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The House of Shock Horror Show in New Orleans, LA (Shock-u-mentally)

Updated on July 1, 2017

20 years and still Holley R. Coleman

In the New Orleans area, The House of Shock is very well known; and slowly becoming a household name during Halloween season. With appearances on television (travel channel, billy the exterminator, MTV, etc) and article after article in numerous publications; most people that enjoy going to haunted houses as a patron or work in the haunt industry have heard of us.

People are often very surprised when I tell them that I work at the House of Shock. I am not sure if it is because of the reputation the haunt has for being so intense, or if they expect a person that works there to look scary all the time. I am like so many of the 300 + members that have a completely different life during the off season. I don't walk around scaring people and I also don't worship the devil.

I have been involved with The House of Shock since I was nineteen years old and the haunt was just moving into its second year in a backyard (1994). I always enjoyed Halloween and dressing up but I had never been around so many people that were determined to terrify the hell out of everyone. Almost every cast or crew member at one point or another during their lives have had to go off to school, military, tour with their band, start their own family, etc. But eventually they always come back. The backyard experience has turned into a major warehouse production over the years both indoors and outdoors. The numbers of people seeking the House of Shock experience growing every year.

The environment is truly addictive. It is like a wonderful exclusive club to belong to. I have my own teenagers now that have HOS in their blood and look forward to October every year. Some kids ask for toys or money for Christmas; my son asks for latex, fake blood, or strange costumes that he finds online.

Last season (20th) the cast and crew were filmed and interviewed for an upcoming documentary that a fellow shocker and entertainment attorney from California was determined to make. I am curious to see how the world will perceive us and if this movie will help attract larger numbers to our doors. Every year the owners of shock (Ross, Steve, Jay) add something new and amazing to the customer and fan experience. The outside of the haunt has now become a Halloween Festival equipped with live music, full bar, food, and FIRE! (That is the bonus of having one of the owners own their own Pyro company.) If you "chicken out" and are too afraid to go inside, that's OK! There are plenty of things happening outside that you don't even need a ticket for.


House of Shock on the Travel Channel

Scene from the Graveyard



By Chris M. Bonifay

Coming 2013

ENTER THE HOUSE OF SHOCK is a feature-length documentary centered around the terrifying and world-renowned House of Shock, taking audiences on a dark and fast-paced journey they'll never forget through one of the most extreme haunted houses the world has ever seen. Complete with all the blood, guts, heavy metal and mayhem that has kept House of Shock at the forefront for two decates, this movie pe...els back the skin to explore the huge and growing obsession with fear itself as the uniting force behind a subculture that can't get enough of things that go bump in the night and make your hair stand on end.

The House of Shock, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and first established by, among others, Pantera frontman - Philip Anselmo, has been a haven for some of heavy metal and hard rock's biggest stars over the years and was named by the Travel Channel as America's most extreme haunted attraction. Despite protests and attacks by religious groups and the impact of Hurricane Katrina, House of Shock continues to bring its own brand of terror to the masses year after year. Featuring live musical performances, freak shows, suspension acts and a skin-melting pyrotechnic stage show, House of Shock prepares its all-too-willing patrons for a horrifying gauntlet of monsters, demons and pure evil that leaves some crying, some laughing and some literally scared to death.

Shot during House of Shock's 20th season, this film captures this bone-chilling experience from every angle and explores the subculture of the fear-obsessed through interviews with some of the biggest names in metal, hard rock and horror, as well as patrons, fans, dissenters and those who work behind the scenes to bring House of Shock and other horror content and attractions to life. No matter their walk of life, those who crave the rush of being afraid and those wo dedicate themselves to creating ever more terrifying experiences for others are bound by their obsession with fear - and a family is born.

Greetings from The Butcher Shop

This post is for all of those that were brave enough to make it through our haunt, believed in us year after year, bought our tickets and have shown such awesome support to our dysfunctional family. Thank you! You have helped us make it 20 years. I am hoping that this movie encourages more people to come and see a world famous show. We have grown far beyond being just another Haunted House. Our stomping ground is equipped with everything from a mechanical spider that you can ride to seeing Pyro that you wouldn't see unless you were at at KISS concert. We are forever growing, changing and adapting with the amazing cast and crew that makes House of Shock a force of crazies to be reckoned with. I hope to see many new faces trying to make it through my room this year!

Shoves and Kisses xoxox

The Butcher Shop Crew


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