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The House of 1000 Mysteries

Updated on July 10, 2011

Lord of the Parties

Well, look who's being tricksy, my preciousss! For only a quarter you too can be the life of the party, making strangely spotted cloths and doves appear out of nowhere. I trust that the dove is not responsible for the appearance of that cloth. But one never knows...

And what sort of parties are we aiming for anyway? This guy in he d does not look like he would be all that much fun to socialize with. He just whisks stuff out of his sleeve, you know. They aren't teaching you how to make scintillating conversation, or how to mix up frosty tropical drinks - both of which are good at parties. As opposed to cloths and doves.

I also want to know what sort of place this is in Monroe, Connecticut - which house there is the House of 1000 Mysteries? Clearly it is the house at the end of the block with junk piled up on the front porch, a free-form sculpture made out of old carburetors on the front lawn, and purple bead curtains on all the windows.

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    • Bijja profile image

      Bijja 6 years ago from India

      Mysterious things make me think.

      Wonderful information.