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The Holiday Monster

Updated on October 20, 2015

Once upon a time a kindly soul, and a friendly young man decided he should find a living green tree to be decorated , for Christmas by himself ,and his mother.

He loved the holiday season when everything outside was beautiful, magnificent, and white because of snow.

Jasper was his name. Jasper was a good kid, and never got into trouble, and always attended school, but passed on condition four times in the second,third, fifth, and eighth grade because he never took any interest in education. He hated to crack books. However he looked forward to Santa Claus, and the rain deer, and all the trimmings of holiday turkeys, and loved to eat turkey legs with oozing yummy gravy.

He somehow graduated high school , and got a job at the local chicken farm. It was the worst job on earth , for him because he hated like horrible heck to pluck chickens , for three dollars and hour.

It was Saturday evening when Jasper slept late. When he decided to take a walk in the woods nearby it was almost practically dark, but the beautiful white snow was so inviting , and fun to walk on with his new rubber boots.

Jasper quickly discovered a tree. It looked sort of skimpy ,but with lights , and decorations he felt it would do just fine, so he chopped the tree down , then low and behold , right before his eyes he saw a stunning beautiful girl that looked absolutely gorgeous .

This could not be real. This did not make much since to Jasper. What in the living world would a girl be doing out in the ice cold, snow, almost in the moonlight of the night. It was getting very late.

Jasper was just a friendly simple minded boy. He never meant anyone any harm , yet for some unknown reason Jasper was beginning to feel unwell. His stomach was giving him a queasy feeling so he kind of felt like just leaving the tree in the beautiful white forest, and he turned away from it , and headed home.

Jasper even decided it might be best to run home before it got very dark so he started running as fast as he could, as his heart pounded like thunder in his chest.

Unfortunately something awful happened to Jasper. Something heavy landed on his back ,and when he turned around, he saw, and felt the beautiful woman right on top of him. Jasper was scared to death, but he noticed the beautiful glowing smile she had, and how loving she looked just a moment before she opened her mouth, and revealed two long sharp glistening white pearly fangs.

Jasper realized his life was over. The good part was that he would no longer have to pluck chickens.

The bad part was that he had seen enough horror movies to know that he was going to lose a substantial amount of blood , and he did. The gorgeous girl bit Jasper, and slowly but surely sunk her fangs deep into the side of his throat, and sucked a lot of blood from his neck .

She did not kill Jasper. She asked him an important question. She said, " Jasper my dear love. You're going to die ,or become the living dead. Make you're choice, and tell me in a second, or two if I should slaughter you're sorry worthless ignorant butt , or simply allow you to be my scoundrel of the nights."

Jasper realized quickly that the girl had an attitude, and she should not have used the word butt because Jasper did not like bad words , but he did want to live so he decided to tell her that he did not mind losing only , and extra pint , or two of his blood.

Jasper's mother was worried about him. She opened the front door to see if she could see him somewhere. Then she saw him coming home with his tree. Jasper decided that he was going to bring the tree home so he would not have to walk in the forest anymore.

Depressed he was , and awfully tired. He laid the little tree down in the living room ,and told his mother that he was going to bed. She kissed him goodnight, and noticed the two marks on the side of his neck. She asked her son not to pick on those mosquito bites because they might get infected. Jasper kissed his mother ,and went to bed.

Now what the gorgeous vampire girl did not know was that Jasper had a sword collection. He never had the time to display his Ninja swords that he purchased at a substantial savings. He kept them under his bed so that he could look, and play with them, hold them ,and enjoy them while he would lie in bed relaxing while he watched television.

Jasper closed his eyes, and went fast asleep, but a strange cold chill woke him up. Why Lord in Heaven , it was that blood sucking fiend again. She just would not leave well enough alone. She opened Jasper's window of his bedroom with her vampire magic ,and kind of floated right on top of Jasper.

Jasper got angry. He reached under his bed, and drew his shortest ninja sword ,and drove it's razor sharp blade right threw the girl's heart. It sliced into her nasty wicked evil heart.

Then he quickly jumped out of bed ,and sliced her head clean off separating it from her torso with his long ninja combat sword, and then shoved a wooden training sword deep into her heart as well.

With two swords in her heart , and a missing head, she was pretty much done ,and finished. Her blood sucking nights were over.

Suddenly the gorgeous girl turned to bones first ,and then to dust before his eyes.

The good thing was that Jasper loved Christmas , and he was not going to let anything spoil the holiday season for him ,and his mother. Jasper left his room and went into the kitchen to fix his mother some hot cocoa. As for Jasper, he did not become the living dead because he killed the vampire that attacked him. He learned all about that kind of stuff by watching television. However he still kept that unpleasant chicken farm job, but he decided he would start looking elsewhere for more gainful employment while he plucked feathers .

God Bless Everyone


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Miss Ogans: Thank you for reading the Holiday Vampire. I enjoyed writing. It is easy to write about vampires. They stir the imagination so easily. When I was young all we had around our hometown was the big chicken farm if you had no connections, or formal education. I was tempted to try to get a job in it when I was young, but I do not think I would have lasted. I hate to see animals go threw that. God Bless You Dear Heart.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

      Stars439, Interesting creative short story, I am glad that in the end Jasper was okay. This story took a surprising turn. Jasper did not get the tree he wanted but he did learn a wise lesson from wandering out on the snow... He learned to be content plucking chickens until he could find a better job. Thank you for sharing, Blessings!