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The Hobbit Movie Trilogy

Updated on December 1, 2012

The Hobbit Story - Introduction

J.R.Tolkein's fantasy novel was originally published on September 21st 1937 under the title There and Back Again as a children's book and it won the New York Herald Award for Best Juvenile Fiction.

Now better known as The Hobbit after the leading character Bilbo Baggins it is popular with all ages and the book has been adapted into three movies under the banner The Hobbit Trilogy.

The novel follows the adventures of stay-at-home hobbit Bilbo Baggins who leaves his home to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor and capture a hoard of gold guarded by a ferocious dragon called Smaug. His journey is told in various episodes as he proceeds on his way, meeting several weird and wonderful characters.

The First Hobbit Movie of the Trilogy : An Unexpected Journey - Trailer

The Hobbit Products from

The Movie Trilogy Explained

Adapting the written page for the celluloid screen was a massive task and to stay faithful to the story it was impossible to condense it into one Hobbit movie, so it was decided to turn it into a Hobbit trilogy.

Experienced director Peter Jackson was engaged for the trilogy with Martin Freeman as Baggins and Sir Ian McKellen as the wizard Gandalf the Grey. Jackson helped to write the screenplay alongside writers Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Guillermo del Toro.

The first Hobbit movie entitled The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey, will be released in December, 2012 and begins with Baggins setting out on his journey. En route he is unexpectedly approached by Gandalf and they are joined by 13 dwarfs led by Thorin and various other creatures. As they head for their destination the Lonely Mountain Baggins meets Gollum, the creature that will change his life, on the shores of the underground lake.

The second of the three Hobbit Movies The Desolation of Smaug is due to be released in December 2013 with the same director and cast. Thorin, Baggins and Gandalf and the dwarfs have managed to escape from the Misty Mountains and are continuing their journey to find the gold.

Then Gandalf mysteriously disappears and Baggins has to ask a stranger for help before tackling the dangerous Milkwood Forest. They have to reach Lake-Town where the humans live so Baggins can complete his contract with the dwarfs. Then they set off again for the Lonely Mountain where the hobbit has to find the secret door leading to the dragon's lair but where is Gandalf?

The final part of The Hobbit Trilogy There and Back Again retains the same team and will be released in July 2014. The party have finally got into Smaug's lair but will they get hold of the gold and all return home safely? Has Gandalf rejoined the group? This is a closely-guarded secret and you will have to wait another 18 months to find out.


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