie profile image


      7 years ago from Neverland

      The crow monkey is by far my favorite

    • mindyjgirl profile image

      Mindy Bench 

      7 years ago from Oregon

      LOL Cute!!

    • Haunty profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Hungary

      They are just as real as you or me, Reynold. Trust me, I took the pics myself!

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      These are real animals??? Not doctored up photos? THis is the most incredible thing ever! I enjoyed this very much... Up 1 and incredible...even if these are doctored up photos... RJ

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      It would be wise indeed for the annimals to distance themselves from human affectations as it will lead them to materialism,lol.;)


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